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Presentation Outline ThermoEnergy Company Overview CAST Technology Platform Columbia Manufacturing -History -Zero Liquid Discharge 1.

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2 Presentation Outline ThermoEnergy Company Overview CAST Technology Platform Columbia Manufacturing -History -Zero Liquid Discharge 1

3 Company Overview ThermoEnergy Corporation is a water treatment company: Headquartered in Worcester, MA Deploying sustainable patented, patent pending and proprietary high-tech solutions for water management Ammonia, glycols, metals separation and recovery processes including ZLD 2

4 We are an established provider of custom process equipment Proprietary technology for the recovery of process chemistry and water 85+ Systems Installed 48,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Worcester, MA Wastewater Treatment Plant in Djibouti, Africa CAST Glycol Recovery System Company Overview 3

5 Partial Client List Valero Caterpillar General Electric Moog EMS Hartwell D.G. O’Brien URS BOC Paiton Power Teradyne Teledyne Wah Chung RJR Packaging Dart Industries Handy and Harman Columbia Manufacturing Recycle Technologies Curtiss Wright 4

6 5 CAST Technology Platform

7 Core Platform: CAST ® CAST ® (Controlled Atmospheric Separation Technology) separates and recovers chemicals, metals and nutrients from wastewater Cost Effective: Pilot and plant operations validate cost advantage in the field with typical ROI ≈ 2 years Ease of Deployment: Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA)  EPA permit exemption saves up to $100,000 and 6 months Closed Loop System: Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system environmentally sound meeting global regulations Typical CAST ® unit 6

8 Typical CAST Process Flow Diagram CAST Process Vessel CAST Feed/ Concentrate Tank 600 micron bag filter Heat Exchanger Hot Water Supply/Return CAST Distillate Tank Condenser Venturi Distillate Vacuum Pump 100 micron prefilter Cooling Water Supply/Return WW From Customer Liquid Waste Disposal 7

9 CAST Advantages Flash distillation and vacuum evaporation with a patented vapor/liquid separation system. The CAST® Vacuum Technology  Lower Boiling Temperature, typically 100-140ºF. Facilitating the use of engineering plastics, thus greatly reducing the overall cost of manufacturing and customer installed cost.  High Flow Forced Flash Distillation Allows for Reduced Carry Over (High Quality Water)  Elimination of fugitive discharges. System Design  External, commercially available plate and frame heat exchangers  Low temperature & high flow rate and large heat exchanger surface area allow for use of low temperature heat sources, such as hot water, low pressure steam or waste heat  High flow rate used to produce the necessary spray also produces high shear forces, low temperature differentials and low surface film temperatures in the external plate and frame heat exchangers  Spraying of the process solution in flash evaporation contributes to the excellent quality of the condensate/distillate produced 8

10 CAST RELIABILITY Based on proven technology Duplex systems for key components Field proven reliable components Clean in Place Systems on CAST and RO Systems Simple Preventative Maintenance 99.9% up time Experienced Field Support 9

11 RCRA Permit Exemption 10 Totally closed treatment facility Directly connected to an industrial production facility Constructed and operated to prevent release of any hazardous waste to the environment No vented or fugitive emissions See document at

12 11 AWARD WINING CAST TECHNOLOGY © Copyright 2010 ThermoEnergy11

13 12 Columbia Manufacturing Company

14 Columbia Manufacturing Co Manufacturer of school furniture Nickel/Chrome plating 180,000 GPD of potable water used Water used required extensive treatment F-006 waste High regulatory fines 13

15 Project Definition Zero Liquid Discharge Eliminate potable water treatment Reuse 100% water recovered in process Recover chrome and nickel for reuse 14

16 Project Design Ultrafilter to remove organics & oils from cleaners Three CAST Units -Chrome Plating rinse water -Nickel Plating rinse water -Miscellaneous wastes as well as regeneration wastes from mixed ion exchange Ion exchange maintain high flow rate rinses and to polish distillate from CAST units Porous pot purification system to remove iron and contaminant metals from chromic acid and re-oxidize trivalent chrome Granular activated carbon filters to purify nickel 15

17 Project Design Oil filtration media Batch Treatment system and Filter Press to dewater CAST bottoms Ultraviolet Light 16

18 Project Stages Stage 1: Segregation of waste waters Clear understanding of the chemistry Alkaline cleaners Acid and metal rinses Alkaline cleaners ultrafiltration for oil and iron removal 17 Acid and metal rinses filtration and carbon filter pretreatment for some organic removal and particles

19 Project Stages Stage 2: Pretreatment Protect the Ion Exchange Unit -Remove oils and greases -Remove Oxidizers -Remove particulates-suspended solids 18

20 Project Stages Continued Stage 3: Salt Removal Nickel and Chrome Surfactants and other organics Background salts (Na, SO4) -No salt build up -High quality water returned to rinse station 19 Ion Exchange for salt removal

21 ZLD Pre-treatment 20 Waste concentrates directed to Vacuum Distillation, distillate recovered by Ion Exchange

22 Chrome Recovery System Drag out Tank Three counter flow rinse tanks CAST vacuum Distillation System Porous Pot High flow IX recovered rinse tank Low flow heated IX recovered rinse tank 21 CAST units and Porous Pot

23 Nickel Recovery System Drag out Tank Three counter flow rinse tanks CAST distillation system Carbon Filtration High flow IX recovered rinse tank 22

24 Results Recovers 177,000 GPD 1-5 megaohm resistivity distilled water Recovers 90% of Chrome, 98% of nickel Completely off Municipal WWTP Less than a three year payback In operation since 2000 23 Bob Durant, Secretary, Secretary, Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Commonwealth of Massachusetts presenting Green Seal Award to Colombia Manufacturing Co. for their CAST ZLD System

25 Economics Assumptions -180,000 GPD city water used and 177,000 GPD recovered -177,000 GPD discharged to sewer -60,000 pounds/year chromic acid consumed -Chrome recovery 90% -20,000 pounds/year nickel consumed -Nickel recovery 98% 24

26 Economics Costs -City water $2.95 per 1000 gallons -Sewer cost $4.23 per 1000 gallons -Penalties >$200,000 a year -Chromic Acid $1.51 per pound -Nickel $6.20 per pound 25

27 Payback Savings (based on current prices) Chromic Acid $81,450 Nickel $121,520 Wastewater Treatment $1,200,000 Surcharges/Fines $200,000 City Water $132,750 Sewer $187,178 Total $1,922,988 26

28 Payback Capital and Operating Costs (based on current pricing) Capital $2,500,000 Operating $300,000 Payback 1.54 years 27

29 Contact Info Steve Bell Eastern Regional Sales Manager 339-927-7782 28

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