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Speciality Performance Chemicals Company in West Africa

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1 Speciality Performance Chemicals Company in West Africa
Metcem Limited Speciality Performance Chemicals Company in West Africa

2 The leading Manufacturer and Distributor of Speciality Performance Chemicals in Nigeria
State of the art facility at Iganmu & Abeokuta. Provide customize solutions for such Industry sectors as Personal Care, Soaps & Détergents and HI&I. Well equipped R&D and QA/QC laboratories Both Plants audited and approved by Unilever. Wealth of experience in Handling Logistics in West Africa Company Profile

3 Vision & Mission Our Mission - Committed to provide high quality
Products & Services, exceeding the customer expectations Vision & Mission Our Vision - To become the Specialty Chemicals company par excellence in West Africa through innovative technologies

4 7 Strategic Business Units Personal Care Ingredients (PCI)
Ingredients for Soaps & Detergents Aroma Chemicals Textile & Paper Chemicals Strategic Business Units Household, Industrial & Institutional Chemicals for Oil & Petrochemicals Private Label Business Future Business

5 Manufactured Products
Nonionic Self Emulsifying Waxes Anionic Self Emulsifying Waxes Cream Bases (Application – Body Creams) Ready Bases for Roll-on Deodorant, Conditioner and Shampoo Foam Boosters & Stabilizers for Soaps & Detergents Optimized Sequestrant Blends for Soaps & Detergents Ready Home Care Bases for Hand Wash & Dish Wash I&I products like All Purpose Cleaners, Degreasers, Surface Disinfectants Defoamers for Paper & Coatings Manufactured Products

6 Core Competencies Inline Homogenization Solidification Systems
Manufacture of Emulsions (both O/W and W/O) Manufacture of Dispersions Solidification Systems Pastillation Flaking Surface Active Chemistry Tailor-made products for customers Core Competencies

7 Global Tie Ups

8 Distribution Products
Rheology Modifiers Personal Care Ingredients for Skin Care & Hair Care Fine & Functional Fragrances AHA & Specialty Surfactants Silica Gels, Molecular Sieves, Polyolefin Catalysts Heat Transfer Fluids Dyestuff for Textiles Distribution Products

9 Private Label Business
By virtue of its association with leading multinational companies, Metcem Limited has the capability to manufacture products under Private Label as per customer requirements. Some of the products currently produced under Private Label are: Floor Cleaner Dish Wash & Hand Wash Hand Sanitizer Shampoo Shower Gel Private Label Business

10 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 1 FOAM QUEST Specific Characteristics :
High Flash Foam Enhanced Foam Stability Hard Water Tolerance Deflocculation Detergency Enhancement Fibre Protection Specific stain remover Applications: Toilet & Laundry soap Detergent powder & Bar Dish wash liquid Dish wash powder & Bar PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

11 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 2 METQUEST Specific Characteristics :
Provide protection against harmful metal-catalyzed reactions in personal care & house hold formulations to prevent the following: rancidity and spoilage. fragrance degradation. discoloration and color changes. haze formation and precipitation. poor foaming and rinsability performance. enhancing shelf life of Products Applications: Skin Care & Hair Care Products Soaps & Detergents Hair Relaxer PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

12 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 3 METUNA Specific Characteristics :
Produces stable oil in water emulsions Self bodying Nonionic Emulsifiers Compatible over a wide PH Range Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic & Pharma ingredients Highly recommended for cosmetics & pharma preparations. Applications: Body Cream & Body Lotion Anti persipirants & Deodorants Hair Conditioners Hair Relaxers Pink Oils PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

13 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 4 BETLEEN Specific Characteristics :
Serves as an excellent anionic emulsifier in o/w emulsion systems. Forms highly stable emulsions and is compatible with a wide range of ingredients. Highly recommended for use in o/w emulsions at low PH. Highly recommended for skin care preparation especially skin lightening, toning, bleaching cream, lotion & ointment formulations. Applications: Skin Care Cream, Skin Lotion, Ointment Skin Toning Cream, Skin Lightening Cream Skin Bleaching & Suppository Cream PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

14 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS 5 METLEEN Specific Characteristics :
Produces stable oil in water emulsions. Self bodying nonionic emulsifier for cream base Compatible over wide range of cosmetics ingredients Highly recommended for cosmetic cream preparation Applications: Skin Care ,Body Cream Moisturing Cream Pink Oil Hair conditioners PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

15 Household , Institutional & Industrial
Product Name Product Description Cleanquest DG Plus De-Greaser Cleanco Multi Purpose Cleaner Cleanquest LF Floor Cleaner Cleanquest HWD Hand wash Disinfectant Cleanquest HW Hand Wash Cleanquest TC Toilet Bowl Cleaner Metkleen 2108 Anti Mould Remover Metkleen 2108 Plus Preventive Anti Mould Santy HR Waterless Hand Sanitizer H I & I

16 H I & I- MARKET SEGMENTS Quick Service Restaurants
Hospitality & leisure Industry & Corporate Oil & Gas Building &Retail Outlets Government & Educational Health Care Cleaning Contractors


18 Finished product Storage
Manufacturing Unit FACILITY AT IGANMU Finished product Storage Raw Material Storage R & D

19 Raw Material Storage Area
FACILITY AT ABEOKUTA Plant Pilot Plant Raw Material Storage Area R & D

20 More info:
Metcem Limited 13 Abebe Road, Iganmu Lagos , Nigeria Phones : Fax : More info: Contact Us


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