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Config Module and Custom Import Process 2013-2014 School Year.

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1 Config Module and Custom Import Process 2013-2014 School Year

2  What is the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP)? ◦  Purpose of the IT training for PYFP funded schools: Configuration module and import process.  What is covered in the training? ◦ Individual configuration settings ◦ Custom import process ◦ Who to contact for information  Training documents and webinar recording to be located on the PYFP site.

3  The PYFP was announced Sept 2012. Emphasis on health-related fitness vs athletic performance on fitness testing. The three pillars are: ◦ Assessment: Fitnessgram ◦ Professional development via AAHPERD ◦ New recognition system based on health, not athletic performance  What each funding school received (3 years): ◦ Assessment: FG software site license; web hosting; technical support ◦ PD training ◦ Awards for approx 50% of student enrollment

4  FITNESSGRAM® is a web-based application that will capture the fitness scores of students.  For all PYFP funding schools/districts, the software is hosted by The Cooper Institute, creators of FITNESSGRAM®.  Because of the time burden for PE teachers to manually enter all their students, we are strongly urging IT to import the data relationships for teachers/classes/students into FITNESSGRAM®.  We thank all system IT for their assistance to schools receiving funding!

5  URL—  Each District will have their own URL. This has been provided to the IT Contacts via email.  If you did not receive this email from Cooper Institute, then contact:   Include your name, your school, and that you are PYFP.  Email included links on the Config module and Custom import process.  The FITNESSGRAM® program is accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection.  Keep in mind this is a public web site. Use caution when importing your teacher/class/student file outside of the district.

6  There are web browser requirements for FITNESSGRAM®. Please make sure your school or home computer meets these requirements so that you can import into FITNESSGRAM®.  Internet Explorer 7-9  Firefox 3  Fitnessgram software does not support Safari nor Google Chrome  Remember, you can access FITNESSGRAM® anywhere there is an Internet connection. We recommend that you have a secure, stable, and fast connection.

7 The Cooper Institute has already set up your District name and School(s) that received funding.  Logins have been created and shared with the IT contact on file.  Email settings for the student and parent reports have already been entered. The full PYFP Configuration Manager document is available online: /FG10_Configuration_Manager_PYFP.pdf

8 There are required and optional settings within the Configuration Manager. Some have already been set by The Cooper Institute. Some are managed locally by District Admin accounts. Note: The required settings have already been set for you by Cooper Institute.

9 The following Optional settings are already configured and should not be edited or it will affect performance of your software installation.  E-Mail  Scheduler  Single Signon (Not Available)

10  This training document is only for the custom import process for teachers/classes/students into the FITNESSGRAM® software.  The import process should only be done by district IT staff.  The import file used in this process should address all schools in the PYFP install for your district. Note: more than one of your schools may have received funding.

11  In FITNESSGRAM® you will import information to create the necessary data relationships of teacher, class, and student. These data relationships must be established before you can use any features in the program, such as creating FITNESSGRAM® test events, entering scores, and generating reports.  You will first need to create your custom import file based on the import template.

12  File must be in true CSV file format.  Remove header row before the import process.  Fields coded in brown color are optional and may be left blank.  Fields coded in green color are required and must be filled in.  Keep all columns as they are in the file template. Do not delete or move a column.  Field constraints are noted.

13  Login information is defined as a User Name and a Password. You will need both to access FITNESSGRAM®.  To obtain IT login for the import process: ◦ Your user name and password have already been emailed to you from The Cooper Institute. ◦ Forgotten your user name and password? Contact: ◦ Include your name, your school, and you are PYFP.  Also, safeguard your login—user name and password. Do not give your login to anyone.

14 At the FG login screen, do the following: 1.Select your state 2.Select your district 3.Select your school 4.Enter your User Name and Password 5.Click the Log In Now button

15 This is the main screen of FG. 1.Your name should be at top left with your school and permission level. IT will have ‘District Admin’ as the security level. 2.Click on the Utilities icon at left. Light green area is dynamic for messages to teachers. Utilities

16 Click on the Custom Import button.

17 Select the type of import you would like to process.  Real Time processing happens immediately using all resources.  Scheduled processing uses the resources that are free to prevent any large imports from conflicting with other processes.

18 Select the type of import you would like to create. We highly recommend creating a combined import file for Custom-- Student, Teacher, Class data all in one file. This will create your PE Teachers, create their Classes, and add Students to their Classes.

19 Select the Match option: ID number

20 This import makes it possible to import 45 fields of student, teacher, and class related data: Note: By creating your file to match the import template provided, you will not have to reorder or remove fields for Step 4. NOTE: Please create your custom import file based on the import template. By doing so you will not have to make any selections in Step 4. Skip to next step.

21 Click the Browse button to navigate to the filepath where your Fitnessgram 9 import file is located. Issue of duplicate IDs is covered in the next slide.

22  Click the Allow Duplicate IDs checkbox if you have students that will be imported into more than one PE class.  If your students’ are only in one PE class in your import file you may want to leave the Duplicate ID box unchecked so the import process will find duplicates and report the errors to you.  IT staff may want to check to see if the possibility exists for students to be in more than one physical education class for the import file in order to choose accordingly.

23 Click the Upload button to begin the import.

24 The import file is submitted. Depending on the Import process selected, it either starts the process or adds the import file to a queue and schedules it for importing. If you used the Scheduled option, then your file will be processed in order of submission. Once your file is processed you will see your rosters and can verify if your import was successful.

25 After submitting your import file, you can come back to the Import Log to see the status of the import and if there were any errors reported from the import process.

26 Status Explanation Submitted – The import file was received and is in line for processing as soon as possible. Shows Percentage – Is currently processing and the percentage will increase until completed. Finished – Has completed and you can view your rosters or error log file.

27  Once you have imported your file, please check to make sure everything is as expected for teachers/classes/students: ◦ Click on the My Classes icon ◦ Select a teacher ◦ View the classes listed for that teacher ◦ View the student rosters for that class  If teachers/classes/students are not as expected: Please review your import file.  Contact Human Kinetics tech support ( if there are problems importing your data. Please indicate that you are a PYFP school or district as well as the district/school name in your email.

28  We are asking that PYFP schools/districts complete their imports as soon as possible so that teachers can enter FG scores for students.  A reasonable timeline would be to complete your import by October 15, 2013.  Physical educators involved in PYFP have tasks to do to fulfill their obligations for the funding opportunity.

29  Please use this PPT or the webinar recording to see if your question is answered before contacting Human Kinetics or the PYFP.  IT staff with questions on the FITNESSGRAM® import process should contact Human Kinetics technical support: ◦ ◦ 800-747-4457, option 2  For information on the PYFP, please visit:

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