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Space Grades 3-5.

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1 Space Grades 3-5

2 Solar System The Sun and the 8 planets that revolve around it.

3 Planet Sphere made of rocks and gases Terrestrial/Inner Planets
Gas Giants/Outer Planets Sphere made of rocks and gases

4 Position Where an object is located in space.

5 Sphere A circular/round three dimensional ball

6 Orbit The path an object takes in space.

7 Compass An instrument that uses a small magnet to show which direction is North (N)

8 Sundial Instrument that measures the time of day by using the position of the Sun

9 Shadow A dark area caused when an object blocks light falling on the surface of Earth

10 Rotation Earth spins on its axis causing day and night in a 24 hour time period (1 Day)

11 Axis An imaginary line Earth spins on; Earth spins on a 24.5 degree tilt

12 Day When Earth faces the Sun and is lighted

13 Night The time during rotation when Earth does not face the Sun

14 Rotation causes the Sun to appear as if it moves across the sky. Is it?
No! Rotation makes it look like it is! The Sun is NOT moving across the sky. The Earth is moving (rotating)! Tricky!!

15 Revolution One complete orbit of the Earth around the Sun or the Moon around Earth

16 Moon A natural satellite that orbits a planet

17 Craters Bowl shaped indents that are caused with a collision with another object such as a meteorite

18 Mass The amount of matter in an object

19 Weight The force of gravity on an object (how hard gravity is pulling on you)

20 Gravity A natural force that causes two objects to pull toward each other depending on their mass and the distance between them

21 Which changes? Which stays the same?

22 Earth A planet in the solar system that has life

23 Tide The rise and fall of water in the ocean caused by the moon’s gravitational pull

24 High Tide and Low Tide

25 Moon Phase/Lunar Phase
What the moon looks like at different times of the month

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