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PowerSchool and Course Selections The Parent Experience

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1 PowerSchool and Course Selections The Parent Experience
Making Online Course Selections for the Next School Year

2 Access to Parent Portal
Computer with internet access (Google Chrome and Firefox are preferred browsers) Smart Phone (Web Access – No Application Available) Tablet or iPad (Web Access – No Application Available) Website address for Portal:

3 Steps for completing course requests
Parents must login to PowerSchool Parent Portal and create an account. Parents will not have access until the parent window, which is February Starting the 18th, you will no longer have access. Website address for Portal: The following information will be required in order to complete your account creation: You must have a valid address for setup You will be required to setup a password Child’s name (First Name, Last Name) Student ID, which is Access ID in PowerSchool (If you do not have your child’s student id, please look at any personal documents from the school that may contain that information or you will need to visit your child’s school to obtain that information) Student DOB, which is Access Password in PowerSchool (Format - YYYYMMDD)

4 Sample account creation
First step is to Create an Account Click once on the “Create Account” button. This will activate the setup screen.

5 Create parent account Second step is to complete the account setup process Must enter the following information in the top half of the screen: Parent first name Parent last name address Desired username Password and re-entry Must follow guidelines for creating a password. Example: M%d0g1987

6 Link students to account
Third step is to complete the “Link Students to Account” process Must enter the following information for all rising 6-12 students: Student name (first name last name) Access ID, which is the Student ID Access Password, which is the student’s DOB (Format - yyyymmdd) Select your relationship with the student from the dropdown list Click once on the Enter button. Note: If you have more than one student, you must enter all rising 6-12 students at this time.

7 Successful Setup! You know you have successfully setup your parent account when you receive the following screen.

8 Login to parent portal Enter the user id and password that you created during setup to access your student’s screen.

9 Class Registration Click on the Class Registration Icon located on the left. This will reveal the student screen and provide access to make course selections for the next school year.

10 More than one student If you have more than one student that you must complete course selections for the next year school year, the student names will be located at the top left of the screen. Simply click on the student you wish to work with and the screen will refresh.

11 How to make Course selections
The course selection screen contains all possible options for next year scheduling to include the core courses (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Reading) as well as elective courses. When selecting core courses, teachers have made the appropriate recommendation based on specific criteria. (Some elective courses will be the same) Click once on the pencil to make a selection for each area.

12 Making selections continued
When you click on the pencil, the possible selections appear. As a reminder, core courses require a teacher recommendation in order for you to be able to make that selection. (Some elective courses will be the same) You must click once on the “Okay” button for each request.

13 Important Notes At the high school level, elective screens can be lengthy with possibly three to four pages to scroll through in order to review all possible options. Please be sure to take the time to review all pages. Some schools are requesting that parents and students select alternate courses in the event your original selection could not be filled. Please watch for these selections. Please note that during the parent window if you make a selection and you require a change, simply log in and make that change by unchecking the original selection and then checking the new selection. Keep in mind the parent window is February 12th through the 17th.

14 Completing recommendations
Please carefully review any messages on each screen. Don’t forget to click once on the “OK” button once you have completed a selection. Once you are done making all selections, click once on the “Submit” button.

15 View Requests Once you have submitted your selections, you can view the requests that were created for next year scheduling by clicking on the “View Requests” link. These can be printed by clicking on the “Print” icon located at the top right hand section of the window.

16 Reminders: Parent work window is February 12 – 17.
Create a parent account . Log in to the parent portal. Make course selections for core courses. Make elective selections. In some schools, make alternate selections.

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