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South Windsor Community Foundation Spelling Bee 2012 Let’s Ready Time to Create a Buzz.

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1 South Windsor Community Foundation Spelling Bee 2012 Let’s Ready Time to Create a Buzz

2 The Goals of the South Windsor Community Foundation Spelling Bee Conduct a Fun Competitive Spelling Bee Involve Parents and Children Together Send a Student and a Parent to the Scripps National Spelling Bee Raise Money for the South Windsor Community Foundation and South Windsor Public Education Fund

3 Why a Spelling Bee? Spelling Bees Have Been Around Since the 1800’s Spelling Bees Have Been Popular Recently –Several Movies –A Broadway Play –National Competition

4 How the Bee Works Finals are among the 15 Elementary and 9 Middle School Students in March 2012 District Finals Winner goes to National Spelling Bee Washington DC Orchard Hill Eli Terry Pleasant Valley Wapping P.R. Smith Timothy Edwards 2 Bees in Each Elementary Schools Grades 3 and 4 Combined Bee produces three winners. Second Bee includes 5 th graders and 3 winners from the Grade 3 and 4 Bee. This produces 3 school winners in each Elementary School (15 Finalists) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place From Each TE Grade (9 finalists) National Spelling Bee May 2012 Each School Oct –Nov 2010

5 Who is Eligible? Any South Windsor Student in Grades 3-8 South Windsor Elementary Schools and Timothy Edwards Middle Schools South Windsor Students in Grade 3-8 in Private, Parochial, Magnet, or Charter Schools are Eligible Home Schooled Children are also Eligible Age Restrictions to compete in National Bee Students Must Compete in the School they are Districted for No Exceptions!!

6 GradeOHETPVWapPRSTE 3 8164665861X 4 8563783946X 5 9466925879X 6 XXXXX365 7 XXXXX361 8 XXXXX352 How Many Will Compete? Local school competitions in 2010-2011 had 10-30 children per grade Total of 300 children competed last year Expected Enrollment 2011-2012

7 What Does it Cost? FREE for Students to Enter. $109 /school $1,000 for South Windsor to Participate $2,500 (sponsored) to send the winner to the the National Spelling Bee in Washington DC Money will be Raised Through Corporate and Personal Donations and Some Fun- Raising Signature Sponsor:

8 What are the Prizes A Medal for Each Participant A Bee-Yootiful Trophy for Winners 1 st, 2 nd, and 3 rd in Each School Plaques for 3 Finalists An All Expense Paid Trip to the National Spelling Bee in May 2012 in Washington DC for the winner and one parent/guardian

9 The Competitors Dinners Thursday Night – October 6 th – 5:30pm Held for Competitors and Families at TE Great Affordable Dinner for Families Breadsticks, and Pasta from the Pulled Chicken and Pork from $10/adults $5 children 5-16 Free under 5 Entertainment: A Spelling Bee Families Can Participate and Win $50

10 Fun-Raising Ideas $10 Official Spelling Bee T-Shirt $5 Official Stress Bee Bee the Bee Headgear $2/ea $10/6-pack Spelling Bee B-u-z-z Soda $10 ea. 3/ $25 Family Sponsored Words Before a randomly chosen word is read, the judge will say: The next word is sponsored by the Jones Family.

11 Important Dates June 2011 – Planned Press Releases –Meeting with Schools and PTO’s –Soliciting Corporate Sponsors June 2011 – August 2011 –Attend Summer Events with Booth for Publicity September 2011 – Publicity and Registration October 6, 2011 Dinner and a Family Feud Bee October - November 2011 School Competitions March 2012 – Finals May 2012 – National Spelling Bee

12 How Do Competitors Register? Register On-Line –Register –Purchase T-Shirt, Stress Bees, Spelling Bee B-u-z-z Soda, –Family Sponsored Words –Download Samples Word List Register through Brochure

13 How We Will Publicize the Bee Tents at Major South Windsor Events, Concerts, Public Events, Sports Signs, Banners, Posters, Sponsors Schools - Backpack Express Open House, Gatherings E-mailings, Web Site, Facebook

14 How Can You Help ? We Need Volunteers / Teams for Each Competition –Registration, Line Control, Readers, Judges Help with Planned Special Events –Dinner and a Practice Bee Publicity to Parents and Children Collecting Fun-Raising Money and Distributing Incentive Prizes

15 Contact Information On-line Information 24/ South Windsor Community Foundation Cary Prague (860) 985-5180 Jan Snyder (860) 916-6845 South Windsor Public Education Fund Liza Love (860) 289-8502

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