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April 5 th, 2014 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Hosted By: Christ Central Alachua.

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1 April 5 th, 2014 10:00 am - 1:00 pm Hosted By: Christ Central Alachua

2 What is Egg Drop Alachua? Egg Drop Alachua is an Easter egg hunt on steroids attracting thousands of people from the community. This is a fun, free, and safe event for our community. There are numerous families and children in our community, so theres a big need for fun and FREE events. Egg Drop Alachua provides a great experience full of spectacular activities that will surely make happy childhood memories to last a lifetime. This carnival type atmosphere will include games, inflatable's, food, and more. And most importantly, its topped off with an exciting egg drop from a helicopter, sure to wow the crowd, followed by the Easter egg hunt with over 10,000 eggs. eggdropalachua. com 1

3 How Can You Participate? Sponsor Specific Activities By: Complete / Partial Funding of an Area- CCA will do all the legwork, you simply fund it. We will place a sign at the area you sponsored stating your involvement. If your not interested in funding an entire area, but would like to donate a portion, CCA will be happy to advertise your involvement with Egg Drop Alachua. Operating Your Funded Area- because of the enormity of this event, we would love to have your business send a team of people to operate a particular area for the full 3 hours of the event. This is a great opportunity for you to promote your business involvement in our community. We recommend your team wear your businesses shirts that day. eggdropalachua. com 2

4 Christ Central Alachuas Responsibilities… We will: Advertise Set Up/ Tear Down Event Provide Majority of Volunteers Provide Entertainment Provide appropriate Insurance Requirements Schedule, plan, and organize the event. Provide Parking Attendants Provide Security eggdropalachua. com 3

5 Areas to Sponsor You can be a full or partial sponsor of the items listed below. $1600.00 $1500.00 $500.00 $400.00 $360.00 $180.00 $300.00 $400.00 $200.00 $500.00 Bounce Houses Helicopter Candy for Kids DJ/Entertainment/So und Restrooms Gold Egg Prizes Silver Egg Prizes Game Prizes Water Station Plastic Eggs eggdropalachua. com 4

6 Event Timeline 7:45 am - Volunteers & Vendors/Sponsors Arrive 9:45 am - Registration Begins 10:00 am - Event Opens/ Registration 11:45 am - Helicopter Drop & Signaling Start of Egg Hunt 11:45 am – 0-2 yrs Hunt *Egg Hunt time may vary due to weather. 12:05 pm - Special Needs Hunt *Egg Hunt time may vary due to weather. 12:25 pm – 3-5 yrs Hunt *Egg Hunt time may vary due to weather. 12:45 pm - 6-11 yrs Hunt *Egg Hunt time may vary due to weather. 1:00 pm - Event Ends Location of Event: 5441 Cellon Creek Blvd (West side 441- just North of Phoenix Bldg) 4 Miles from i75 / 2.4 miles from Turkey Creek Golf Course Entrance eggdropalachua. com 5

7 Application Please fill out the attached application completely and mail it, along with your sponsorship to: Christ Central Alachua PO Box 219 Alachua, FL 32616 Name: ___________________________________________ Business Name or Organization: ____________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________________City: _____________ State: _______ Zip:__________ Phone: ___________________________ Cell: ____________________________Email:__________________________________________ Site Contact Name: ____________________________________________________ Cell on Site: __________________________________ Sponsorship will be available on first come, first serve basis. Please list your preferences in order. 1. _________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________ We will be sending a team of volunteers? Yes / No If so, how many? _______________ If you have any questions call 386-418-8185 or email eggdropalachua. com 6

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