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The New TSeries & Cash Flow Management Salmon Software October 2012.

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1 The New TSeries & Cash Flow Management Salmon Software October 2012

2 Salmon Software – The Modules Salmon Software October 2012

3 TSilver The User Cockpit TSilver - 1 user and 2 users level packages including: Account statement upload and reconciliation Cash Management – Forecasting, Planning & Actual Cash Flow adjustments & transfers File Import – Bank Statements, Account system info, etc. Including 15 days implementation

4 TSeries Functionality across all levels Automated File Import MT940 Import file MT940 Import Mapping made easy

5 Cash Flow Management

6 TGold - 2 user and 5 users level packages including: All the TSilver functionality Dealing: Trader Pad, 4x selected Instrument Types. Cash Pooling, What-if Scratch Pad and Counterparty Limit Monitoring. Including 20 days implementation TGold Forecast - Actual - Budget Views of the planned Cash Flow "Cash Flow Worksheet"

7 TDiamond - 2 user and 5 users level packages including: All the TGold functionality Dealing, including a total of 8x selected Instrument Types. Intercompany trading & Position Keeping Risk: Mark-to-Market, Exposure & VaR eMail reporting and alert escalation workflows Including 35 days implementation TDiamond Exposure & Risk See your current position (Mark to Market) Review your trading & positions FX, MM, IC….

8 TPlatinum Graphics at a Click TPlatinum- 5 user and 10 users level packages including: All the TDiamond functionality eTrading integration (360T) Unlimited Instrument types Payment Processing workflows and integration Extended user coverage. Including 45 days implementation.

9 ‘Salmon is a cost effective, comprehensive Assistant Treasurer, primarily focused on simplicity and user friendliness. If it can be done automatically, it does it. For the rest of a Treasurers working day it offers a pleasant environment and a range of functionality allowing you clear relief and support during your working day.’ Michal Benes Head of Treasury Advisory Grant Thornton s.r.o. Prague TSilver - TGold – TDiamond - TPlatinum TSeries ‘The Cloud Solution’

10 Functional Enhancements: User Configuration – Cockpit Overview Dealing – MM role over Risk Management Mark-to-Market reporting FX Exposure – Advanced Reporting Cash Management TSeries - Release 4.0

11 Please Visit our Stand here at SAF for More Information! Salmon Software October 2012

12 Reference’s

13 30 Years of Knowledge – Founded in 1985 Founded in1985 in Dublin Ireland, Salmon Software Limited Independent company and has over 25 years specialist experience in Treasury knowledge. Built on Microsoft to take advantage of the continued evolution of technology. Heavily focused on development and customer feedback. Functionally rich for ‘future proof’ treasury operational growth. Simple and effective user interface for logical system navigation. ‘Treasury kept simple’. Large reporting library and simple report adjustment tools. Salmon Software's Goal: Support our clients in their improvement of Working Capital Management and Cash Flow through a scalable solution that works across all levels of Treasury Management. The Company

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