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First Communion Instruction. What do you already know about Communion? Take a few moments to write down what you already know or have seen.

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1 First Communion Instruction

2 What do you already know about Communion? Take a few moments to write down what you already know or have seen.

3 What Is Holy Communion? Holy Communion We do Communion because… Because Jesus said “do this!”

4 Sacra..what? Sacrament – A Sacrament is a: Means Of Grace God uses these things to help us understand his will for our lives and the great gifts given to us and for us in Jesus Christ! Communion is a means of Grace as is the Bible which is the Word of God

5 GRACE We Lutherans talk a lot about Grace We said Holy Communion is a “means of Grace.” But what does Grace mean? God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense G R A C E

6 Sacrament Assembly Required Lutheran Christians believe that there are two sacraments Holy Communion Baptism

7 Sacrament Assembly Required Holy Communion is a means, a way that God brings his good gifts to us. There are three things needed to make something a sacrament. 1.A Command of Christ 2.A Physical Element 3.A Promise: Forgiveness

8 A meal with a History Holy Communion is rooted in the Jewish festival of Passover…

9 Holy Communion is… Remembering Jesus said, "Do this in remembrance of me." We remember Jesus' life, death, and resurrection - all that he has done for us. Holy Communion is the body and blood of Jesus.

10 Holy Communion is… Giving Thanks When we remember what Jesus has done for us, we can hardly help but thank him. We have nothing to give him in return but our thanks. One of the names for Communion is Eucharist, which means "thanksgiving."

11 Holy Communion is… Confessing We confess or admit that we are sinful and that our sins made it necessary for Jesus to die.

12 Holy Communion is… Receiving Forgiveness Jesus said, "Drink of it, all of you. This cup is my blood which is shed for you for the remission of sins." By inviting us to eat the sacrament, Jesus assures us that his suffering and death were for us personally and for our forgiveness.

13 Holy Communion is… Growing We eat food to grow. As we eat at the communion table, Jesus comes to us to help us grow stronger, wiser and more loving.

14 Holy Communion is… Joyful Celebration In Communion we celebrate the joy Jesus has brought and will continue to bring to our lives.

15 Holy Communion is… Being Together That's really what "communion" means. We're together with Jesus in a mysterious but very real way. And we're together with the other followers of Jesus who receive the same gifts from him - like one big family.

16 Holy Communion is… Telling By taking part, we are telling each other and the world - and God too - that we believe in Jesus, and are willing to serve him forever.

17 Holy Communion is… Being Strengthened to Serve God God doesn't give us gifts simply for our own personal enjoyment. He wants us to use them in helping others. When we go to Communion, he strengthens us so that we may better serve other people for him.

18 Holy Communion is… The Future Jesus often spoke of heaven as a great feast. As we enjoy this meal with him now, we look forward to the time we will be enjoying his presence forever in heaven.

19 Holy Communion is… Relationship God has given us this meal, so that through Jesus he might be with us in a very real way. The important words here are Given and Shed for YOU!

20 Holy Communion is… Remembering Giving Thanks Confessing Receiving Forgiveness Joyful Celebration Being Together Telling Being Strengthened to Serve God The Future Relationship

21 Questions?

22 Homework Do Parent and Child exercise 2 and 3 Have a great week go to church this weekend and watch carefully what goes on in worship particularly around Holy Communion! – Listen to the words – Watch the Pastors – Watch what people do before and after.

23 Next Meeting Parents and Students May 22 @ 5:30

24 First Communion Instruction Part II

25 Opening Prayer O God, we give you thanks that in the meal of communion you set before us a feast, the body and blood of your Son. By your Spirit strengthen us to serve all in need and to give ourselves away as bread for the hungry, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

26 Review and Questions Review – What did you learn, what do you remember? Homework - Baptismal Stories - Communion Stories - Questions

27 Homework Part #2 -Matthew 28 -Luke 11 -John 5 -John 13 -John 15 -Acts 16 -Romans 12

28 Video Eating and Drinking in the Word

29 Forgiveness What is Sin? - Haramatia - Missing the mark… Think about it 1. 2.

30 Forgiveness cont… On the CROSS Jesus sacrificed his life for US so that we might have LIFE. What does it mean for you to have life? Luther’s Small Catechism

31 Stuff to make sure is done Names spelling middle etc… Next Wednesday… 3:30 pm just the kids Next Thursday… Potluck – invite everyone! Start eating at 5:30 and service at 7 There will be cake… and remember time to take pictures… Dress up at least a little… no prom dresses… or tuxes necessary, but nice, would be nice.

32 Blessing May you be signs of God’s grace and mercy even as you prepare for your first Holy Communion. Amen.

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