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Curating Research: problems and policy Dale Peters Scientific Technical Manager DRIVER II.

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1 Curating Research: problems and policy Dale Peters Scientific Technical Manager DRIVER II

2 Outline Background Policy issues Overview of international projects Enhanced publications

3 Background DRIVER II (WP4) Enhance DRIVER infrastructure with connection to LTP facilities Complex object model Demonstrator enhanced publications Europeana Travel (WP1) LIBER member libraries Establish current position in preservation policy and practice Investigate plans for the next year PARSE.Insight

4 Update on international projects File format services Persistent identifiers Archival concepts / repository models Metadata Preservation strategies Organisational aspects Scientific data and digital research infrastructures

5 File format services..

6 File format services

7 File format services…

8 Persistent ID

9 Archival Concepts & Repository Models OAIS Reference model SHAMAN CASPAR

10 Metadata - PREMIS Data model Relationships generalized to exhibit bi-directionality Rights Entity: The semantic units for the rights entity have been revised and expanded. Significant Properties and Preservation Level more detailed description Extensibility: A formal mechanism for extensions of seven semantic units has been introduced. METS

11 Metadata - INSPECT Structural identification of significant properties content context structure appearance behaviour Framework Methodology Analysis of file types

12 Preservation Strategies planets Preservation and Long-term Access through NETworked Services Plato automated decision tool defines: organisational requirements collection profiles evaluation and recommendations


14 KEEP : Keeping Emulation Environments Portable Emulation access platform Data transfer Software archive

15 Organisational Aspects Framework of cost estimates (Beagrie, 2008) LIFE2 DANS Alliance for Permanent Access

16 Scientific data and digital research infrastructures Data resources E-Science verification

17 DRIVER LTP Objectives Update of LTP developments Guide to European Repositories (Weenink et al., 2008) Examine the requirements of a connection between IR's and long-term archiving facilities A demonstrator for a LTP-connector Definition of an exemplary agreement between an IR and a long-term archiving facility

18 Enhanced publication An enhanced publication is a compound digital object that may consist of various heterogeneous but related web resources. Each of these web resources is an atomic entity in itself and can be used on its own, and can be referred to uniquely. The enhanced publication consists of the complete set of these atomic entities.


20 Overview of archiving process

21 Conclusions Policy issues Response to technological challenges Third party preservation services Plans for the future

22 Acknowledgements DRIVER WP 4 D4.1 Report on Enhanced Publications state- of-the-art D4.2 Report on … enhanced publications D4.3 Report technology watch D4.4 Sample datasets of enhanced publications M4.1 Demonstrators for enhanced publications M4.2 Demonstrator for long-term preservation connector

23 23 Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

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