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Theatrical Cirque Style Productions Beginning August 28, 2014 Teatro Zaragoza Tijuana.

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1 Theatrical Cirque Style Productions Beginning August 28, 2014 Teatro Zaragoza Tijuana

2 In partnership with Neuromama, Ltd

3 Neuromama, ltd. Neuromama, Ltd. In partnership with (ICBC) Proposing Theatrical Cirque Style Productions Our proposal consists of two separate Cirque style performances to be hosted at the Teatro Zaragoza in Tijuana. The live shows will begin August 28 th and continue each Saturday of the week with October 4 th being the final production. NeuroMANIA for families will begin at 6:00 PM and will feature Clowns and impressive cirque style performances from famous performers from Cirque du Soleil. NeuroMANIA for Adults will begin at 9:00 PM. NeuroMANIA will be geared towards the entertainment enjoyed by both Children and Adults and will feature spectacular performances by the finest professionals. Tickets will be sold for both NeuroMANIA shows and part of the proceeds will be donated for the restoration effort of Teatro Zaragoza. NeuroMANIA Theatical Cirque Style Productions live at Teatro Zaragoza in Tijuana. Introduction to our proposal

4 Theatrical Cirque Style Productions Press Conference at Teatro Zaragoza in Tijuana

5 Neuromama, ltd. August 30th at 6 PM - NeuroMama for kid & August 30th at 9 PM - NeuroMANIA for adults September 6th - 6 PM - NeuroMama for kids & September 6th - 9 PM - NeuroMANIA for adults September 13th - 6 PM - NeuroMama for kids & September 13th - 9 PM - NeuroMANIA for adults September 20th - 6 PM - NeuroMama for kids & September 20th - 9 PM - NeuroMANIA for adults September 27th - 6 PM - NeuroMama for kids & September 27th - 9 PM - NeuroMANIA for adults October 4th - 6 PM NeuroMama for kids & October 4th - 9 PM NeuroMANIA for adults Live Entertainment Show Schedule Beginning with the NeuroMANIA Show on August 28 th by VIP ONLY

6 Neuromama, ltd. NeuroMANIA Show Admission Prices 2 Front Rows Balcony 2 Front Rows Next 8 Rows Parents $500 Parents $1000 Adults $500 Children $250 Children $250 Children $500 General Admission Adults $100 Children $75 Admission $75 - $1000 Pesos MX

7 Neuromama, ltd. Fusing acrobatic arts with the multidisciplinary approach of Aces of Acts, the NeuroMANIA show draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and its never-ending quest for harmony between humans and nature. The show's name is derived from its two emblematic creatures: Mind and Mirror, Neuro symbolizing the Intelligence, and the MANIA, symbolizing the Imagination..... where Mama in NeuroMama show symbolizes LOVE. In NeuroMANIA, the four elements that govern the natural order take on a human form. Thus embodied, each element is represented by its own evocative colour: air is blue; water is green; fire is red; earth is ochre. In the world of NeuroMANIA, cultures blend, Man and Nature are one, and balance is achieved. Human dreams taking flight, borne by the hopes of a new millennium. The pendulum movement of the trapeze flyers emphasize that time continues but never stops passing. The benefits outweigh the risks, for the adventure is the reward. NeuroMANIA Description Click photos to watch video

