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SCHOOL PLAN Madison Park Middle School 2012-2013.

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1 SCHOOL PLAN Madison Park Middle School 2012-2013

2 LEA Academic Focus Extraordinary Learning for All  Plan aligned to District Strategic Plan  Ensure that each Madison student achieves annual academic growth.  Develop, implement, and maintain proactive quality communication to keep the Madison Community informed. Park School Purpose:  EMPOWER students to CREATE the pathways of tomorrow by LEADING through the pathways of today.

3 School Plan Overview (6 focus areas) Reading Math ELD Blended Learning Student Attendance Parent Involvement

4 Reading Increase reading achievement from 74% to 77% as measured by Spring 2013 Reading AIMS test. Strategies:  Focus Guided Study on Literacy skills  Small Group  Monitor Data  AIMS web for Resource students Action Steps:  Structure Guided Study to focus on skill deficits while also providing independent enrichment support for at and above grade level students  Use of Common Formative Assessments  Weekly PLC focus on intensive students  Progress monitoring/assess weekly  Monthly progress on AIMSweb  Quarterly Data Reflections—ALL  MCESA Training: Close Reading

5 Reading

6 Mathematics Increase math achievement from 50% to 60% as measured by Spring 2013 AIMS test. Strategies :  Implement homogeneous/flexible grouping  Math Explorations- small group instruction for intensive students  Monitor ongoing data; focused afterschool tutoring Action Steps :  Monitor weekly progress  Use of Common Formative Assessments  Weekly PLC focus on intensive students  Monthly progress on AIMSweb  Quarterly Data Reflections—ALL  Focused afterschool tutoring  MCESA Training: Common Core Questioning

7 Math

8 Blended Learning Increase the use of technology to enhance student learning and achievement. Continuous Professional Development  Adaptive Curriculum  Vantage My Access  Google Integrated Units Student Leaders Participation in Digital Learning Day

9 Blended Learning

10 ELD Increase reclassification of ELL students from 19% to 24% as measured by the Spring 2013 AZELLA test. Strategies:  Language! guided study section  Ongoing Collaboration between staff on ILLP goals  Focus on English Language Acquisition Action Steps:  Progress Monitor weekly  Quarterly Data reflections

11 Student Attendance Maintain attendance levels at 93% or above as measured by ADM reports. Strategies:  Written reminders sent throughout the year (Newsletter)  Oral reminders at Curriculum Night, Parent Conferences  Phone contact/parent meetings Action Steps:  Celebrations of students with perfect attendance  Notices sent home with students with attendance issues  Home visits  Use of CUTS for families with significant number of absences  100th day average at 97%

12 Parental Involvement To increase parental involvement opportunities for 2012-2013 Strategies:  TEAM Meetings provide learning opportunities for parents  Spring Community Block Party w/Camelview and NPBC - March 8th  Curriculum Nights/Literacy Nights  High level of staff participation in support for Community Building events Action Steps:  Advertise events in advance  Post on website  Teacher communication  Articulation of student growth/progress (student growth plans)


14 Conclusion Meet/Exceeed goals for improvement in areas of Reading, Math, ELD, Blended Learning, Student Attendance, and Parental Involvement for 2013 Continue initiatives of PLC, RTI, PBIS, Blended Learning, Development of Common Formative Assessments for Math/Language, Data Monitoring Park Tech Camp : May 21-23 Participate in eCYBERMISSION - NSTA Camp Invention – STEM summer camp STEM instructor training – Texas A&M STEAM at Camp Tontazona – student summer retreat

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