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Copying Archives Project Group Members: Mushashu Lumpa Ngoni Munyaradzi.

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1 Copying Archives Project Group Members: Mushashu Lumpa Ngoni Munyaradzi

2 What is a Digital Repository? A storage system where digital contents can be stored

3 Problem Statement Preservation and replication of content in archives is an important aspect of digital libraries Heterogeneous archives cannot be easily connected to transfer data Our client Stellenbosch University

4 Archives tools for project: LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) A digital preservation system Difficult to integrate with archives

5 Archives Tools DSpace Open source software package Provides tools for management of digital assets Commonly used as institutional repositories EPrints Free software that creates online archives Primarily used for institutional and scientific journals

6 Project Aim Aim of the project o to develop and test a common mechanism to interconnect archives with LOCKSS or with one another thereby enabling preservation, replication and migration of content. Using this common mechanism, it should be possible for an archive: o to connect into a LOCKSS network for preservation o to transfer its contents to another archive o to reload from LOCKSS when an archive fails

7 Research Questions Is it possible to use a generic package format to import/export data from various repositories? Is it possible to create an import and export interface for LOCKSS, utilising the generic package format? Is it possible to create an import and export interface for Dspace and Eprints utilising the generic package format?

8 Mushashu Lumpa Related Work and Approach

9 Interoperability Background Open Archives Initiative defines a protocol called OAI-PMH. OAI-PMH allows for metadata harvesting o Dublin Core being the standard representation of the metadata Complex metadata descriptions exists o e.g. METS, MPEG-21 DIDL, PREMIS, IMS etc

10 Related work University of Wales Aberystwyth integrated their local library content, running on DSpace with: o University of Wales Swansea: DSpace o National Library of Wales: Fedora o Electronic Theses Online Service (EThOS – EPrints o Used OAI-PMH with METS Message Queue Based Approach o Used METS to encapsulate the data transferred o Used message queues as a file stream transfer mechanism Ad-hoc one-off scripts o EPrints to Fez Fedora. University Of Queensland Library, Australia.

11 Our Approach Develop a common interchange package for LOCKSS, DSpace and EPrints Develop plug-ins to handle the export and import

12 Modes of Package Interchange Once-off batch Migration o We want to develop a system that can be applied to other archives, and not just to DSpace, LOCKSS and EPrints o This is more of a backup, restore feature Incremental Online repository updates o Automated incremental updates of archives o Lessons learnt from the use of message-queues, OA-PMH and the use of a Complex Metadata format

13 Ngoni Munyaradzi Project plan and Wrap up

14 Project Plan Work Allocation: o Ngoni Munyaradzi – development of plug-ins for the LOCKSS system o Mushashu Lumpa – development of DSpace and EPrints plug-ins Main Project Deliverables: o Export/Import plug-ins for LOCKSS, DSpace and EPrints o generic interchange package

15 Key Success Factors Dependent on whether the research questions have been answered Design of a generic interface package Implementation of incremental updates of the content Implementation of import and export plug-ins for LOCKSS, DSpace and EPrints

16 Evaluation Data migration consistency and integrity test Efficiency tests System usability tests

17 Impact of Project Contribution to the digital library community by providing a solution for interoperability and preservation Safeguard locally produced content (academic, heritage) against accidental loss

18 Questions

19 Timeline Plug-ins prototype (by 4 th June) o LOCKSS o DSpace Design and Implementation of common inter- change package (by 12 th September, 2010) Design and implementation of plug-ins (by 19 th September, 2010) System integration and testing (by 29 th September, 2010)

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