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Chrysanthemum and friends.

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1 Chrysanthemum and friends

2 Chrysanthemum and friends
Story Directions Play Objectives Homemade PowerPoint Game Credits by Sandie Nicholson Literacy Tutor © Notice

3 Story Amanda Rose Marigold Mary May Mouse read several books written by Kevin Henkes. She likes them because they are about people she could know. They are about making friends and starting to school and getting lost and adjusting to a new sibling . You read or listened to them, too. Play this game about the books. Home Game

4 Directions To play the game, answer questions about the books and Kevin Henkes. When you go to the game page, Click on circle #1, that will take you to Question 1. Before you click on any answer, go through the game and write your choices on the answer sheet. This is not a test. It is for the teacher to see if the questions are good questions. Click any where on the page to go to the next question. When you finish both the Kevin Henkes questions and the Chrysanthemum questions, go back to the ‘game’ page and select the questions for the book that you read. Answer those questions. When you finish the answer sheet, choose a box that contains your answer choice for the question. To choose an answer, click on the box. If you choose the correct answer, you will go to a page that tells you that you are correct. To go back to the game page, click ‘Game.’ Click on # 2. Answer that question. Continue the same way, until you have answered three sets of questions. If you make a mistake, you will go to an ‘OOPS!’ page. Click ‘Game.’ Try question 1 again. Every time you miss a question, try it again. Continue through all of the numbers and you finish the game. When you finish, click on the ‘finish’ block. Home Game

5 Let’s Play: Chrysanthemum and Friends
Start K. Henkes 12 13 14 Chrysanthemum 1 11 25 26 27 15 Lilly 2 Sheila Rae 10 24 28 16 Wendell 3 9 23 29 17 Wemberly 4 8 22 30 Finish 18 5 6 7 19 20 21 Home Game

6 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
Question 1 Kevin Henkes What is the name of the first book that Kevin Henkes wrote? All Alone Chrysanthemum Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse The Biggest Boy Home Game

7 When was Kevin Henkes born?
Question 2 Kevin Henkes When was Kevin Henkes born? July 4, 1900 November 27, 1960 April 17, 2000 September 25, 1824 Home Game

8 Question 3 Kevin Henkes mice dogs cats foxes
What kind of animal does Kevin Henkes often use as characters? mice dogs cats foxes Home Game

9 Where does Kevin Henkes get his ideas for the books that he writes?
Question 4 Kevin Henkes Where does Kevin Henkes get his ideas for the books that he writes? from television from his childhood from books from his mother Home Game

10 Which answer choice is NOT what Kevin Henkes writes about?
Question 5 Kevin Henkes Which answer choice is NOT what Kevin Henkes writes about? getting lost playing with marbles starting school making friends Home Game

11 Question 6 Chrysanthemum
How are Chrysanthemum and Amanda Rose Marigold Mary May Mouse alike? long hair long tails long ears long names Home Game

12 Question 7 Chrysanthemum
How did the baby’s mother & father describer her? good perfect wonderful terrific Home Game

13 Question 8 Chrysanthemum
Before she went to school, how did Chrysanthemum feel about her name? she did not like it her name was okay she hated it she loved it Home Game

14 Question 9 Chrysanthemum
After she went to school, why did Chrysanthemum change her mind and her feelings about her name? her teacher teased her her parents did not like it her classmates teased her her friends thought it was fine Home Game

15 Question 10 Chrysanthemum
Who helped Chrysanthemum feel better? her homeroom teacher her music teacher her art teacher her P. E. teacher Home Game

16 Question 11 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
What did Lilly love best about school? reading her music teacher her homeroom teacher math Home Game

17 Question 12 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
Who went shopping with Lilly when her purse was bought? Grammy Mother Father Auntie Home Game

