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Is Proud To Present The 2 nd Annual Franchising for Professional Athletes Seminar March 6 th thru 8 th 2009.

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1 Is Proud To Present The 2 nd Annual Franchising for Professional Athletes Seminar March 6 th thru 8 th 2009

2 Iron Mountain Sports arranges and conducts seminars, lectures and workshops for the purpose of facilitating awareness of business opportunities in all industries. A successful franchise system requires each franchisee to be a team player within the system rather than a lone entrepreneur. Professional athletes are a natural fit for the franchising system because they spend their careers working hard within a team atmosphere.

3 Since most professional athletes retire between the ages of 30-35, Franchising provides the opportunity to make a smooth transition to this second stage of life. Every year, more and more athletes have discovered that franchising offers the same benefits and rewards that they received during their professional sports careers. We will invite both active and retired, qualified professional athletes, who are interested in franchising to this three day event. A limited number of sponsors will be given the opportunity to have round table discussions with the high net worth attendees. With a median annual salary of $770,000 professional athletes are the qualified potential franchisees that most franchises covet.

4 The agenda of this seminar is designed to achieve maximum return on investment. Some of the benefits include: No noisy show room floors One on one contact with professional athletes All attendees are qualified prospects An agenda designed to maximize rapport with prospects A much higher close rate than trade shows with a much lower cost Sponsors will have a designated space for athletes to fill out direct response cards, receive corporate literature and ask questions of franchise sponsors during the networking breaks. Franchising and professional athletes are a natural fit. We look forward to having you as a sponsor at the 2009 Franchising for Professional Athletes Seminar.

5 No easy answers NFL retirement system not as bad, or good, as argued Posted: Tuesday September 18, 2007 5:10PM; Updated: Wednesday September 19, 2007 5:28PM Excerpt Written by Michael McCann, who is a law professor at Mississippi College School of Law. He specializes in sports law.Michael McCann For a number of reasons, many NFL players will eventually, and sometimes unexpectedly, rely on their pensions for sustenance. The most salient reason may be the often difficult transition from well-paid NFL player to less-profitable and less-glamorous "ex" or "retired" NFL player. Indeed, the average NFL career lasts only three and a half seasons, usually occurring between ages 21 to 25, and most players earn less than the average NFL salary, about $1.1 million. Players need to play at least three seasons in the NFL to satisfy the pension's vesting requirement, and age 55 serves as the NFL's designated retirement age (although players can tap in earlier at reduced payments). While ex-NFL players can always seek employment in other professional football leagues, such as the Canadian Football League or the Arena Football League, salaries for players in those leagues usually pale in comparison to NFL salaries. Thus, for most NFL players, when their NFL career ends, so too does their professional football career. So instead of continuing a professional football career, many ex-NFL players gravitate toward positions in coaching, scouting, finance, sales or real estate, all of which can offer a good wage by most standards, but typically not by NFL standards. Other ex-NFL players lack the education, skills, or life experience to obtain continuous employment outside of football. In short, life in the NFL may be good, but it's usually very short, and the vast majority of ex-NFL players are headed for lives more akin to those of their fans than of their star teammates.

6 Cntd….. Of course, if you polled the average NFL player before his NFL career began and asked him how long his career would last, you would likely obtain a much higher number than three and a half seasons. And therein rests the ubiquitous threat of "optimism bias" to NFL players and their spending habits. Psychologists describe optimism bias as the tendency of individuals to assume that general risks do not apply with equal force to themselves and that, on average, good things are more likely, and bad things are less likely, to happen to them. Optimism bias has been evidenced in a wide-variety of decision-making contexts, most famously with smokers, who tend to regard smoking as significantly less risky for themselves than for other smokers. Assuming NFL rookies share in the optimism, they likely feel good -- and, on average, too good -- about the probable length and success of their NFL careers. Perhaps that begins to explain the extravagant lifestyles that many players enjoy. Their minds are primed to view their careers' hour glass as half-full, or even three-quarters full. While we know they might regret buying that Lamborghini or second home, we also enjoy the benefit of a distanced perspective. Nevertheless, a player's agent can play an influential role in curbing his client's spending, particularly in introducing the player to a financial adviser, negotiating endorsement opportunities, and encouraging him to seriously contemplate his post-playing career. The player, however, ultimately remains in charge of his account. The likely presence of optimism bias among NFL players thus supplies another compelling rationale for deferring some of a player's income to a future time.

7  Roundtables with attendees  Networking opportunities during the retreat  Corporate materials incorporated in seminar materials given to players at beginning of seminar  Cost - $6,000 Sponsor a Private Cocktail Reception Friday March 6 at 5 pm - $10,000 Sponsor a Private Cocktail Reception Saturday March 7 at 5 pm - $10,000

8  Personal interaction with a diverse audience of wealthy athletes  Opportunity to display corporate literature at designated areas  Opportunity to make formal presentations to exclusive group of high net worth attendees  Opportunity to create brand awareness among highly publicized individuals

9 Friday March 6 2009 Franchise Show 1:00 – 5:00 pm 1:00-2:30 – Roundtables 2:30-3:00 – Networking Break 3:00-4:30 – Roundtables 4:30-5:00 – Networking Break 5:00 Invite Only Cocktail Reception Saturday March 7 2009 Franchise Show 1:00 – 5:00 pm 1:00-2:30 – Roundtables 2:30-3:00 – Networking Break 3:00-4:30 – Roundtables 4:30-5:00 – Networking Break 5:00 Invite Only Cocktail Reception

10 Golden Corral Chick Fil A Planet Beach USA Insulation Grease Monkey Garduno's Lenny's Subs CSA Prep Stars Fantastic Sams Smoothie King Choice Hotels Five Star Painting Nick N Willy's Pizza Focus Brands Tasti D Lite Snap Fitness Gold'sGym McAlister's Deli Sylvan Marco's Pizza Hollywood Tan Beverage Plus Pet Butler The Wine Loft Goo Goo Car Wash Bad Ass Coffee Zizzos Coffee Interstate Battery Rent N Roll Boston Pizza VIP Wine Club

11 Eric Eisenberg President Iron Mountain Sports O. 636.294.5353 C. 314.477.4243 F. 636.294.5354 Richard Westermayer Marketing Director Iron Mountain Sports O. 636.294.4608 C. 314.265.5872 F. 636.294.5354 Send Franchise Brochures to: Iron Mountain Sports c/o Marketing Director 34 Homefield Trace Ct O'Fallon MO 63366 Iron Mountain Sports & Franchise Athletes

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