8 Neuromama, ltd. The performers in the shows are performing together as a group. Descending gracefully from the heavens, performers effortless beauty is part mortal, part Goddess; connecting the earth and sky. This acts created by aerial artist. In addition to their breathtaking flips, spins and displays of flexibility high above the stage, Anna also devised a system to give the appearance that the fabric never ends, allowing her to do continuous tricks without having to stop to reposition herself on the material. Like majestic birds in flight, they dive in unison, creating a fantastically organized chaos. They drop from their apparatuses in turn or as a group, their falls halted only by the elastic around their waists. Crawling up and down the poles, like sprouting vines, these artists are a symbol of organic life which feeds on itself as it grows. The adventure ends with the Snow Show, symbolizing primitive man embarking on a never-ending journey. The finale also juxtaposes the characters and contexts in a way that creates the timelessness of NeuroMANIA, which brings awareness to the world problems and Neuro Solutions which to coexist seamlessly. Bodya represents the other side of the coin – the individual who, refusing to fit the mold, becomes a cog in the machinery. The clown is the fly in the ointment. He is like the child who breaks a toy to see how it works. His innocent mischief is an exploration of our own child-like curiosity. Bodya and Lenya Leikin are the original members of the Cirque du Soleil team. Lenya has created the clown act for "O" that has thrilled audiences throughout the world with slightly dangerous antics and incredible comic timing. Lenya has learned this routine from Oleg Popov the master of clownade in USSR and is now performing in St. Petersburg Russia. Bodya is Leonid Leikin best Student. Many mighty physiques connect in gentle, fluid movements, exuding a strength that mystifies the audience. This acts are an exhibition of strength and stamina. The performers who perform the increasingly difficult maneuvers demonstrate harmony while fusing power and grace. Developed through many years of intense training, the hand-and-body balancing acts are performed on apparatuses, demanding extreme precision of the artists. Anatoliy is virtuoso who can turn a simple cube into an object of beauty, he effortlessly turns and spins the cube while nonchalantly performing a gravity-defying ballet of aerial maneuvers. Fascinated observers hold their breath, wondering who is in control. Live Entertainment Show Description

9 Neuromama, ltd. After you read this brief introduction, and complete proposal for NeuroMANIA Cirque Style Productions in Teatro Zarazoga in Tijuana...... ask yourself what you see when you look at this project, and take a minute to look at through your mind's eye. You know, if you asked a thousand people if a blind man can see, 999 would give you the wrong answer. They would say, "of course, a blind man can't see... he's blind." NeuroMANIA is also the visible representation of something abstract, especially as appearing in a dream or hallucination, or existing in perception only. But they'd be wrong they’d be as wrong as the 999 of 1000 people who never recognize a good proposal when it is put in front of them.... You know why so many people can't recognize a good proposal when it is put in front of them? It’s because they look at it through the wrong set of eyes. You need more than 20-20 eyesight to recognize a good proposal, you need 20-20 vision... and vision is not the same thing as eyesight. The blind man... "sees" through his fingertips, through his nose.... through an enhanced ability to hear and locate sounds.... The blind man.... sees through a heightened awareness of space and place and the environment around him. Some people might call the way the blind man sees a kind of extrasensory perception, but, you know, what he is really doing is using a different set of “eyes” than you and I use. What the blind man is doing... is using his mind's eye... He is taking all this input from his physical and mental senses, and in his brain he is assembling it into a picture that is projected on what some people call the mind's eye and others call the mirror in the mind. Either way, call it anything, what he is doing is seeing with a different set of eyes. Live Entertainment Show Description

10 Neuromama, ltd. Aces of Acts Spectacul ar Extraordinary Shows

11 Neuromama, ltd. NeuroMama's sister company, Aces of Acts makes this project possible by bringing its prestige in the entertainment industry. Aces have earned its prestige by matchless credibility and a superlative worldwide reputation. The world’s biggest corporations have become its clients and have remained their clients for many years. There is no other entertainment company in the world specializing in corporate live entertainment that can match Aces dependability, reputation, trustworthiness and achievements. Their authoritative and highly skilled creativity has pioneered Aces of Acts to be a leader in corporate Live Entertainment worldwide. Aces of Acts achieved this impressive status as an accomplished specialist, and will provide certainty and an assurance in the overwhelming success of the NeuroMama, Ltd. and Department of Culture live entertainment initiatives in Baja California. Introducing Aces of Acts

