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M-STEP (Paper/Pencil)

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1 M-STEP (Paper/Pencil)

2 The BAA Secure Site Process
Schools must continue to pre-ID new students in the Secure Site through the end of testing. Schools need to un-assign students from M-STEP and assign to MI-Access Functional Independence (FI), Supported Independence (SI) or Participation (P) if necessary. Students pre-ID taking paper/pencil by 5:00 pm, February 18 will receive printed barcode labels from the contractor. Schools will need to print barcode labels from the Secure Site for students pre-ID taking paper/pencil after February 18. The Additional Materials Order window opening is targeted for 3/31/15. Glossaries and Classroom Activities will not be available for order as an additional material because they can be downloaded.

3 Help: Secure Site and Other Resources
many materials, manual and some Camtasia presentations Call center – listen for Secure Site option SPOTLIGHTS, Supports and Accommodations Documents, Test Administration Manuals and more:

4 Who Should Test Student assignment in MSDS determines the grade and entity responsible for testing Students in Juvenile Detention Facilities- see MSDS If in doubt about student’s grade – see MSDS Homeschooled Students- students must have UICs, verify residency code in MSDS Home or hospital bound- must test with paper and pencil ELs- exempt from ELA (only) for first 12 months in U.S. school if they have WAPT or WIDA. Students who are taught regular content standards- M-STEP Students who are taught with alternate content standards- MI-Access


6 M-STEP – Michigan Content Standards
Spring 2015 M-STEP measures student proficiency with Michigan Content Standards in ELA, Mathematics, Science and/or Social Studies. Assessment moved from fall to spring (fall tested content from previous grade) which created a shift in Science and Social Studies Grades 3 and 6 will be assessed in ELA and Mathematics only Grades 4 and 7 will be assessed in ELA, Mathematics and Science Grades 5 and 8 will be assessed in ELA, Mathematics and Social Studies Grade 11 (and eligible 12th graders) will be assessed in ELA, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies

7 Materials Arriving in Schools:
Materials will arrive in schools approximately 2 weeks in advance of EACH test window Test Booklets and Answer Booklets/Answer Documents (synonyms) Barcode labels to apply to answer documents- critical! English Glossaries for ELA and Mathematics L1 Glossaries (Math only) if ordered/can also be downloaded Classroom Activities/can also be downloaded Listening CD/Script for ELA Accommodated materials that were ordered (including Spanish version) Grade specific Test Directions Return Kit from Measurement Incorporated

8 Test Security Photos and Social Media- Tests will be invalidated!
OSA Security Compliance Form- Filled out by all Observers – A safe rule is NONE unless sent by MDE Materials- If any materials are to be moved to another site, the responsible entity must file an “Offsite Request” available at: test-administration-request/

9 Importance of Security with Materials
Security Compliance documents will also be sent with materials (additional copies can be printed or downloaded if necessary). The Security Compliance agreement must be signed by ALL Personnel with any access to secure materials. Copies of the documents must remain on file for one year. All secure materials must be stored in a locked room that can be accessed with a very limited number of keys. Any classroom or school could potentially compromise the test validity for the entire state (or even states) costing tens of thousands of dollars. Best practices in handling of materials can be found in the Assessment Integrity Guide (2009). All school personnel must understand their responsibilities and role in maintaining security.

10 Assessment Integrity Guide (2009)
The 2015 update is underway and awaiting final review by a nationally recognized assessment security company. We will rely on the 2009 version available at Become familiar with the Assessment Integrity Guide for issues like: Covering walls and posters that may give hints for testing Who can administer tests Description of Roles Ethical Test Administration Secure Handling of Materials

11 Test Administration Manual and Training Modules
The M-STEP Test Administration Manual will be available on-line (March 17) and will identify sections to be read by specific roles. For example, sections to be read by the District Test Coordinator may differ from the Test Administrator. Much of the manual applies to both Paper/Pencil and Online.

12 Test Administration Directions
Grade specific Test Administration Paper/Pencil Directions will be sent to school with their materials. Test Administrators will use these directions to guide students through the preparation of the answer document and administration of each test. The document contain scripted directions for each of the tests at the specified grade level.

