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Bullying No Way Robinson River School 2014 “Taking a Stand Together”

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1 Bullying No Way Robinson River School 2014 “Taking a Stand Together”

2 Don’t Ever Give Up! Watch our Youtube video

3 TAKING A STAND TOGETHER: WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE! Every day, people at our school are teased and bullied. It’s a very sad fact that we’re trying to change! That’s why we are teaching our students about the good and poor choices they can make to ensure that teasing and bullying doesn’t get the reaction the teasers and bullies are trying to get. Most of our students know what choice they have and we are empowering students to overcome and build resilience.

4 The upper primary and middle years classes have been participating in an online blog. The teacher often posts blogs that relate to topics that the school is focusing on that week e.g. ‘Talking nicely’ or ‘How best to deal with being teased’. SCHOOL BLOG WITH A FOCUS ON SOCIAL SKILLS Click to view our blog

5 BEHAVIOUR BOARD This board faces our assembly area and helps students focus on doing well at school. The sad faces are kids who found themselves on detention the day before. The board is also a great way for parents and caregivers to see how the school is very aware of every child’s behaviour and making efforts to record students’ choices for all to see.

6 SAFE = ALL DAY EVERY DAY We feel the safest when we’re sharing, listening, laughing and waiting patiently. We promote and practise these social skills all day and everyday here at Robinson River School!

7 WORKING TOGETHER In the early years we focus on working together and being great friends. We look out for each other in the classroom and school yard and are always happy to stand up for each other.

8 The Year 3/4/5/6 class has created 5 strategies that they use to take a stand against bullying.

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