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Welcome to Open House Mrs. Yanity’s Class 3rd Grade.

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1 Welcome to Open House Mrs. Yanity’s Class 3rd Grade

2 So Glad You Are Here! 3Y 2014-2015

3 Introducing Mrs. Yanity 15 years teaching 3 rd grade at MVES Bachelor of Arts in English/Writing Seton Hill University Elementary Teaching Certificate--St. Vincent College Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum & Instruction--St. Vincent College

4 Contact Information Kathleen Yanity 724-834-7399 Do not email changes in dismissals. This information has to go through the office.

5 Every day and minute counts in 3Y! Students check out the morning greeting & get organized for the day as soon as they walk into class. Being at school on time matters. We have a very busy schedule in 3 rd grade.

6 We the citizens of 3Y agree to the following rules & consequences. We understand our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the 3Y T.E.A.M.

7 1.Be respectful. Treat others the way you want to be treated. 2.Follow directions the FIRST time. 3.Raise your hand & wait to be recognized. One speaker at a time. Pay attention to the speaker. 4.Bring all materials to class. 5.5. Be honest.

8 1.Penalty—(warning)--move your jersey. Lose a chance ticket. 2.Turnover—turn over your rights to Mrs. Yanity. Lose minutes off recess and/or fill out a behavior log. 3.Bench—Report to Mrs. Pellis. Mountain View Disciplinary Referral.

9 Together Everyone Achieves More Individual: Clip It Chart Class: The class can earn puzzle pieces for exceptional behavior. When the complete a puzzle they will be rewarded with a class reward.

10 Math Language Arts – Reading; Writing & Spelling Social Studies Science Health Handwriting

11 Storytown READING *robust vocabulary discussed in class and recorded in language arts journal *weekly story should be read at home once it has been shared in class *comprehension tests are given on Fridays— students read the tests independently *one period of reading is in small group instruction

12 Reading “Bookworm Oath” Your children promised to read like bookworms!

13 Encouraging Reading Scholastic Book Orders (about once a month) Pizza Hut Book It Program Highlights Magazines (return slips even if you don’t order for classroom supplies)

14 Storytown WRITING/GRAMMAR *weekly grammar skill practiced with vocabulary sentences *monthly writings correspond with Storytown & can be cross curricular *Use of the writing process. SPELLING *new lists & pretest given on Mondays *tests given on Fridays *challenge words are graded *students held accountable for spelling correctly in their work *review weeks focus on individual errors

15 The WRITING Process Prewriting Drafting Revising Editing Publishing

16 GoMath! Third grade will be using GoMath! and other resources to teach real world problem solving skills. –Addition and Subtraction within 1,000. –Represent and Interpret Data –Understand Multiplication Concepts, Facts, and Strategies Third graders are required to memorize Multiplication facts 0-12) –-Count Money and Make Change –-Tell Time and Calculate Elapsed Time -Geometry 2-dimensional shapes & perimeter & area – -Measurement – length, mass, capacity – -Understand and Compare Fractions –-Understand Division Concepts, Facts, and Strategies.

17 XtraMath is an online program which helps kids to master basic math facts. Students will work on XtraMath during Core Extension time. Check the homework book for student log in information.

18 Science Fusion -Investigation Questions -Engineering Process -Plants and Animals -Ecosystems & Interactions -Changes to the Earth’s Surface -Earth and its Moon -Physical Properties and Matter

19 Storytown & GoMath! Science Fusion Username: 24 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (first 4 letters of last name) (first 4 letters of first name) Password: g L ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (6 digit lunch number)

20 Social Studies Understanding location and our role in our community. Learning how the people of a community work together. Discovering the history of communities As citizens of 3Y we wrote our own class rules and agreed to follow them.

21 Health Incorporated in other subject areas, mainly science & physical ed. St. Vincent Prevention Programs Peace Table Health Fair Weekly Readers Healthy Eating Choices WELLNESS WALK October 3, 2014

22 Desk Organization Students are responsible for their work & materials All papers & projects are kept in flat folders –Homework (orange) –School (purple) –Writing (green)

23 Homework Policy Students are responsible for their homework. They must write all work in orange homework folder by copying what I write. Homework is the first communication tool with families. It helps students develop organizational & study skills. Homework Detour Slips

24 Birthdays I like to recognize your child’s birthday. If you send a treat, PLEASE send a note in prior to the day. On the birthday, send everything necessary for the treat. (napkins, plates, spoons, etc.) CUT any cakes or cookie cakes BEFORE you send it to school. We have 18 students in our class and 3 rd graders are permitted to deliver treats to the other 3 rd grade teachers. Be aware of peanut and nut allergies. We celebrate summer birthdays at the end of the year.

25 Reminders Conferences—will take place in November 10 th — sign-up tonight! Take a post-it to remember the time you selected. Morning Tutoring—by invitation on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting September 23 rd Wellness Walk will be held October 3 rd —all MVES donations come back to our school

26 Family School Partnership Homework is the first communication tool. Families are involved in assignments. Be sure to take home the xtra math & thinkcentral directions for home use. Fill out “Parent Homework” sheets & Homework Buddy Sheets.

27 Thanks for stopping by 3Y! Thank you for coming! Be sure to visit the encore teachers and tour our classroom! Tour 3Y

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