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 Be More Dog! Be More Dog!  Click link…. The not-so-distant future.

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1  Be More Dog! Be More Dog!  Click link…

2 The not-so-distant future

3  100% of students have achieved the benchmarks set in the PDSS Assessment Schedule  English, Mathematics and Science end of semester results in all year levels show:  %As were greater than %Ds  %As plus %Bs were greater than %Cs  %Es = ZERO

4  100% of students having clear learning goals related to:  Assessment Schedule, and  Australian Curriculum (C2C)  100% of parents have been involved in a discussion about their child's learning goals  PTI, phone call, communication book, email, blog, etc.

5  Student attendance is at 95% with ZERO unexplained absences  Positive Behaviours recorded are greater than 5.00 per day  Behaviour Incidents recorded are less than 1.00 per day

6  100% of teaching staff assess themselves as being “highly accomplished” in:  Explicit Teaching, and  Consolidations  100% of students agree that they are getting a good education at school  100% of parents/caregivers agree that their child is getting a good education at school  100% of parents/caregivers agree that this is a good school

7 How did we do it?


9  Every Day Counts  Every Student Matters  Every Student Can Achieve  We make the difference

10  Know the minimum level benchmarks  Remove the tail  The As greater than Ds rule  Monitoring student achievement every 25 days

11  Teacher accountable learning  Explicit instruction  Moving student knowledge from short term to long term memory  Effective relationships between teachers and students

12  Students trust and respect teachers  Students work at their level  Students have friends at school

13 TED Talks Rita Pierson Every child Needs a Champion

14  Relationships make the difference  High Expectations for all  Presentation and Handwriting matters  Correction and Feedback is vital  Display provides direction  Classroom tone promotes success

15  Student  Working noise  Listening skills  Focused learning  Group work  Teacher  Explicit Instruction

16  Explicit Instruction  Lesson Intention  Success Criteria  Consolidation  I Do  We Do  You Do  Plough Back Check for understanding

17 but… What were the “things” we did to make it all happen?

18  We used the student results from 2013 to direct our teaching at the start of 2014  We selected strategies that supported students to achieve the benchmark and extended those students who were ready  We front-ended our assessment and ensured that every lesson, activity, game, consolidation etc. supported student to succeed in that assessment  We used the support provided by our HOC to SIFT, SORT and PRIORITISE to remove the clutter and focus our teaching

19  We used the support provided by our ST:L&N and SWD teacher to plan for Differentiation and use Individual Education Plans to individualise learning  We moderated work samples with our colleagues in Week 8 of term so that we knew our personal expectations matched our HIGH professional expectations  We met with our Principal every FIVE Weeks to discuss student progress towards the benchmarks, to set short term goals, to brainstorm ideas, to request resources, to identify professional development needs  We called this a FIVE WEEK FOCUS

20  We used OneSchool to record and track student results  We developed amazing consolidations  We followed the explicit teaching model  We actively sort feedback from the leadership team and our peers about our “CRAFT” using the Consolidation and Explicit Teaching;  Flow Charts, Continuums, and Observation Templates  We did this at least ONCE per term

21  We created incentives for students to come to school – Every Day  We contacted parents if students were away that day  We had a system to ensure that students who were away were “caught-up”  We made sure that every student knew that they mattered and that they were liked

22  We recorded ONE positive behaviour in OneSchool every day  We made First Contact with parents if a behaviour incident occurred  We followed through with students  We fully engaged with SWPBs in our classrooms  AND…

23  We had fun doing it!!  Now take a breath!!!!!!!!

24 AND…

25 2014 was… and is… going to be a great year! Lessons from Geese

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