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4/14/2015Fractal Technologies Confidential Fractal Technologies Validation Software & Services.

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1 4/14/2015Fractal Technologies Confidential Fractal Technologies Validation Software & Services

2 The Company Fractal Technologies is a privately held company with offices in San Carlos, California and Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and with distributors in Asia-PAC The company was founded by a small group of highly recognized EDA professionals focussed on Design Flow Quality and Customer Satisfaction Fractal Technologies has a World Wide Customers base covering North America, Europe and Asia-PAC 4/14/2015Quality in Design Formats2

3 The Scope The scope of Fractal Technologies is to enable Design Flow QA and globally improve your productivity by checking concistency and validating all different dataformats used in your design and subsequently improve the Quality of your Standard Cell Libraries, IO’s and IP’s 4/14/2015Quality in Design Formats3

4 4/14/2015Quality in Design Formats4 Software Deployment Crossfire TM Fractal Technologies is delivering Crossfire TM to its customers, supporting them in their set up and day-to-day usage effort Crossfire TM standard includes 100+ checks making it the most comprehensive solution on the market while offering the fastest TAT Crossfire TM set-up is automated, allowing you to jump-start your validation project Crossfire TM tool suite offers extremely user-friendly cross format viewing and debugging capabilities Our API enables the integration of existing internal test/check and the addition of extra test/check in an easy way Fractal Technologies also offers it services t build new and customized test/check on top of the Crossfire TM API

5 QATest TM Fractal Technologies released QATest TM in Q4 2010 QATest TM is the ideal platform to organize and monitor your Quality Assurance activities, allowing the users to define and implement Unit Test and Non-Regression Test (NRT) for all your existing or upcoming flows, developments and processes QATest TM will allow you to consolidate and structure your QA Testing environment in a comprehensive and stable way, encapsulating all your existing test and review mechanisms as well as allowing you to easily set up new ones The User-Friendliness approach of QATest TM will improve your QA Testing productivity, scalability and robustness 4/14/2015Quality in Design Formats5

6 4/14/2015Quality in Design Formats6 Services Library/IP Validation report Fractal Technologies will perform all the validation needed to insure a robust Library/IP and will provide a report of the results Library Checks Example: Report #1 Example: Report #2 Typical Library Errors

7 4/14/2015Quality in Design Formats7 Consulting Library/IP Design Flow checks consolidation and extension Fractal Technologies will deliver any type of scripts/code that its customers need to consolidate or extend their actual Design Flow checks. Examples: Analyzing characterization data in liberty files. Visualizing data in liberty files Perform customer specific layout checks. E.g. Positions of pins. PDK checks …

8 Conclusion Fractal Technologies is your partner to check your Design Flow consistency and validate all its different data formats, improving the Quality of your Standard Cell Libraries, IO’s and IP’s and enabling your Time-to- Market Fractal Technologies’ Software offering delivers a clear ROI induced by a low Cost of Ownership and by an extendable and comprehensive technology Fractal Technologies’ Services and Consulting is backed by seasoned professionals with a deep knowledge in Validation and Design Flow QA 4/14/2015Quality in Design Formats8

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