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ANDS Services – Release 13 21 July 2014 Joel Benn.

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2 ANDS Services – Release 13 21 July 2014 Joel Benn

3 ANDS Harvester rewrite New shorter SLUGs Theme Pages Data Source Settings page rewrite Exporting collection references ORCID Import Wizard enhancements New RDA Feedback form What's in R 13 ? 3

4 Completely rewritten in Python Simpler more robust design Provides support for additional harvest protocols other than OAI and GET Improved reporting for DSAs and Sys Admins Further enhancements to support schema agnostic harvesting Existing scheduled harvests will continue as normal. ANDS Harvester Rewrite 4

5 ANDS Harvester Rewrite Cont. 5 Harvester Harvest data Cross walk exists Crosswalk to RIFCS Save file(s) locally Tell Importer file is ready for import N Y Load file(s) Cross walk exists Import records to registry Crosswalk to RIFCS Importer Y N

6 8 new Theme pages published to Research Data Australia. Theme Pages 6

7 New Shorter SLUGs SLUG : Human readable part of a URL Old: and-m17-family-aminopeptidases and-m17-family-aminopeptidases New: Generated by removing stop words from the title then concatenating the first 3 and last 2 words. Improve Search Engine Optimisation. Existing URLs will still resolve to the correct records. URLS using “view?key= ” format still work. Registry Object ID appended to end of URL can be used to resolve record without knowing SLUG. E.g. 7

8 Existing framework contained a number of minor bugs which need to be addressed (e.g. blank grey screen and server connection bugs). Completely rewritten but functionality and interface remains mostly unchanged. New “Provide Records to Data Citation Index” option added. Data Source Settings Page Rewrite 8

9 Exporting Collection References 9 Minor enhancements to the COINs exports to fix multiple author issue and missing abstract. Export to EndNote functionality added to RDA. Exports collection references in Research Information Systems (RIS) format. EndNote chosen as preferred reference manager as it provides support for a “DataSet” Reference Type. RIS is also supported by other reference management software (e.g. Zotero & Mendeley). However these tools don’t support a “DataSet” Reference Type and the import and display of the collection references is not ideal. Custom field used within “DataSet” Reference Type to store Rights information.

10 Exporting Collection References Cont. COINS Export to Zotero 10

11 Exporting Collection References Cont. RIS Export to Zotero 11

12 ORCID Import Wizard Enhancements 12 Enhancements and tweaks to the interface with the emphasis on ensuring users review prior to importing collections to ORCID. Removed the “Import All” option. Checkboxes provided allowing users to select multiple collections for import. Mini review and import workflow implemented. Brief guidelines added to the page. “Already imported datasets” list is updated when users remove a reference from their ORCID profile. CitationMetadata added to search index.

13 New RDA Feedback Form 13 Old Contact Us form was difficult to locate and quite basic. New form is available via a highly visible tab which is shown on every page of RDA. Provides users with a series of predefined request types to select from. Linked directly to Jira. New visible form will hopefully encourage RDA user engagement.

14 More Informaiton 14

15 Please visit our Webinar series and other media publications resource page 15

16 ANDS YouTube - 16

17 ANDS is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) and the Super Science Initiative. All ANDS media recordings are released under a CC BY license with the exception of the coat of arms and logos.

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