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The State of Ranch View 2014-2015 Presented by Mrs. Salness, Ranch View Principal.

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1 The State of Ranch View 2014-2015 Presented by Mrs. Salness, Ranch View Principal

2 Global Data Who We Are Rising Star Goals, Action Tasks, Progress Testing and Curriculum updates Building Updates What we will cover…

3 Cause for Celebration!

4 Testing changes


6 Recent Performance Series Testing in Math/Reading National Percentile Ranking 2014 RV NPR District NPR National Percentile Ranking 2015 RV NPR District NPR ReadingGrade 382 %ile70 %ile ReadingGrade 382 nd %ile70 %ile ReadingGrade 475 %ile68 %ileReadingGrade 479 th %ile74 %ile ReadingGrade 571 %ile69 %ileReadingGrade 578 th %ile72 %ile MathGrade 382 %ile67 %ileMathGrade 380 %ile68 %ile MathGrade 475%ile68 %ileMathGrade 477 th %ile72 %ile MathGrade 571 %ile72 %ileMathGrade 576 th %ile69 %ile

7 Main take away… scores are strong! We continue to rank amongst top performing schools in the area of literacy when measured by ISAT. ALL grade levels showed increases in NPR for math and reading on the PSA assessment. RV scores are considerably higher than district NPR averages. ELL and IEP students made considerable gains on ISAT as a result of our push in model and emphasis on core curriculum for all students. School growth goals related to ELL and Kindergarden literacy achievement were met.. What did we learn from our data analysis?

8 Who We Are

9 Student sub group demographics Foundation for our work related to culturally responsive mindset and practices

10 Staffing 2 Administrators including: Principal,.5 Assistant Principal 40 Certified Staff including: Grade level teachers, 3 LBS teachers, 2 ELL teachers, Social worker, School Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, LRC Teacher, Technology Integration Specialist, Learning Support Coach, 2 Reading Specialists/Coaches, Art teacher, Music teacher, PE teacher, Band teacher, Orchestra teacher, Occupational Therapist, Adapted PE Teacher, HM/PI Teacher 27 Non Certified Staff including: 5 Instructional Assistants, 8 Special Education Assistants, 10 Enrollment Assistants, 1 Ell Assistant, 2 Computer Support Assistants, 1 LRC Assistant 2015-2016 enrollment projections indicate our population will remain Stable or increase slightly- may result in some shifts in the number of sections at each grade level.

11 State format that provides a structure for creating and managing required School Improvement Goals to ensure continual student growth Individual Schools choose from 104 indicators of most effective practices that result in student success as goal areas for the given year Indicators chosen must align to specific school initiatives and to the District Strategic Blue Print


13 Indicator of Success




17 Addressing the whole child 1.Utilizing students' individual backgrounds and cultures in instructional planning 2.Working to develop GRIT and Social Emotional Skills to address the whole child 3.Increasing student ownership in learning Responsive Teaching Model 1.Using data to differentiate instruction to both reteach and extend 2.Utilizing a push-in /team support model to increase differentiated instruction aligned to core curriculum 3.Utilizing Co-teaching and embedded co-planning by instructional teams to ensure core curriculum reaches all students Just in time use of transformational technology 1.Increasing the variety hardware available to staff and students 2.Increasing student use of a variety of applications in order to allow for innovation and application 3.Increasing staff development on technology integration to support differentiated instruction and student engagement 4.Providing students with the opportunity to manage and present their own progress CL10 TL9 llD111 CL9

18 Principal Goals Goal 1 : To continue to build two-way communication and engagement opportunities to maintain informed and contributing stakeholders. 1. Create Twitter/Facebook/Canvas sites to use as tools towards two way parent communication/interaction. 2. Support the building expectation that all classrooms utilize Canvas as a parent communication tool 3. Collaborate with new SFCP parent committee to develop informational events ( parent evenings, expert speakers, principal coffees) tied to Ranch View’s Rising Star Indicators. ( GRIT Presentation/What’s Appening Tech Night, Assessment Presentation) 4. Provide Parent information via principal presentations at monthly Home and School meetings related to Rising Star indicators (State of Ranch View) 5. Create a New Family Mentoring Program through work with SFCP, matching new families to mentor families for the purpose of recruitment into the school community and increased communication regarding school procedures/culture. 6. Recruit parents to present to students on the relationships they see between District Mission Strands, Habits of Mind traits, and our theme of “Building Grit” and their success in their respective careers.

19 Principal Goals Goal 2: To implement a new model of job embedded professional learning to improve teacher efficacy and student learning. 1. Participate in district PLC training and implement new learning from this professional development. 2. Create schedules and structures for each team to meet weekly to support a team approach model. 3. Utilize teacher PLC leaders and instructional coaches to provide professional development. 4. Provide job embedded PD related to best practice instruction and implementation of new ELA curriculum. 5. Align building based institutes to support all Rising Star Indicators. 6. Provide professional development within a PLC structure every 3 weeks related to best practice instructional strategies. 7.Implement building based “walk-throughs” to allow staff to observed peers, looking for specific indicators and examples of best practice instructional strategies 8. Utilize our newly created “Staff Collaboration Center for Student Achievement” in providing embedded PD for all staff

20 Building Theme

21 Testing in 2014-15 Parent Presentation on PARCC sponsored by SFCP on March 10 th Please plan to attend!

22 Changes to Gifted Testing Procedures All 4th graders will be given the CogAT. Both CogATs and IOWAs will be administered in the spring for selected third and fifth graders. The winter Performance Series scores will identify the students to test on the CogAT. Students must score an NPR of 93% on the reading or math portion to be eligible for the CogAT test. In addition, students currently enrolled in 3rd grade Honors Math will be eligible for the CogAT test. If the student scores 125 or above on the respective subtests of the CogAT, that student will be eligible for the IOWA assessment and placement tests. All matrices remain the same this year. Please direct any questions to Tim Wierenga or Debbie Cota.

23 Testing Schedules




27 Curriculum/Resource Updates 2015-2016 – District will implement curriculum aligned to SEL and Science CCSS 2015-2016- Kingsley and Beebe schools to pilot a standards based report card- all schools will use in 2016-17

28 Instructional Delivery changes ELA/Math Workshop Model Components Mini-lesson Connection to previous learning Teaching Point- Learning Target Modeling Try It /Active Engagement—Guided Practice Independent Practice Conferring/ Small Group Instruction Assessment This model supports differentiation in response to student data, small group instruction, student ownership, co-teaching, individual attention, and ongoing formative assessment

29 Building/Structural Updates Climbing Wall Completed – Climbing unit in February Third K room constructed with adjoining bathroom Lobby remodel- new interactive movement /circuit training area coming in the fall Completion of Literacy Closet used to supplement instruction for both fiction and on-fiction text Two new “green screens” for support student created video Redesign of LRC to allow for small group work spaces In planning stages for an outdoor classroom in honor of RV’s 30 th year.

30 We need your support to succeed ! Stay informed! Take advantage of communication provided via Talk 203, The Ranch View Review, Home and School Meetings, Classroom Newsletters/Canvas Sites Complete the 5 Essentials State Mandated Parent Survey Volunteer as you are able in response to our new email requests Attend Ranch View Functions/ H and S meetings, SFCP Events Share your talents – Become a new family mentor or present your professional talents that align to mission strands!

31 The State of Ranch View is Strong!


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