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Earth By Mrs. Smith.

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1 Earth By Mrs. Smith

2 What about earth??? Welcome to Earth, better known as the BIG BLUE PLANET! Earth is the third planet from the sun. Earth is the fifth largest planet in the solar system Earth is different from the other planets that formed about the sun. It is the only planet in the solar system that provides just the right environment for life to exist. The earth is neither too hot nor too cold. It is just the right distance from the sun to get the amount of heat for the wide range of plants and animals that exist.

3 What’s up with the Size & SHAPE of Earth?
Earth is just the perfect size to support life. It is not so small that its gravity would be too weak to hold the atmosphere and not too large that the gravity would hold too much atmosphere, including harmful gases. The radius of the Earth is 3,959 miles The Radius of the Earth is from the CENTER of the Earth to the Earth’s surface. BUT Earth is not quite a perfect sphere! Earth is slightly smaller when measured between the North and South Poles which gives a diameter of 7,907 miles. Earth bulges out a bit more around the equator than around the poles because of its rotation.

4 How does earth compare to earth?

5 What is earth “composed” of????
Crust Oxygen Aluminum Silica Iron Magnesium Calcium Sodium Potassium Mantle Magnesium Iron Silica Core Iron Nickel

6 How does the composition of earth compare to the composition of earth?

7 What on the surface of the earth?
Earth is neither too soft of too hard. It is a solid planet with over 70% of its surface covered with water. The outer layer is a hard, rocky crust. The crust is broken into many large plates(tectonic plates) that move slowly relative to each other. The mountain ranges around the world formed when two plates collided and their edges are forced up. Many other surface features are the result of the movement of these tectonic plates. 

8 How does the surface features of the earth compare to the surface features of the earth?



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