12 Neuromama, ltd. Aces of Acts will execute its initial launch and operations of this project in the most impressive, disciplined and glamorous way, which will generate expected marketing and credibility results. When spectators will attend these most glamorous, fascinating and sensational shows in the "Teatro Zaragoza", they will be stimulated to become Aces fans forever. Aces shows fulfill the most exquisite tastes by breathtaking and stunning entertainers, and its choreography effectuates unforgettable and memorable experiences. Aces of Acts is the Cirque Style Production Company and Talent Management Agency, run by one of the most authoritative, accomplished and skilled people in Cirque world - Anatoliy Myagkostupov, who is along with his son Vladislav are members of NeuroMama's management team. Aces of Acts is the Las Vegas & Nationwide Award Winning Cirque Style Productions Company specializes in offering exceptionally unique Cirque theatrical presentations for exclusive special events, marketing events, and corporate entertainment. What separates Aces Of Acts from any other entertainment company is Aces Of Acts team who has the top education, and countless years of experience in entertainment industry. Aces specialty is to incorporate Acts and Shows into corporate and marketing events to create a spectacular and memorable experience. Most of "Aces" Acts are international awards winners. Aces creative team supplies talent for shows with Cirque Style Productions. Aces receives proposals and negotiate with Moscow Circus, Cirque Du Soleil and other major production shows in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Chicago, Nashville, Honolulu, Moscow, London, Paris, Milan, Osaka, Berlin... About Aces of Acts

13 Neuromama, ltd. NeuroMama's Aces of Acts provides Cirque Style productions similar to a Circus de Soleil to corporate clients, assisting in getting their products and services on prime time TV News. Aces of Acts have been also contracted to stage performance for the Queen of England and the Pope of Vatican. Aces of Acts has performed for some of the most elite companies in the world Aces of Acts Portfolio

14 Neuromama, ltd. Arabian Breeders World Cup, Staples Company, HEINZ Co, Cisco Systems, T- Mobile, Universal Studios, Hyatt Hotel, Symantec, Jim Beam Whisky, Vogue Magazine, Giorgio Armani, Honda, Bailey's Irish Cream, World Travel Awards, Ceremony Chrysler, Eurovision, MICROSOFT, BNSF Railway, Millennium Celebrity Cruises, MTV, Good Year, Chicago Stock Exchange, and even more! Additonal Clients Include: Aces of Acts has performed for some of the most recognized companies in the world Aces of Acts Continued Portfolio

15 Neuromama, ltd. Vladik Miagkostoupov Ana RoudenkoOleg Valentinov Gisela Bocharova Aces of Acts Performers

16 Theatrical Cirque Style Production NeuroMANIA

17 Neuromama, ltd. NeuroMANIA is the society of international circus performers. Together with “NeuroMANIA” creations of the consciousness are completed with your own imagination and desire, thus, becoming an artistic reality. NeuroMANIA” is here to take you into the higher society of the unusual, unique and expressive form of entertainment artistry. Shows NeuroMANIA and NeuroMama consists of Las Vegas and an International Awards Winning Circus Acts like: Theatrical Cirque Acts

18 Vladik Myagkoustoupov will steal your heart and command your attention as he tosses and catches just about anything, in his unusual and unique stile “Juggling Creature” he displays a spectacular stage presence while combining juggling with dance and acrobatics......Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain Paris GOLD MEDAL 2002. China Wuqiao International Circus Festival SILVER MEDAL 2001. International Jugglers Association Jrs Category GOLD MEDAL 1995. International Jugglers Association Seniors Category GOLD MEDAL 1997 With stylized choreography that makes the most of his incredible flexibility, the artist incorporates a fast-paced performance with hints of modern dance. His incredible precision and mastery of his art are evident as he juggles up to seven balls simultaneously. Vladik Myagkoustoupov Acro Dance Juggling "Juggling Baryshnikov" Click for Video

19 where Anatoli work within, around and through the cube. His act fuses gymnastics with ballet, theatrics and possesses an air of eroticism and excitement. Anatoliy has accomplished artistic excellence... Successfully conveys the emotions of love, strength, determination and triumph, all with the use of his body and a giant three-dimensional Cube. Anatoli credits include over 100 different conventions: IBM, NOKIA, FOX TV, Cessna aircraft, nickelodeon, national TV commercials "GM - cars " live is circus, Tropicana orange juice "Bally's" hotel & casino - " Splash", Riviera hotel & casino "Stardust" hotel & casino “Golden lion Prize” at China Wuqiao International Circus Festival... Silver Medal at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. Best Act of the year Prize in Italy". Anatoliy Myagkoustoupov The Spinning Cube Click for Video

