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August 27, 2014.  Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education from Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA  Teaching Certification.

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1 August 27, 2014

2  Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education from Mercyhurst University in Erie, PA  Teaching Certification from Mercyhurst University (Elementary/Early Childhood)  5th Year with GLSD, 8 years total  3 Years teaching 3 rd Grade  Teaching experience with every grade

3 Contact Information: Candace Bruno 1010 Mt. View Drive Greensburg, PA 15601 Phone# 724-834-4379

4  Homework is written daily in the Homework Assignment Book (HAB) which is located in your child’s green take home folder. Please initial this every evening.  Third grade students should spend about 30 minutes on average to complete homework assignments.  Students will be responsible for making up missed assignments during recess.  I suggest 20 minutes of independent reading a day as well as reading out loud to practice fluency. The Pizza Hut “Book It” program will start in October. The sheets will come home every month.

5  Having a “Homework Basket” and a designated time and place to do homework is very helpful. Making it a habit now will be a valuable tool for your child’s lifelong learning!

6 3BR BEHAVIOR MODEL We use a clip chart model that focuses on good behavior and choices. Students move up or down depending on choices made throughout the day. We try to focus on the GOOD and work together as a team not only on academics, but on behavior, manners, and being good citizens of our classroom community. Inside of the green folder you will find a behavior calendar. Please check this daily to see how your child is progressing. We are a team! Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

7 Username: 23 ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (first 4 letters of last name) (first 4 letters of first name) Password: g L ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ (6 digit lunch number)

8  Students will receive new spelling words each Monday and will be tested each Friday, unless otherwise notified.  Robust Vocabulary will be defined and used in sentences and discussions each week.  Reading Focus Wall  Comprehension, vocabulary, and skills for each lesson will be assessed on Friday, unless notified otherwise.

9  Third grade will be using GoMath! and other resources to teach real world problem solving skills.  Addition and Subtraction within 1,000.  Represent and Interpret Data  Understand Multiplication Concepts, Facts, and Strategies ▪ Third graders are required to memorize Multiplication facts 0-12)  Count Money and Make Change  Tell Time and Calculate Elapsed Time  Geometry – 2-dimensional shapes &perimeter and area  Measurement – length, mass, capacity  Understand and Compare Fractions  Understand Division Concepts, Facts, and Strategies.

10 XtraMath is an online program which helps kids to master basic math facts. Students will work on XtraMath during Core Extension time and may also work at home. Student Log In Information was sent home last week. Try to access it from home with your special access code!

11  The Engineering Process  Plant and Animal Life Cycles  Ecosystems  Changes to Earth’s Surface  Earth and Its Moons  Matter

12  What is a Community?  Where People Start Communities  Communities Grow and Change  Living Together in a Community, State and Nation  Geography Map Skills  Reading maps, landform & product maps  Chart and Graph Skills  Timelines, tables, graphs, flow charts  Current Events – Scholastic News

13 We need your help!  Volunteer Opportunities: A note was sent home regarding volunteers for parties and field trips (the 3 rd grade field trips will take place in the Spring of 2015) There is a Volunteer Coordinator who will be contacting you if you signed up for parties.  Donations: We are always looking for Kleenex, Germ-X, Clorox wipes, fun Band-Aids, fancy duct tape, dry erase markers, clothespins, stickers and #2 pencils.

14 Birthday Snacks: We would love to have you send in a treat for your child’s birthday! Please keep your snack SIMPLE (no cutting involved, please, and no drinks) We normally have the snack during our “CE” time after recess. This year we have 18 students and five third grade teachers… the students like to take them to the other third grade teachers. Guest Readers : Let me know if you would like to come into the classroom as a “Guest Reader” on a Friday afternoon (last period… 3:15 is usually a good time). You could share one of your child’s favorite picture books! We will try and relate it to the “focus skills” that we have been learning in reading.

15  Scholastic Book Orders: Every month we have the opportunity to order books from Scholastic. By far the easiest way to order is to go online. Every time you order online we get free books for our classroom!  “Book It!”: Pizza Hut is offering the “Book It” program again which begins in October. Look for information to be coming home soon. Certificates for free personal pan pizzas will be awarded monthly for students who read every day!

16  Conferences—will take place in November— sign-up tonight! Take a post-it to remember the time you selected.  Morning Tutoring—by invitation on Tuesdays and Thursdays before school  Field trip(s)—will take place in May 2014  Wellness Walk will be held on October 4—all MVES donations come back to our school


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