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Civil Rights Review for Test. Rosa Parks is arrested and MLK leads a citywide strike to support her.

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1 Civil Rights Review for Test

2 Rosa Parks is arrested and MLK leads a citywide strike to support her.

3 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott

4 MLK makes his “I Have a Dream Speech”

5 1963 March on Washington

6 Allowed Native Americans to make laws on reservations

7 Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968

8 This involved bringing in the federal troops in order to integrate the school.

9 1957 Little Rock Nine

10 Provided health & medical assistance to low-income families

11 Medicaid

12 An organization that set up protests for more rights for Native Americans

13 American Indian Movement

14 Provided health insurance for all elderly people; it was financed through social security

15 Medicare

16 MLK is arrested trying to protest for integration of public facilities

17 1963 Protest in Birmingham Alabama

18 This claimed that separate but equal is not legal thus schools integrated

19 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

20 This forced restaurants to serve blacks & whites equally

21 1960 Greensboro Sit-In

22 The 1 st representative to Congress of Puerto Rican origin

23 Herman Badillo

24 Onetime leader of the SNCC who promoted the idea of Black Power

25 Stokely Carmichael

26 A violent group that was formed to fight for change

27 ` Black Panther Party

28 This student was kicked out of Little Rock High School for pouring chili on another student

29 Minnie Brown

30 Civil Rights leader who was assassinated in April of 1968 bringing an end to the movement

31 Martin Luther King Jr.

32 Leader of the Nation of Islam who supported segregation

33 Malcolm X

34 First woman Supreme Court Justice

35 Sandra Day O’Connor

36 The first African American to enroll & attend the University of Mississippi.

37 James Meredith

38 Leader of the United Farm Workers who fought for workers’ rights

39 Cesar Chavez

40 Tested the enforcement of the Supreme Court’s desegregation of interstate buses ruling

41 Freedom Riders

42 An organization started by MLK & 60 other ministers

43 Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)

44 Assisted African Americans in their struggles by using the court systems

45 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

46 Refused to give up bus seat to a white person which leads to boycott of buses

47 Rosa Parks

48 He called out the Arkansas National Guard to keep African Americans out of Central High School

49 Governor Orval Faubus

50 A peaceful rally, attended by over 200,000 people to support the civil rights bill

51 March on Washington

52 Organization founded by James Farmer & George Houser that carried out protests against public places that refused to admit or serve African Americans

53 Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

54 Was the lawyer who tried the Brown case for desegregation of schools

55 Thurgood Marshall

56 An attempt by civil rights workers to get African Americans registered to vote

57 Freedom Summer

58 Missed the bus and attempted to enter Central High School by herself

59 Elizabeth Eckford

60 The first African American student to ever graduate from Little Rock High School

61 Ernest Green

62 This banned discrimination in public

63 1964 Civil Rights Act

64 Name given to Kennedy’s social reform plan

65 New Frontier

66 The man charged with assassinating President Kennedy on November 22, 1963

67 Lee Harvey Oswald

68 This was a failed attempt at granting women Constitutional equality

69 Equal Rights Amendment

70 Fought for segragation & wanted to create a “Black America”

71 Nation of Islam

72 LBJ’s plan to: reduce poverty, promote equality, improve education, & rebuild cities

73 Great Society

74 Fought to get Latinos elected to public office

75 La Raza Unida

76 Program that focused on helping people that lived below the poverty line

77 War on Poverty

78 This banned all literacy tests & used federal registrars to overlook the state workers

79 1965 Voting Act

80 This had one of the greatest impact on the civil rights movement

81 The Television

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