20 Combination of Ballet with cirque arts and unusual contortionists combinations with Bizarre Style by Anna. Unique Tricks and style by Ana Roudenko, plus amazing presentation make Act one of the Best in Business.... Before Cirque Du Soleil “Belagio” “O” Show Perform all over the world.... Festival Mondial Du Cirque De Demain Paris Silver MEDAL... Monte- Carlo Circus Festival Silver Medal... Gold Medal in North Korean Circus Festival... An awe-inspiring creation of strength and agility, this exotic aerial ballet captures the passion and energy of its signature element, "fire". Suspended from a hoop high above the stage, the artist presents an evocative choreography in which the hoop and body become one in a dance of acrobatic precision. Ana Roudenko Ballet With Cirque Arts Click for Video

21 World Champion turn into World Greatest performing Act...... The flying artistry by Ana Roudenko and Oleg Valentinov displays a spectacular stage presence, accomplished physical strength and poetry, theatrics and excitement. The combination of acrobatics and solo musical performance is unique in its manner. Anna tells a love story comprises the rapprochement and fusion of art forms, music and acrobatics. The result is a performance full of passion and sensuality. Pas de deux is a languorous aerial dance. A couple, intertwined, flies over the stage. Within the cloth, they perform various acrobatic figures that demand great feats of strength and flexibility. Ana Roudenko and Oleg Valentinov Aerial Silk Show Click for Video

22 Comedy act by Bogdan " Bodya" Harchenko Strange Comedy is a two person variety show that blends physical comedy, circus in a cartoon- like world. Former Star from Moscow Circus, and "O" of Cirque Du Soleil, Bogdan presents a new standard of comedy that will change your point of view toward clowning. Bodya will make NeuroMama show Special and exciting for children. With Cirque style characters: meet and greet guests, receptions atmosphere entertainment. Mystery… Shadows…and Mask become a live… Unusual surprises waiting for you…. To Bodya agood clown act is like a love affair on fast-forward. First, there’s the initial meeting between clown and audience, the sizing up, the first shy smile. Next comes the communal laughter; it’s the “moment of truth" when both parties realize that, against all odds, they share something in common. Finally, there’s the ooey-gooey, transcendent moment when audience and clown can’t get enough of each other, when they’re both googly- eyed and would likely run off with each other if it weren’t for other NeuroMANIA artists waiting patiently for their turn to the stage. Bogdan " Bodya" Harchenko Comedy Clown Act Click for Video

23 Elegant Cirque Hand Balancing - Contortionist Act by Oleg, combines elegant presentation and unique combinations while displaying an incredible exhibition of strength and stamina. Oleg completes difficult maneuvers demonstrating perfect synchronization, fusing strength and power while creating emotion through motions. This act requires great strength and flexibility. Displaying impressive control, the artist balances on canes of various heights, slowly executing a series of astounding figures while maintaining a delicate equilibrium. Oleg Valentinov Elegant Cirque Hand Balancing Click for Video

24 Cirque Style Aerial Act with Poetry & Grace by Oleg. Suspended in the air, Oleg aerialist twirls and pivots through the air performing stunning feats of grace and dexterity in a blend of strength, technique and artistic expression. Performing at times with a single hand or foot through his strap, while hanging upside down and showcasing his dynamic tricks, the element of difficulty and danger will captivate any audience and leave them breathless. Oleg Valentinov & Grace Cirque Style Aerial Act With Poetry Click for Video

25 Anna & Anna & Rhythmic Gymnasts are all Things Cirque Dancers really know how to get the party going! Great for meet and greets and photo ops with guests! They wear a variety of costumes, hats, wigs, glasses, etc. and keep the energy level at a constant high. They assist in the distribution of party favors, and facilitate all of the games, contests and activities. If there is an after party you will also find them throughout the dance floor, and even the across the room encouraging guests to join in the fun. The ‘follow-me dances’ are even easier to follow with the Neuro Dancers helping to keep step. What makes our NeuroMANIA Dancers the best in the business is not only their dance skills, but their incredibly outgoing personalities that shine as bright as the lights! Ana Roudenko Anna & Rhythmic Gymnasts Click for Video

