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{ Slumber’s Unexplored Landscape Bruce Bower in Applying Anthropology, pp. 53-56.

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1 { Slumber’s Unexplored Landscape Bruce Bower in Applying Anthropology, pp. 53-56

2  “Sweet simplicity” (p.53)  Natural  Universal  Don’t think about it unless a problem  “Single bout” with “regular bedtime”  Solitary  Even anthropologists haven’t studied it  “It’s time for scientists to get out into natural sleep environments. It’s embarrassing that anthropologists haven’t done this” (Carol M. Worthman, p.54) Assumptions about sleep ©2011 Jason Antrosio,

3 Cross-cultural & historical cases Balinese “fear sleep” Gebusi: communal; deep sleep is risky Lab studies: segmented sleep Europeans 200- years ago: two- phase sleep ©2011 Jason Antrosio, Communal, no regular bedtime, rituals

4 In cross cultural and historical context Sleep does not look quite so natural and universal ©2011 Jason Antrosio,

5 { Classic example of using anthropology to question the natural ©2011 Jason Antrosio,

6 Bower could take us beyond nature/nurture   Human capacities are not genetically specified but emerge within processes of ontogenetic development. Moreover the circumstances of development are continually shaped through human activity. There is consequently no human nature that has escaped the current of history.   Tim Ingold, “Against Human Nature” (2006:259)  Or, there is no genetic or biological program for how we sleep  The way we sleep is always within particular historical and developmental circumstances  Biology and culture are inseparable ©2011 Jason Antrosio,

7 Does not mean anything is possible   This does not mean, of course, that a human being can be anything you please. But it does mean that there is no way of describing what human beings are independently of the manifold historical and environmental circumstances in which they become--in which they grow up and live out their lives.   Tim Ingold, “Against Human Nature” (2006:273)  People need to sleep  There are biological components and biological variability for sleep needs  But this biology is always within a particular history and environment ©2011 Jason Antrosio,

8  People always interact, explore different possibilities, change over time  Variability within any group  Interaction, possibility, change, variability—are also part of being human Does not mean everything is determined ©2011 Jason Antrosio,

9 { Profound statement of anthropological holism: nature & nurture always considered together ©2011 Jason Antrosio,

10 { Thank you For more, see section on “Human Nature and Anthropology”: ©2011 Jason Antrosio, Living Anthropologically

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