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Produced by: Nikolas Alexander Jameson and Alexander Demetrius Yingling.

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1 Produced by: Nikolas Alexander Jameson and Alexander Demetrius Yingling

2  November 17, 947 CE ◦ Due to the findings of Zhang Qian, it is possible for us to begin our travels along the silk roads. For our journey to be a success we hope to avoid an outbreak of epidemic diseases such as the bubonic plague. We expect our trip from Luoyang, China to Antioch to be around twenty-four months. As we finally set out on our trip, our spirits were high in hopes of a successful trip.

3  This is a tenth century painting of the ancient Chinese architecture, that we came upon during our travels through the region

4  Here is an amazing picture of one of the most deadly natural wonders. This is a picture of the Taklamakan Desert which we will have to carefully pass through on our way to Bactria.

5  May 22, 948 CE ◦ As we reached the Bactrian region we were happy to have survived our short trip through the Taklamakan desert. As we walked through the region we came across many caravans of wine traders who were forced to take the land route of the silk road due to the monsoon winds.

6  During the section of our journey through Bactria we discovered this piece of earthenware pottery


8  December 13, 948 CE ◦ During our short stay in the land that once was the Persian Dynasty, we came across many interesting topes of people. The most interesting people we came across were the Manichaeists. Following the doctrines of Manichaeism, and its creator Mani the people followed a belief of dualism, or belief in good and evil. While we were there we saw trading of spices, silk, and ivory.

9  Whilst traveling through Persia, we stumbled upon this greenish-blue, free-blown glass bottle

10  As we traveled through the area of Persia, we came across what was left of the Palace of Xerxes. This reminded us of what the Persian Empire used to be.

11  July 6, 949 CE ◦ As we attempted to travel the silk road and reach Antioch, we encountered a slight detour. Instead of ending up in Antioch, we arrived on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. At the coast we received directions from fellow traders on how to reach Cyprus. With this slight change of schedule we now found ourselves in part of the former Roman Empire. This was the area that was once ruled by Constantine, the first Christian Roman Emperor. Head of the Council of Nicaea

12  When we journeyed through the Mediterranean Basin we found this Byzantine bowl with fish


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