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Teaching Staff:  Miss Rebecca Dawson  Mrs Rachael Mitchell will cover PPA on Thursday mornings. Support:  Miss Jodie Hunt (every morning)  Mr Martin.

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2 Teaching Staff:  Miss Rebecca Dawson  Mrs Rachael Mitchell will cover PPA on Thursday mornings. Support:  Miss Jodie Hunt (every morning)  Mr Martin Seal (Monday morning and Tuesdays)

3  Curriculum  Home school diaries  Homework and home support  Equipment  Internet safety  Rewards  Residential trip  Collection of children

4  Our new curriculum will incorporate the most successful elements of our existing curriculum with the innovation and creativity of the new Cornerstones curriculum materials whilst also ensuring full coverage of the new National Curriculum.  Curriculum themes and projects have been chosen to promote pupil choice, high levels of engagement, enjoyment of learning and challenge for all pupils. An emphasis on the development of life-long learners with the school’s key values and the building of learning power will underpin all teaching and learning.  Outdoor learning and the development of cultural diversity should be evident throughout studies in all year groups.


6 ProjectsEnglish Stargazers Mnemonics Myths and Legends Free Verse Poetry Newspaper reports Science Fiction/Graphic Narrative Time Traveller Character studies Narrative – Adventure Leaflets Free Verse poetry Quotations and poetry Off with her head Biographies Poetry and Riddles Newspaper reports Persuasive leaflets Dialogue Pharaohs Chronological reports Fact files Research skills Mystery Stories Playscripts Scream MachinePoetry Short Narrative with dialogue Signage and emails Adverts Non- fiction books

7 In the new maths curriculum there are statutory requirements in the following areas: Number – number and place value Number – addition and subtraction Number – multiplication and division Number – fractions (including decimals) Measurement Geometry – properties of shapes Geometry – position and direction Statistics

8  On Tuesday 30 th September from 6:30 pm – 7:30pm approximately, you are warmly invited to attend a Maths workshop led by Miss Dawson. This is an adapted repeat of the Impact maths workshop that was held last year. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to be introduced to the new mathematical methods and strategies incorporated within the new curriculum.  We would actively encourage you to attend, so that you can work alongside your child and make a real difference to your child’s level of mathematical understanding.

9 There are lots of ways that you can help your child with Maths at home:  Encourage them to use My Maths  Encourage them to go onto the school website and have a go at some of the Maths games in the Funzone section and on our Year 5 learning page.  Help them to learn their times tables. (Times Table Tuesday!)  Help them to tell the time (both digital and analogue)  Give them opportunities to handle money  Encourage them to read measuring scales, timetables etc  Let them explain methods when completing their homework

10 We will set weekly Maths homework on MyMaths for this half term. Login at the top of the with the school's login details (Login: cheswick / Password: see your teacher) On the next page your child can enter their private login (which they have written in their home/school diary) in the pink 'My Portal' box. When your child has been set a task you will see the links to the tasks appear under MyTasks. When they have completed both pages of the Online Homework the scores will be saved to the database and the class teacher will then be able to view it. You can see all your results by clicking MyResults.

11 MyMaths is fantastic for viewing your child’s progress and for your child to see how well they have done. If a green light appears next to a topic, they have good skills in this area. If an amber light appears they still have difficulties. We recommend that they come and speak to us if they are struggling or try the lesson again before redoing the online homework. If a red light appears they need to go back and relearn the topic. Try the Lesson again and we will automatically speak to them to give them extra help. MyMaths can also be used for extra home study. You can find tasks and lessons using the Library.

12  These diaries are designed to encourage strong home/school communication. We will use these to send home reminders and record any additional homework, other than the set homework.  Please use these to record home reading, and to get a message to a member of staff. However, you will need to remind the children to show us their diary if there is a message in it, as these diaries will not be looked at every day.

13  At the front of the diaries are some important forms that need to be read and signed as soon as possible please. There is also Cheswick Green’s Home/School Agreement which outlines the important role that we each play, in ensuring that your child’s time at school is happy and successful. We would appreciate you reading and signing this agreement with your child.  Please sign the diaries on a weekly basis to acknowledge that you have seen any messages or homework set.

14 Each week the children will have the following homework:  Home Reading (at least 4x a week)  Spellings (tested and set on a Wednesday )  One piece of Maths and another of Literacy (set on a Monday, to be handed in the following Monday )

15 Each week, in school the children will have the following:  A guided reading session with an adult.  Opportunities to read individually, and for pleasure.  A visit to the school library. At home we would like the children to:  Read at least 4 times a week and record the name of book and pages read in their home/school diary along with a single sentence comment. This can be a book from the school library or their own book from home. These are checked every Monday morning and children will be awarded with a sticker on the class sticker chart.  Please can a parent/guardian sign and date the diary for each Monday.

