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By Sophia Gluba Elementary Grade 6

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1 By Sophia Gluba Elementary Grade 6
James Howard Meredith By Sophia Gluba Elementary Grade 6

2 Who is James Meredith? James Meredith was an American Civil Rights Movement activist. He played a role to integrate the University of Mississippi.

3 His Early Life James Meredith was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi on June 25th, 1933. He was raised on a farm with nine brothers and sisters. He was in the U.S. military from

4 First Run in with Racism
His first run in with racism was when he was on a train going home from a trip. He was ordered to give up his seat. He had to move to the crowded “black section” of the train. He stood during the whole trip home because of overcrowding.

5 University of Mississippi
He was admitted to the University of Mississippi. The admission was withdrawn when they discovered his race. The District Court ruled that he should not be accepted to Ole’ Miss. The Supreme Court ruled in his favor. He registered for classes in 1962.

6 Trying to enter the School
Governor Ross tried to physically block James Meredith from entering the school. President John F. Kennedy sent: Military Police Troops from the Mississippi National Guard Officials from the U.S. Border Controls And 500 U.S. Marshalls to the University of Mississippi.

7 Education He received a degree in political science at he University of Mississippi in 1963. He obtained a Masters Degree in Economics at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. He also wrote a book titled: Three Years in Mississippi.

8 He was shot! June 6th, 1966 James Meredith was shot while participating in the “March Against Fear”. He was shot by a sniper. He was taken to the hospital where he recovered.

9 His Legacy James Meredith integrated Ole’ Miss.
He is an important civil rights figure. He has inspired many people by his courage and determination.

10 Quotes “My answer to the racial problem in America is not to deal with it at all. The founding fathers dealt with it when they made the constitution.” “He vowed then that he would dedicate his life ensuring equal treatment for African Americans.”

11 References Picture References
Picture References

12 This presentation was done by Sophia Gluba.
About Sophia Gluba This presentation was done by Sophia Gluba. Sophia Gluba did this as a school assignment in Grade 6, Davenport, Iowa.

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