18 Question 13 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
Which one is NOT TRUE about Lilly’s purse after taking it to school? Lilly interrupted class and Mr. Slinger took up her purse She thought that it was okay when Mr. Slinger took her purse Lilly was angry and drew an awful picture of Mr. Slinger. She put the drawing in his book bag Home Game

19 Question 14 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
Which one is NOT TRUE about how Lilly felt and what did she do after school? she felt really bad she told her parents and she punished herself she made cookies and drew another picture she played games Home Game

20 Question 15 Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse
Describe Mr. Slinger’s reaction. He was angry He yelled at Lilly He said, “Wow!” He sent Lilly home Home Game

21 Question 16 Sheila Rae, the Brave
How are Sheila and Louise different in the beginning of the story? Louise is afraid and Sheila is not Sheila is afraid and Louise is not Louise is not scared of anything Louise helps Shelia Home Game

22 Question 17 Sheila Rae, the Brave
What did Sheila and Louise do after school, one day? walked around town walked to the baseball field walked home as usual walked home a new way Home Game

23 Question 18 Sheila Rae, the Brave
What was Sheila finally afraid of? being at home being lost being at school being in the rain Home Game

24 Question 19 Sheila Rae, the Brave
How did Sheila and Louise get home? Wendell helped them find the way Lilly helped them find the way Julius helped them find the way Louise found the way Game Home

25 Question 20 Sheila Rae, the Brave
How did Sheila describe Louise? fearless fearful scary silly Home Game

26 Question 21 A Weekend with Wendell
Who is Wendell? Sophie’s brother Sophie’s cousin a weekend guest a weekend friend Home Game

27 Question 22 A Weekend with Wendell
Which word describes Wendell’s behavior? annoying helpful friendly happy Home Game

28 Question 23 A Weekend with Wendell
Which describes Sophie’s behavior and feelings? noisy and helpful quiet and upset friendly and happy crying and hiding Home Game

29 Question 24 A Weekend with Wendell
During the story, what did Sophie want Wendell to do? come again stay a week go home play with her Home Game

30 Question 25 A Weekend with Wendell
What changed? Sophie made the rules Nothing, Wendell kept making his rules Lilly came over Wendell’s behavior was worse Home Game

31 Question 26 Wemberly Worried
Which one is NOT where Wemberly worried? on the playground at home at school on a train Home Game

32 Question 27 Wemberly Worried
Which one is NOT when Wemberly worried? morning when she is asleep throughout the day night Home Game

33 Question 28 Wemberly Worried
What describes Wemberly’s feelings? she’s mad she’s happy she’s scared she’s sad Home Game

34 Question 29 Wemberly Worried
What helped Wemberly when she was worried? a toy cat a toy dog a toy bird a toy rabbit Home Game

35 Question 30 Wemberly Worried
What changed for Wemberly? one thing she worried about happened When she went to school, she met a friend she only worried at home she only worried at school Home Game

36 You are correct! Go to the next question.
Home Game

37 Not Correct OOPS! Try that one again. Home Game

38 You have learned about the books written by Kevin Henkes!
Hooray !!!! You Won!!!!!!!!!! Good Job! You have learned about the books written by Kevin Henkes! Home Game

39 Objectives Audience: Grades 1-3
This PowerPoint game was created as an activity to go with the Dr. Seuss Author Study WebQuest, revised version. Objectives: Recognizes characters Recalls story details Recognizes plot of a story Recognizes events of a story Recognizes character actions Home Game

40 Credits Graphics in this project came from Microsoft clipart
Game by Sandie Nicholson Literacy Tutor This PowerPoint game is a variation of the PowerPoint templates Graphics in this project came from Microsoft clipart No clipart from Kevin Henkes was used, as permission is needed. Home Game

41 Copyright by Sandie Nicholson, Literacy Tutor
Permission is granted for any educator to copy this PPT Game Permission is granted to educators to modify or revise this game for educational purposes. The credits and copyright page are to remain with the game. Those who do are requested to add their names and affiliations, without deleting the names of others who have come before. Home Game

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