13 Tests and Parts- Fixed Form
English Language Arts (grades 3-8 and 11 plus eligible 12) Day 1: Part (session)1 (Fixed Form) –includes glossaries Part (session)2 (Listening using either the CD or the Script) Day 2: Part (session)3 Performance Task (which must be preceded by the Classroom Activity) Mathematics (grades 3-8 and 11 plus eligible 12) Day 1: Part 1 (Fixed Form) Day 2: Part 2 Performance Task which must be preceded by the Classroom Activity (Monday before testing, on Day 1- before or after testing, or on Day 2 before the PT))

14 Test Parts- ELA Listening
ELA Test materials contain a CD and Listening Script for every grade to be used for group use for Part 2 Teachers may choose to use the CD or the Listening Script. The Test Administration Directions allow for either choice. Teachers play the CD (or read the script) and then repeat the process one extra time. Students then answer 3 or 4 questions about the passage they heard. There are 3 passages for the Listening portion of the test. Each passage is played or read twice and may not exceed twice.

15 Calculators and Other Tools
No calculators for grades 3-5 on any part GRADES 6-8 and 11 Part 1 (session) non-calculator Parts 2 and 3 (sessions)- calculators permitted. May not return to non-calculator part (session) Grade 6 Basic Calculators Grades 7-8 Scientific Calculators Grade 11 Graphing Calculators NOTE: All programmable calculators must be set to TEST mode during the testing session.

16 Calculators and other tools- continued
Protractors or rulers are not required or needed Scratch Paper is allowed Students taking paper/pencil may do graphing problems in their test booklets, graph paper is not provided but can be downloaded.

17 Tests and Parts- continued
Science: Grades 4, 7 and 11. The test is administered in one day, which is divided into two parts for grades 4 and 7 and one part for grade 11. Social Studies: Grades 5, 8 and 11. The test is administered in one day, which is divided into two parts for grades 5 and 8 and one part for grade 11. Spanish (Mathematics): This “stacked” version of the the same test form is marked SP but answer documents are in English and can be packed under the same header as the other forms for return and scoring. Please note that just because a student speaks Spanish does not mean the student can read Spanish. This test booklet could be used as a Reader Script if necessary by a qualified Spanish translator.

18 Classroom Activity and Associated Performance Task
October 3, 2014 Classroom Activity and Associated Performance Task Required for students in grades 3-8 Not required for students in grade 11 Due to concerns about amount of time required to test in grade 11 No accountability penalty in terms of participation or scoring for high schools that choose not to administer the Classroom Activity and associated Performance Task in Spring 2015 College entrance test and Work skills assessments are required by law Classroom Activity: (Must be administered before the Performance Task) Provides a framework for the Performance Task If CA is not given before the PT it is a misadministration!

19 Tests and Parts – Classroom Activity
Classroom Activity -ELA and Mathematics: (Can be administered the same day) One per grade, per content area. This is a 30 minute scripted lesson. It is non-secure and should be returned to the Building Coordinator immediately after testing and shredded. Should be administered by a teacher. Can be recorded but not pre- corded. May use tools/devices to present the material. For example smart boards, white board, computers, projectors etc. The CA is a background/context building activity. No supplemental material is allowed Students may take notes but the notes cannot be used during the PT. They must be collected at the end of the CA, and returned with test materials to the Building Coordinator for shredding at the end of the assessment. Paper and Pencil examples of the Classroom Activity can be found at . Select 3-8 or 11.

20 Tests and Parts – More about CAs
The CA is a scripted lesson that introduces students to the context of a performance task. The CA may introduce a setting or situation, clarify unfamiliar concepts and introduce key terms or vocabulary. Teachers should read through and prepare the CA in advance and be familiar with the activity before presenting to the class. Teachers may pause at any time and ask students if they have questions. Recommended resources are listed (examples, chart paper, scratch paper, whiteboard, chalkboard etc.) Children may share ideas in groups (follow the script) and then share with the class

21 Test Parts- Performance Task (ELA)
In the first part, Students will be asked to review 3 source documents centered around a theme (Classroom Activity). For example, the sample 6th grade CA is about Technology of the Future. The Sample Performance Task is Robots. The source documents are: Meet the Robots, Robots That Play Well with Others, and When the Car is the Driver. Then, there are 3 items which are dependent on the source documents. In the second part, students will be asked to write a narrative about when the student gets a robot of their own. They must use the source documents from part 1. The directions include scoring information. Students will be permitted to use a dictionary or thesaurus however, each student must have their own- no sharing during testing.