16 The children will continue to learn spelling patterns and rules. Each week they will bring home some spellings linked to the learning that has taken place in school. They will also be given words which do not follow any spelling patterns to learn.

17  We will actively encourage the children to complete homework set, and would value your support in this endeavour. A piece of homework should take no longer than about 30 minutes.  If homework has not been completed, we will record this in the home school diaries to ensure you are fully aware.  If homework becomes a particular issue or concern to you, please come and talk to us about it at your earliest convenience.

18  On a Monday the children will be learning to play the guitar. The guitars will be provided by The Solihull Music Service.  The children will be able to take their musical instrument home, once a consent and insurance agreement has been signed by yourselves.

19 The children will have the following equipment provided by school that they must bring to school everyday:  Home/school diary  Home spelling book  Homework book (to bring in on Mondays only) It would be really useful if they had the following equipment:  Small pencil case with a pencil, rubber, sharpener and a small selection of pencil crayons.  Plastic water bottle, freshly refilled each day.  A piece of fruit for snack  Outdoor clothing - waterproofs

20  The children will need to have their PE kit in school on PE days (Tuesday and Thursday), although we recommend it coming in every day in case of timetable changes.  Girls will need to tie long hair back and remove their earrings for PE lessons (or bring some tape to cover them over.)  All uniform, including PE kit items, need to be named clearly.

21  Last year we introduced a highly successful Fit 4 Schools programme throughout the school which we will be continuing this year :  The FIT stands for FUN INDIVIDUALISED TRAINING. Trained coaches come into school four times per academic year to activity test all children. Each child’s scores are recorded in the FIT 4 SCHOOLS database and a FUN INDIVIDUALISED TRAINING programme is created for each child. Two reports are sent into school so the School can monitor every child’s performance.  Each child receives a FIT 4 SCHOOLS folder for them to keep their record and programme sheets in. Opportunities for children to complete their exercises, are embedded into the school week. After every activity test the children receive a new programme card with new challenging exercises so their fitness levels continue to improve.  You as parents can make a huge difference too by encouraging your child to complete their exercises at home. In order for you to learn more about this programme, you are warmly invited to a parent workshop which we will be holding on Thursday 25 th September at 7:00pm.

22  We have a brand new website which will be evolving over the coming year.  On year group pages, each class has their own Blog which will give you a real insight into what we are getting up to at school. We would encourage children to add to this blog at home by visiting our school website.  Each class also has a homework page, which will give an overview of the expectations for the year. We also be setting homework from this page in the coming weeks.

23 The internet has changed all of our lives, particularly our children’s. For parents and carers this opens up a whole new world of things to be aware of. For many of us, this can all be a bit too much. You might be struggling to keep up with the things your child is doing online, you might wonder whether what they are doing is safe. Some example case studies have shown children to be exposed to:  Cyberbullying  Grooming  Inappropriate websites  Losing control over pictures or videos  Viruses or hacking bullying/ n-Starters/Go-to-the-movies/Jigsaw/

24 Talk to your child about what they're doing online Know what connects to the Internet mobile phones, game consoles, iPads, Tv. Make sure children know name of your wifi so they're not connecting to a neighbours wifi with different settings Keep devices which connect to the Internet in a family space Know the age appropriateness of the games your children are playing (especially when they can connect to a camera or headset) Set up parental controls on devices which link to the Internet Grow as your child grows with the Internet Let them know that the Internet is an amazing place to explore and learn as long as they know how to use it properly

25 We want the children to have a happy and successful year, and so there are lots of ways in which we will encourage good behaviour, effort and achievement: Positive verbal and written feedback Year 5 House Points Stickers Star of the week Raffle tickets Behaviour zones with the opportunity to earn golden time and special diamond class privileges.

26 In the Summer term during the WB 18 th May, we are proposing to take the children on a five day residential to Condover Hall, which is an activity centre in Shropshire. It is has proved to be a highly successful trip at Cheswick Green, and the children always have a fantastic time. Further details will follow.

27 If your child is being collected by someone other than a parent, please notify us in the home school diary. If you are giving permission for your child to walk home from school on their own, we will need written permission for this.

28 Your child will reap the benefits if we work in partnership. Therefore, if we have an issue or concern during the year, we will endeavour to talk to you about it as soon as possible. We would strongly encourage you to do the same. There are lots of ways to contact us:  Speak to us before or after school to arrange an appointment.  Write a note in your child’s home/school diary, or arrange an appointment with us though the school office.

29  During the year there may be times when your help in school would be greatly appreciated.  Please add your name to our list of volunteers if you are happy for us to call upon your services! It is a great way for you to get a real feel for the life of the school (and its always a big help to us).

30  We look forward to working alongside you this year.  Thank you for attending this information evening – we value your support.

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