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Year 5 Parent Meeting 2014 - 15. RM.

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1 Year 5 Parent Meeting RM

2 Background and introduction
Why have this meeting now? A little bit about year 5. How can parents and teachers work together to maximise children’s achievement? Support pack

3 Foundation blocks to Year 6
Hard work in Year 5 leads to a solid foundation in Year 6. English and Maths in Year 5 cover the same objectives and teach the same skills as in Year 6. Therefore if children can secure English and Maths knowledge and skills in year 5, they have their foundation to build on in Year 6. LESS GAPS TO FILL!

4 Year 5 Expectations Frequently asked…Where should my child be At the end of Year 5 most children should achieve a level 3a/4c in Reading Writing and Mathematics. Some children will achieve a level 4/5 which is above average for their age Some children will achieve lower than a high 3 which is below average for their age – but reaching Level 3c for some children will in itself be a fantastic achievement.

5 Homework Routines Children will be given the following homework.
One piece of Maths and English homework per week. This could be written or digital. Spellings for test each week. One topic project to be competed each half term. Regular reading

6 Purple Mash and Education City AND
Purple Mash and Education City AND...I’M SURE YOU’VE HEARD ABOUT OUR NEW GOOGLE CHROMEBOOKS! Internet based learning platforms Children were given login details for both platforms Quick links to these areas on children’s Google Accounts All children now have a school Google Account and .

7 One - to - One support Some children will receive one-to-one support if we feel that it will help them achieve their learning goals Not exclusive to children who are working at a lower level. Support to improve – always a step/level above.

8 Monday 11th May to Friday 15th May
SATS Dates 2015 Monday 11th May to Friday 15th May

9 Year 5 optional SATs Maths 3 Tests Non Calculator Calculator Mental
School policy/preparation/grouping Maths 3 Tests Non Calculator Calculator Mental English 2 Tests Reading Comprehension Written Paper

10 Writing Writing is now assessed through teacher assessment collected throughout the year. Essential that children are producing their best work consistently. No longer a case of producing the best on the day of the SAT! Introduction of SPAG

11 How can you help your child?
Talk to them about their work in school and any homework, if they are stuck try to get them to explain what they are trying to do – talking it through often shows a way forward. Help them / encourage them to complete homework tasks Work conducive environment. Make sure there is somewhere for them to work comfortably at table or desk – some like to have music while they complete homework – not T.V. Children need to have time to be children as well!! Good Work – Play Balance for a positive learning environment.

12 iPads/tablets/PCs: downloadable books, dictionary apps…
Buying revision books CGP key Stage 2 Yr.5 Buying them a dictionary, encouraging them to use it to look up words they don’t know are not sure about in their reading. iPads/tablets/PCs: downloadable books, dictionary apps… Use the BBCbitesize KS2 website Encouragement… do your best Encouraging clear neat handwriting Hearing your child read at least once a week and talking with them about what they have read, what might happen next, if they like it…

13 Reading Record Books Each child throughout the school has been provided with a Reading Record Book Children should be reading for at least 10 minutes per night when possible The records contain space for recording information about the book a child is reading, and a comments box for both parents and children to provide feedback. Parents should sign and date on occasions they hear children read. The reading records also contain Curriculum Spelling Lists and grammar, punctuation and sentence structure guidance. These are found in the centre pages – great revision tool for all aspects of English. – contains 250 free e-books for parents and children to access at home.

14 Get involved with our guided reading sessions!!!
A new initiative for St Josephs One morning per week we would like to give you the opportunity to take part in your children’s guided reading in school You will be receiving a letter shortly detailing the morning and commence date! Great opportunity for parents to gain an insight into how guided reading is delivered in schools and to be part of your children’s school learning environment! Most importantly it should deepen your child’s love of reading...

15 Punctuality and Uniform
It is very important that children arrive on time for the beginning of the day. Every minute of class time is a learning opportunity! Any children arriving post 8:55, unless permitted, will be marked down as late on their record. Preparation for high school…preparation for the working world! Uniform Guidelines. Fashion accessories. P.E. Tues and Fri – safety and comfort.

16 Middleton Lodge 2014

17 Internet safety Facebook (13yrs) Online games with chat features.
Cyber bullying and its implications - media coverage Restrictions and barring – being vigilant.

18 Thanks for Coming If you have any questions Mr Williams, Mr Whitehead, Mrs Chapman and I will be around after the meeting to answer any questions you may have.


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