26 Gisela Bocharova displays a spectacular stage presence, theatrics and excitement. With her svelte body and delicate grace, Gisela whisks a multitude of colorful hoops around her body while continuously demonstrating an abundance of difficult acrobatic positions throughout. She is a sight to behold in the limelight and she never loses motion or contact with the rings, creating a beautiful mixture of unique visual images. Gisela Bocharova The Hula Hoops Act Click for Video

27 Neuromama, ltd. The princesses of the show are the sisters Victoria and Maxim Zubkis. Victoria and Maxim are daughters of Alla Zubkis, the founder of San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy. Victoria and Maxim will perform and coordinate a Rhythmic Gymnastics part of the NeuroMANIA and NeuroMama shows for Thetro Zarazoga by San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy. San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy is the oldest Rhythmic Gymnastics school in San Diego it was founded on February 22, 1997 by Alla Zubkis, her mother Valentina Baigoulova and her aunt Galina Aksutchits. In 1949 Galina Aksutchits by the order of Joseph Stalin, the President of USSR has established the first Rhythmic Gymnastics school in Siberia and her sister Valentina Baigoulova became first Galina's Rhythmic Gymnastics student, the first Rhythmic Gymnast in Siberia. June 22, 2003 Valentina Baigoulova passed away in San Diego. At the time of her death she was leading both schools in Novosibirsk, Russia and in San Diego, USA. Every June in Russia young rhythmic gymnasts from all over Russia participate in Valentina's Memorial Tournament. Rhythmic Gymnastics The princesses of the show are sisters Victoria and Maxim Zubkis

28 Neuromama, ltd. Modern rhythmic gymnastics originated as a sport in the USSR during the 1940’s. The All-Union Section of Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics was created in 1945, and in 1963 it was transformed into a federation of the USSR. In the late 1940’s a classification program and rules of competition were developed. Annual championships have been held in the USSR since 1949; competitions for the All-Union Cup in Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics have been held since 1965. All-Union junior championships have been held since 1966. After exhibition performances by Soviet gymnasts in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s in a number of countries, modern rhythmic gymnastics was accepted as a sport by the International Gymnastic Federation. World championships have been held in odd numbered years by the International Gymnastic Federation since 1963. Several important international competitions have been held since the early 1970’s?for the Intervision Cup, the prize of the newspaper Student Tribune (People’s Republic of Bulgaria), and the Eighth of March (Czechoslovak Socialist Republic) and Golden Hoop (USSR) prizes. Modern rhythmic gymnastics has developed in most socialist countries, as well as in France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, and the USA. About Rhythimic Gymnastics

29 Neuromama, ltd. San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy (Non-Profit Organization) promotes a beautiful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics in San Diego County. Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport exclusive to girls that has elements of superior flexibility and coordination in conjunction with the use of apparatus that includes the ball, ribbon, clubs, hoop and rope. For many decades, Rhythmic Gymnastics served as a popular school sport in Europe due to the incorporation of specialized training that includes ballet, dance, creative body movement and the use of dazzling outfits and decorated apparatus. Victoria, Maxim and other SDRGA Rhytmic Gymnasts with swan-like grace, magnificent costuming and exquisite physical beauty are the NeuroMANIA and NeuroMama Rhythmic Gymnasts, and are the feast for the eyes. From delicate pirouettes with their ribbon to animated interpretive dance with a ball, their performance is forever enchanting, leaving the audience breathless and mesmerized. The artists execute graceful and lithe movements which emphasize their extreme flexibility and balance. Together, they create extraordinary and harmonious figures. San Diego Rhythmic Gymastics Academy

