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TIPR: Repository Exchange Package Use Cases and Best Practices Joseph Pawletko and Priscilla Caplan IS&T Archiving 2011.

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1 TIPR: Repository Exchange Package Use Cases and Best Practices Joseph Pawletko and Priscilla Caplan IS&T Archiving 2011

2 Talk Outline TIPR Background RXP Structure RXP Use Cases RXP Best Practices RXP Limitations / Possible Modifications Transfer Partner Decisions Conclusion Questions 2

3 TIPR: Background Project funded by IMLS ▫Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) ▫Cornell University Libraries ▫New York University Libraries Goal to develop and test an inter-repository packaging format ▫Developed the Repository Exchange Package (RXP) 3

4 Approaches to AIP transfer 4 R1 R4 R3 R2 Native DIP Sip HUB R1 Native DIP Sip R4 R3 R2

5 TIPR transfer 5 R1 R4 R3 R2 DIP Sip RXPRXP RXPRXP

6 RXP Structure rxp root rxp.xml rxp-digiprov.xml rxp-rep-n.xml rxp-rep-n-digiprov.xml files/ rxp.xml.sig (optional) rxp root/ base of the RXP hierarchy. rxp.xml (METS) descriptor for RXP rxp-digiprov.xml (PREMIS) provenance for RXP. rxp-rep-n.xml (METS) descriptor for sender’s representation(s). One file per representation. rxp-rep-n-digprov.xml (PREMIS) provenance for representation n. files/ contains representation files rxp root/ 6

7 RXP Use Cases Succession Disaster Recovery Software Migration Temporal Interoperability Diversification Specialized Content Processing 7

8 Succession TRAC:CC – succession planning criterion RXP used as interchange format Source Repository ▫exports AIPs as RXPs Successor Repository ▫converts RXPs into SIPs ▫ingests SIPs, updating digital provenance ▫notifies Source Repository of receipt ▫formally takes custody of content 8

9 Disaster Recovery Example: ▫Two geographically-distributed repositories (“exchange partners”) establish reciprocal storage agreement ▫Each repository  packages AIPs as RXPs  sends RXPs to exchange partner  ingests exchange partner’s RXPs  returns exchange partner AIPs as RXPs in case of disaster 9

10 Software Migration Repository exchanges RXPs with itself Example: ▫replacing repository implementation RXPs usage: ▫Old system exports AIPs as RXPs ▫New system converts RXPs to SIPs ▫New system ingests SIPs 10

11 Temporal Interoperability Repository backs up AIPs as RXPs Example: ▫repository stores AIPs on tape RXPs usage: ▫Store AIPs as RXPs ▫Can replace repository implementation ▫If new implementation can read RXPs, then can easily ingest all holdings from tape 11

12 Diversification OAIS “Producers” may request content be stored in multiple technologically-heterogeneous preservation repositories ▫reduces risk of a software bug corrupting data RXP usage: ▫Ingest SIP into primary repository to generate AIP ▫Primary repository exports AIPs as RXPs and transfers to heterogeneous secondary repositories ▫Secondary repositories process RXPs ▫Secondary repositories confirm receipt/custody ▫Primary repository confirms receipt/custody 12

13 Specialized Content Processing Some repositories may have expertise migrating files in obscure formats Client repositories may transfer RXPs containing obscure-format files to “migration repository” for processing RXP usage: ▫Client repository  exports AIPs as RXPs ▫Migration repository  processes RXP  migrates files in obscure format  updates digital provenance  generates RXP with migrated files  transfers RXP to Client Repository 13

14 Best Practices RXP recommended practices ▫Multi-representation RXPs: use ORDER attribute ▫Use explicit schema versions ▫METS: fileGrp USE=“METADATA” ▫METS: file OWNERID == PREMIS objectIdentifierValue ▫Use BagIt for RXP transfers ▫Use RXP Schematron files ▫Use identifier “alias” PREMIS events 14

15 RXP Limitations / Modifications RXP originally envisioned only as transfer format Some considering using RXP structure for AIPs Current RXP spec prohibits DMD at RXP level ▫TIPR partners considering removing this restriction 15

16 Transfer Partner Decisions Inter-repository exchange has many variables outside of RXP Specification scope ▫RXP creation options ▫RXP transfer logistics ▫Target Repository Actions upon receipt ▫Post-ingest RXP handling ▫Rights and permissions ▫Financial arrangements ▫Legal arrangements Recommend recording decisions in Inter- repository Agreement 16

17 Conclusion RXP useful in variety of preservation scenarios RXP best practices identified Repositories should agree on exchange parameters Recommend documenting agreed-upon parameters in Inter-Repository Exchange Agreement RXP specification should continue to evolve 17

18 Questions?

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