22 Test Parts Performance Task (Math)
In a 6th grade math sample, the CA developed content and context about Cereal Boxes. The PT gives students the dimensions of a cereal box currently being used and asks students to design a new cereal box given specific requirements. The remainder of the Performance Task consists of 5 questions that relate to the task of designing/creating a new cereal boxes. The items increase in DOK.

23 Test Parts Performance Task (Math)-continued
For example, question 1 in the sample asks for volume. #2 requires labeling missing dimensions of the net of the current cereal box #3 asks for the surface area, #4 asks if a box with new dimensions meets the requirement and asks why or why not # 5 asks the student to design a new box and explain why their design is better for the company.

24 Item Types Students Will See In ELA
Multiple Choice with a single correct response Multiple Choice with multiple correct answers. May say select 2 or select all Two part multiple choice with evidence. Part A may ask what or why and Part B may say select the detail that best support your answer to Part A. Matching table response which may have condition or examples listed and ask true/false, yes/no etc. Short text that may ask students to write one or two paragraphs to finish a story.

25 Item Types Students Will See In Math
Multiple Choice with a single correct response Multiple Select- Select two or perhaps all Table Response- For a, b, and c answer yes or no. Short Response, for example draw a point on a number line Gridded Response Items Indicated with a pencil symbol next to the item  No spaces in the middle of a number Left or right justify Grade 6 and above Grades 3-5

26 Glossaries English Glossaries: Grade specific, and are provided as a material for all students in ELA and Math Day 1. These can also be downloaded from during the testing windows. L1 Glossaries: Grade specific, available for Math, (non PT) only. Ordered as a material or can be downloaded.

27 Supports and Accommodations (
Mode Options for Individual Students   If your school is testing online: Some supports for students require that they take a paper-pencil version of the assessment. These requests for a paper-pencil version of the assessment can be made through the Secure Site. If your school is taking the paper-pencil version: Some supports may also require that a student take the computer based version of the test. Identifying individual students to take the online version of the assessment can also be done through the Secure Site.

28 Supports and Accommodations (
Universal Tools- Available to all students. Examples: small group, highlighter, scratch paper, magnifier, English glossary Designated Supports- Available when indicated by an adult or team. Examples: Homebound, noise buffers, Directions translated by qualified translator, text to speech, reader script, Spanish/Arabic DVD or CD, Spanish translation of test form, L1 Glossary in Math, Masking, Scribe. Accommodations- Available when need is documented in an IEP or 504 Plan. Examples: Braille, Enlarged Print, American Sign Language, use of computers for alternate response mode, word processor, multi-day testing

29 Supports and Accommodations (
Michigan Supports and Accommodations Manual for M-STEP, MI-Access, and WIDA M-STEP, MI-Access, and WIDA Student Supports and Accommodations Table M-STEP Math and English language arts (ELA) Read-Aloud Guidelines M-STEP, MI-Access, and WIDA Scribing Protocol Recommended Qualifications and Guidelines for Use of Translators and Language Interpreters for the M-STEP and MI-Access Assessments Supports and Accommodations Tracking Spreadsheet (OPTIONAL) M-STEP and MI-Access Word-to-Word Bilingual Dictionary Guidance

30 Accountability Implications
It is the intent of the MDE not to use the results of the M-STEP assessment to make high-stakes accountability determinations. Participation rates will be reported Data will be provided to schools and districts for informational purposes No Priority, Focus, or Reward labels for schools

31 Common Scenarios for Resume Testing
Student is ill or removed from class by a parent: Option to resume testing when the student returns or starts a new/emergency test. The decision should be made by school and parent together. Please file an Incident Report for either instance A resume testing requires a one on one administration. The students last item must be noted and the student may not return to any previous item. A student may not return to a constructed response item that has been started but is not complete. Resumed testing is not allowed if the issue is time.

32 Incident Report Incident Reports can be obtained by logging on to the BAA Secure Site. They are found under General Announcements.

33 Returning Materials

34 Return Kit School Grade Headers (high importance!) Class Group Headers
FedEx Airway Bills Scorable (blue) and Non-Scorable (green) stickers for boxes Special Handling Envelope (orange) Instructions for returns

35 Reports

36 Questions:

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