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Repositories, Learned Societies and Research Funders Stephen Pinfield University of Nottingham.

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1 Repositories, Learned Societies and Research Funders Stephen Pinfield University of Nottingham

2 Outline Repositories: What they are What they do What they dont do What they should do What they might do

3 What repositories are

4 Screen shot arxiv

5 Screen shot DSpace@MIT

6 Repositories Subject / institutional Open access / restricted access E-prints / other digital content

7 Open archives Open access –free, unrestricted, immediate availability of full content (and unrestricted re-use) Interoperable –Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI PMH)

8 OAI Protocol: key concepts End User Data Providers Service Provider Harvester

9 Publication & self-archiving Author writes paper Author submits paper to journal Editor and referees review paper Author revises paper Author submits final version Publisher copy edits and formats paper Author self-archives paper in e-print repository Paper published in journal post-print pre-print

10 What repositories do

11 Provide (open) access to content –to research community –to other stakeholders: health professionals, industry, media etc. Accelerate dissemination Store and manage content Preserve content Complement journals –provide copies of papers –provide services Act as shop window for institution/organisation Expose content/metadata for harvesting

12 OAI Service Providers What repositories plus Service Providers do Search – retrieve Value-added services

13 What repositories dont do right now

14 Repositories DONT… Provide peer review Provide journal brand Provide the article of record Replace journals Cost a lot!

15 What repositories should do

16 RCUK The June 2006 updated statement: Reaffirms the principle that publicly- funded research should be publicly available Devolves responsibility to individual research councils Initiates further consultation and research

17 Research Councils OA mandate: BBSRC, ESRC, MRC OA encouraged: CCLRC Policy to be released soon: AHRC, NERC No OA policy: EPSRC, PPARC


19 Wellcome Open access mandate Deposit in (UK)PMC Fund OA charges Publisher agreements Open licence agreements Deposit of article of record

20 What repositories might do

21 What repositories might do (1) More value-added services –search –citation analysis/metrics –plagiarism detection –text/data mining Create publishing efficiencies

22 What repositories might do (2) Deconstructing the journal –content distribution –quality control Overlay journals Quality –pre-publication screening –pre-publication peer review –post-publication metrics –post-publication dialogue

23 Role of Learned Societies? Journal publishers – new business models Data providers Service providers Quality control/measurement services Overlay journal providers


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