30 Neuromama, ltd. "Hand balancing by Oleg at it’s best. Former champion of sports acrobatics, member of National Russian Team. Class, Style, Skill, Perfection these words describe in part his performance. Oleg dazzled audiences around the world and took part in events for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Czlbd1LsV8 Czlbd1LsV8 Slack wire by Evgeniy and Anna Vasielenko. In 2000, he become a winner of a Grand Prix award at the Circus Festival in Tunis. Imagine yourself 20 feet above the ground on a platform, now imagine taking a step, with only a 1/2-inch metal wire between you and the ground. Welcome to the world of high wire! A popular traditional circus act where a taut, springy wire is used to launch dizzying acrobatic tricks and phenomenal feats of balancing and dancing tango. o-x6lb8aQc o-x6lb8aQc The Cyr Wheel by Evgeniy Vasielenko is set to dramatic music. Evgeniy spins around within the wheel at an awe inspiring pace while manipulating his body into different positions. Watch Evgeniy as he takes a simple wheel and creates an electrifying act. In this wheel act, the artist and the wheel become one. He has mastered this unique acrobatic apparatus, turning, spinning and maneuvering the wheel while performing gravity- defying acrobatics. section_G/G2.PNG section_G/G2.mp4 section_G/G2.PNG section_G/G2.mp4 Additonal Theatrical Productions

31 Neuromama, ltd. Anya Vasilenko challenging the limits of the human body, while expressing power and fragility at the same time, her performance displays enormous strength and flexibility as she demonstrates a multitude of acrobatic positions seemingly impossible to achieve. Having performed with Cirque du Soleil, she will literally “bend over backwards” to win applause of NeuroMANIA spectators. section_B/B1.PNG section_B/B1.PNG section_B/B1.mp4 "Balancing Ladder" by Evgeniy. This is a fast acrobatically balancing act on a free standing ladder. Jumps, twists, turns and flashes of fire and somersaults are all a part of this newer act storming the stage. Incredible hand balancing tricks on 10 foot balancing ladder Cirque style and choreography. Chris and Carlon from Cirque de Soleil. Two male Hand Balancers display an incredible exhibition of strength and stamina. They complete difficult maneuvers demonstrating perfect synchronization, fusing strength and power while creating emotion through motions. content/uploads/2011/01/hand-balancing.jpg Anna Stankus Fire show Snow show - Grand Finale Additonal Theatrical Productions

32 Neuromama, ltd. We will provide a comprehensive website to better serve the Theater and the community. WEBSITE SEM The community will become more involved and engaged with the theater and live events. COMMUNITY engagement Part of our objective is to generate revenue for the Theater restoration process. FUND RAISING Revenue The live entertainment will be promoted and advertised to the greater community of baja California. MARKETING Advertising Live entertainment NeuroMANIA and NeuroMama shows will bring the following benefits Benefits to Teatro Zaragoza

33 Neuromama, ltd. Teatro Zaragoza Website Internet Presence Teatro Zaragoza is the oldest Theater in Tijuana and has an obligation to have a strong Internet presence and serve the greater community of multiple generations that have a strong appreciation for the theater. Symbolic Presence Local Community Ticket Sales The website will serve as an online gallery of history and old and new photos, videos, stories, and memories will be available to view. The website will connect Teatro Zaragoza with the local community to better serve the needs of the theaters customers The website will provide the means of selling tickets for events that will take place at the theater. Tickets can be purchased securely online and printed. The website can also promote and accept donations for the cause of restoring the theater and improving the condition of the theater.

34 Neuromama, ltd. Present Day Theater Photo Gallery

35 Neuromama, ltd. After Restoration Photo Gallery Click for larger image

36 Neuromama, ltd. Theatrical Cirque Act Photo Gallery

37 Neuromama, ltd. Theatrical Cirque Act Photo Gallery

38 Neuromama, ltd. Rhythmic Gymastics Photo Gallery

39 Neuromama, ltd. Rhythmic Gymastics Photo Gallery

40 Neuromama, ltd. g28lL4opUJi1-WEMhIEDtyBMHi&index=2 tg28lL4opUJi1-WEMhIEDtyBMHi&index=3 Reference Links

41 Neuromama, ltd. Contact Us Feel free to stop by and pay us a visit anytime you’re in the neighborhood. Address: Neuromama. Ltd. Blvd. Benito Juarez Km 25.500 Quinta Del Mar, Int. Suite 28 Playas de Rosarito B.C. C.P. 22710 Phone: +52 (664) 290-5048 Email:

42 Neuromama, ltd. Thank You In Partnership with

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