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R Naturally 1.

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1 R Naturally 1

2 A leading cosmetics manufacturer and exporter.
Established in 1973 by Mr. Ziska Hlavin. For 23 years, Mr. Hlavin led the company to impressive achievements, both locally and internationally, inspired by the need for unique, high quality, naturally-based products.

3 Laboratories Two in-house development laboratories
State of the art technology, including a reverse osmosis system providing a steady supply, of deionized water Innovative production technologies Unique, patented ingredients Naturally based cosmeceuticals to meet every skin care need Laboratories

4 Develops, manufactures, distributes
A wide range of naturally-based, exclusive cosmetics and cosmeceuticals which act in harmony with the human body. Folk remedies, popular for thousands of years combined with state-of-the-art technology to produce uniquely effective skin care solutions.

5 Conceptual innovation in the field of
cosmetics - Cosmetics as solutions to dermatological problems Cosmetics to promote personal well-being Two- time winner of the prestigious World Star Packaging Award

6 Is committed to quality
A strict quality control system conforming to the stringent standards of ISO 9001:2000. CTFA certified ingredients Hlavin’s naturally based products do not contain animal derivatives nor are they animal tested.

7 Up to 7 Days - Deodorant Cream Up to 7 Days - Deodorant Cream
Healthy Deodorants Underarm Body Up to 7 Days - Deodorant Cream Intimate Wash 72H - Roll-on Deodorant Deo Wash 72H - Stick Deodorant Deo Splash Foot Up to 7 Days - Deodorant Cream Shoe Deo Clinically Tested!!!

8 Underarm Deodorant Cream Hypo-allergenic
The Single Application Revolution - Odor Free Up to 7 Days Natural plant extracts- eliminate perspiration odor at the source Anti-bacterial !!! Economical!!! User Friendly !!! Aluminum, Alcohol and Paraben-Free!!

9 Underarm Deodorant Cream Hypo-allergenic
Sports, Bathing Physical Activity do not interfere with the deodorant’s effectiveness Water Resistant!!

10 Deodorizing Plant Complex - eliminates perspiration odor at the source
72H Roll-on/Stick – In the Hlavin Tradition – The Single Application Revolution –Odor Free up to 72 Hours!! Deodorizing Plant Complex - eliminates perspiration odor at the source Water Resistant - Sports bathing and physical activity do not interfere with effectiveness User Friendly Application Forms Aluminum, Alcohol and Paraben-Free!!

11 Deo Body Care Intimate Wash Deo Wash Deo Splash
Synergy of ingredients: Anti –odor plant complex - Removes traces of body odor. Kills odor causing bacteria, protects against toxins and air pollutants. Herbal anti-oxidant –Prevents skin irregularities. improves skin structure, soothes irritation. For healthy, balanced, silky skin. Natural Pro-biotic Agent – Stimulates the skin’s natural protection mechanisms, helps regenerate healthy skin tissue. Moisturizing agent – Innovative herbal complex, enhances moisture level by 34%, for 8 full hours!!

12 Foot Deodorant Cream Aluminum, Alcohol and Paraben-Free!!
Hypo-allergenic The Single Application Revolution - Odor Free Up to 7 Days Natural plant extracts- eliminate perspiration odor at the source Anti-bacterial !!! Economical!!! Water-Resistant!!! Aluminum, Alcohol and Paraben-Free!!

13 Shoe Deodorant Natural plant extracts- eliminate odors at the source
Anti-bacterial !!! Long Lasting Effect!!! Complements effect of Foot Deodorant Cream Leaves shoes pleasant, refreshed.

14 SPA Love Line “G” – Serene, Velvety
Love Line “R” – Motivating, Fascinating Love Line “O” – Energetic Mischievous Midnight – Stimulating Mystical Tal Selected – Clean, Pure, Spiritual Exotique – A changing spectrum of mystery, passion and divine softness.

15 48 Hours!!! –Roll-on Deodorants Revolutionary Formulation in the “Lavilin Tradition”
Healthy Deodorants - Aluminum, Alcohol, Paraben Free Plant complex kills odor-causing bacteria. Herbal Oils – Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory. Gentle Formulation-Protects delicate skin against dryness.

Healthy Deodorants – Aluminum, alcohol and paraben-free. Herbal Complex – Eliminates perspiration odor without interfering with normal bodily functions. Plant Oils – neutralize odor causing bacteria. Gentle Formulation – Protects against dryness and irritation.

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