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The Year 5/6 Science Quiz Part Two. Section 1 The Human Body.

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1 The Year 5/6 Science Quiz Part Two

2 Section 1 The Human Body

3 Question 1 What organ pumps blood around the human body?

4 Question 2 What is plaque and what causes it?

5 Question 3 Give three reasons why exercise is important.

6 Section 2 Green Plants

7 Question 4 What attracts an insect to a flower? (could be two things)

8 Question 5 In what part of the plant are reproductive organs found?

9 Question 6 In what part of the plant are seeds made? A.Flowers B.Roots C.Leaves

10 Section 3 Variation and Classification

11 Question 7 Give two differences between a spider and an ant.

12 Question 8 All plants can be placed into one of two groups. What are the two groups?

13 Question 9 Ferns are non-flowering plants that do not make seeds. What do they make?

14 Section 4 Living Things in their Environment

15 Question 10 Animals that eat other animals are called what?

16 Question 11 Leaf Worm Bird Cat In the above food chain, which is the producer?

17 Question 12 Leaf Worm Bird Cat Name the prey of the bird in the above food chain.

18 Section 5 Grouping Materials

19 Question 13 Can you pour a solid?

20 Question 14 Name three different types of soil.

21 Question 15 Why would steel be used to make a bridge?

22 Section 6 Changing Materials

23 Question 16 Give an example of any change that cannot be reversed.

24 Question 17 What happens to a liquid when you freeze it?

25 Question 18 What is a solution?

26 Section 7 Doing an experiment

27 Question 19 What is the aim of an experiment?

28 Question 20 What equipment would you use to find out how hot a beaker of water is?

29 Question 21 How would you make sure that an experiment was a fair test?

30 Section 8 Electricity

31 Question 22 Why is there usually a plastic coating around a metal wire?

32 Question 23 What happens when a circuit has a break (or gap) in it?

33 Question 24 Name three electrical components used in simple circuits.

34 Section 9 Forces and Motion

35 Question 25 When do two magnets attract each other?

36 Question 26 What sort of surface should a slope have to prevent slipping?

37 Question 27 What is the name of the force that pulls objects down towards the centre of the Earth?

38 Section 10 Light and Sound

39 Question 28 What is the pitch of a note?

40 Question 29 Explain why light shines off a silver brooch in bright sunlight.

41 Question 30 Which if the following are sources of light? Candle, Moon, Torch, Sun, Tin Foil

42 End of Quiz

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