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Transnet Group of Companies GREECE GERMANY CYPRUS GREECE Transnet Communications S.A. Transtel Communications G.m.b.H Intertransnet Integrated Consulting.

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3 Transnet Group of Companies GREECE GERMANY CYPRUS GREECE Transnet Communications S.A. Transtel Communications G.m.b.H Intertransnet Integrated Consulting & Solutions Ltd Athensline Communications Ltd

4 Transnet Communications S.A. Specialized CRM Services Modern Technologies of Communication Certification according to ISO 9001:2000

5 Specialized CRM services For Growth of Sales For Exploitation of Information For Reduction of Cost For Customers & Public Service For Preservation of Customers For Follow-up & Improvement of Processes

6 Where can it be applied? In every enterprise or organization in which one of the following is in effect: Has an excess of Transactions Addresses to a Great Amount (potential) of Customers Addresses to a Great Amount (potential) of Consumers or Public That its activity in general addresses direct or indirect to many addresses in Β2Β or B2C level.

7 Is CRM a particular product; No, CRM is a methodology, which every time creates a «living» system fully adapted to the needs of the enterprise or of the organization in which it is applied.


9 CRM Services through Transnet? Total Solutions CRM Services from Transnet = CRM Services from a company that Knows CRM Services from a company with Technology to the point CRM Services from a company that has the Know-How CRM Services with keystone the Quality CRM Services with Added Value

10 Company’s Organizational Chart

11 Quality through the framework Under the auspices of the Administration and of the General Direction of the Company operate departments with specific responsibilities, creating a total organization that provides a number of services. Our aim in every case is the organized inner framework to attribute high quality service to the client.

12 ΙΤ Direction It is the section through which passes the total of the procedures of technological nature, relative to the projects and to the internal operation of the company. All the applications are planned and programmed by a skilled staff of programmers specialized in communication technologies creating the necessary in every case infrastructure for the hospitality of each time project. Three basic departments compose the total of the direction and specifically the Department of Applications Development, the Department of Technical Support and the Department of Operation of Applications. The first department is responsible for the programming of the total of the systems that will support every project while the Department of Technical Support is responsible for the maintenance and the development of the total of the systems on hardware and network levels. In the end, the Department of Operation of Applications is responsible for the control, surveillance and the good operation of every project from the first day of its’ start.

13 Customer Care Direction Customer Care – CRM Department is responsible for the planning and the realization of proceedings on customers’ behalf in fields that the CRM methodology can be exploited. More usual and basic fields of such applications are: : Growth and Management of Sales. Public Service-Information Growth and Management of Customer list Market Research. Loyalty Systems. The direction is composed of the Analysis and Planning Department, the Department of Projects’ Supervision and of the Call Center Department. The Analysis and Planning Department is responsible for the data analysis of every prospective project, in order to completely adjust to the demands the planning of the action to be realized. The Projects’ Supervision Department is responsible for the surveillance of the good operation of the projects’ that are in the phase of realization according to the specifications that have been settled on the planning. In the end, the Call Center Department is the department that performs all the actions, through which all the communications on a live conversation level are realized. The Call Center’s operation is supported by the most modern systems of communication and databases in order to attribute the maximum result minimizing the risk and malfunctions.

14 Direction of Economics It’s the department through which is planned and put on the general financial planning of the company and the total control. Under the supervision of Direction of Economics are the Provision’s Department and the Accounts Department through which all the transactions of the company take place. The total of the procedures and actions of the department are supported by hardware and software systems in order the financial activity of the company to be fully recorded and controlled.

15 Marketing Direction Transnet Communications S.A. aiming to provide the customer with total services, has create a dynamic Marketing Department on the behalf of it’s customers’ as well as of its’ own. Thus the projects the company undertakes on CRM level, many times are reinforced and supplemented by action taken by the Marketing Department operating additionally to the total result. The Creative Department of the company with a modern graphic art department and a studio for television spots production is a part of the Marketing Department.

16 Commercial Direction The Commercial Department, part of which is also the company’s Sales Department, is the department in which the general commercial policy of the company is planned and applied and also the total of the outgoing contact to the market. It keeps direct contact and briefing with Customer Care and Marketing Departments in order to be continuity in every action and to operate in coherence to the company’s general activity.

17 Personnel Direction The total management of the human resources of the company is carried out by the Personnel Direction. The company’s fundamental principal at that point is to make the right choice for every job position in order to maximize the out coming result from every active employee. Basic elements of the procedure are the follow up of every collaborator's efficiency and the subsidiary interpose of the direction in case a deficiency of capabilities or an additional training further the scheduled are ascertained. The head of every department and specially the supervisors are in permanent contact and co-operation with Personnel Direction in order the contact with every collaborator to be direct, prompt and substantial.

18 Training policy of the company Transnet Communications S.A. lays great emphasis on training issues. Being a company rendering services, the most basic parameter of quality of the rendered service to the customer is that of the proper trained personnel. In this frame the company’s personnel is closely trained according to the demands of the job it undertakes. Special care is given to the training of the communication collaborators (agents) prior to the start of any project in order to succeed full familiarity with the object of the action and targeting to the customer’s demand. Every training is recorded and evaluated on trainer and trainee levels according to the demands of the ISO 9001:2000 pattern. More specific the relevant procedures of the Personnel’s Training Program and of the Training’s Evaluation that are settled on by the pattern. The trainings’ data are processed at fixed intervals and the according actions are taken that will improve the efficiency of the training procedure.

19 Company’s potential Management capability per day: 500.000 SMS 35.000 live conversation contacts 50.000 contacts through IVR (Interactive Voice Response) 100.000 FAX sendings

20 The vision of the Company Our scope is to always provide the best quality of services and to create long standing co operations and relations of confidence with our customers.

21 3-5, Philodamias Str. 104 42 Athens Tel.: 210 5157347, 5157354, 5157358 Fax: 210 5157654 E-mail: Site:

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