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Sports Marketing Profile

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1 Sports Marketing Profile
Section 3.1 and 3.2

2 Sports Marketing – all the marketing activities designed to satisfy the needs and wants of sports consumers. Sports marketing might focus on the sport of football, baseball, or hockey, as well as all the other activities that revolve around a sporting event, such as event planning, promotion, financing, and sponsorship. Sports Marketing

3 Page 54. History

4 Categories of Sports Amateur Sports
Amateur Athlete – a person who does not get paid to play a sport. High School College Youth leagues Senior Leagues Club AAU Boys and Girls Club YMCA Categories of Sports

5 National Collegiate Athletic Association is a national organization that governs college athletics and oversees important decisions pertaining to athletics. Ranked by Divisions – I/II/III which is based on student population, financial stability, and player ability. Higher divisions draw more spectators. NCAA

6 The most heavily marketing sporting event is the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament, known as March Madness, where one loss by a team means elimination from the tournament. During this event, marketing efforts by competing schools are intense. Each school uses this time to get its name known and to attract potential markets. Potential markets can be the athletic fans wanting to buy school-brand apparel, or they can be prospective students interested in attending the school. NCAA

7 Professional Athlete – an athlete who has the will and ability to earn an income from a particular sport. A professional athlete’s income is paid by his or her employer, who is the team or organization. However, the professional athlete’s employer may depend on major corporations to pay the athlete’s salary, as in the case of professional race car drivers. Endorsements Professional Sports

8 Olympics Paralympics Other Sports

9 Are sports that involve nontraditional, daring methods of athletic competition.
Skateboarders Rollerbladers Stunt Bikers Snowboarders Surfing The X Games Extreme Sports

10 The NCAA regulates college teams and athletes
The NCAA regulates college teams and athletes. View it’s website to do the following exercises: Write down 5 rules for college athletes. Find out when the NCAA began and WHY. What is the NCAA Clearinghouse? Assignment

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