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Crisis Management Plan

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1 Crisis Management Plan
Dell International Services - Hyderabad Blue Book Version 1.0

2 Site Response Team EMERGENCY CMT SRT Representatives Dell Confidential
Rajeev Kapoor (Site Director) Kiran Kalluri (CTS/SE) Tapan Sabarwal (AM CTS) Jagmohan Marwah (Care UKI/Canada) Arvind Shukla (AM CTS) Manish Gupta (EMEA Sales DHS) Ashwin Kumar (AM EMEA /Canada CC) Nicolai Moresco (EMEA Sales SMB) Behzaad Habibi (EMEA Sales DHS) Ashok Prithviraj (GFS) Amit Ranade (ABOCC) Ramesh Devrakonda (EMEA Sales DHS ) Mani Shyam (Canada Sales) Puneet Oswal (EMEA Sales DHS ) Mohit Verma (Training) EMERGENCY Deepika Reddy (HR) Rajesh Hedge (EMEA Sales SMB ) Harkirat Bedi (Global Online Order Ops) Chitra Rajan(EMEA Sales SMB ) Nitin Sehgal (AM GFS) Rajesh T (ABO CC) Narayan Devireddy (IT - GDC) Sheel Majumdar (HR) Sundeep Kunchala(IT GDC) Aejy Alias (Training) Murli Ganpathi (AM EMEA EBox) Bhupesh Bhatt (IT) Shyam KT (IT) VB Krishna (AM GFS) Amit MK (GFS) Anand Ramanarayan (Finance) Raj Shekar (IT GDC) Arindam Saha (Finance) Kiran Kumar Chaparala (Security) Roopesh Verma (Security) CMT: Crisis Management Team SRT: Site Response Team Ajay Arora (Corp Communications) Shakila Rahim (Corp Communications) Priyadarshan Pagdi (Facilities/ Transport) Pramod Reddy (Transport) A Srinivasu (Facilities/ Transport) Hanumantha Rao SVS (Facilities) Mohit Gaur (CCO Manager) Thota Phanimadhav (CCO Lead) Subhodh Subramanian (Capacity Planner) Malay Sarkar (CCO Lead) T Ganesh (EHS) A Srinivasu (EHS) Ravichandra Naineni (Cons sales CCO Manager) P, Udayshankar (Sales CCO) Arvind Degala( Sales CCO) Dell Confidential

3 Key Contact Details Dell Confidential

4 Key Contact Details Dell Confidential

5 Riots / War / Political Uprising / Bandh
Probability Low Impact High Impacted Items / Businesses Employee Transport System, All BU’s BCRP Strategy To thoroughly validate affected areas and plan alternate routes for employees to reach back home To redirect customers to alternate sites for un-interrupted customer service. Contingency Actions Transport Head & SRT to assess the scale of impact, the level of emergency and condition of vehicles movement in tri-city using the severity level classification. If severity level > 4, all members of SRT will be informed CCO to inform Global CCO; if possible outage > 25% & transport delay > 4 Hrs; for redirection of calls Logistics team to become active and undertake subsequent implementation activities. Transport helpdesk and Emergency toll number to be activated for concerned employees / parents. Alternate transport routes to be identified or Alternate transport arrangements to be made by Transport Team. In house bedding to be arranged for employees not able to go home by the Facilities Team and extra food arrangements to be made by Facilities team. Communications to be sent out to staff members periodically on the present conditions via Periodic announcements on Public address system and Mail ALL “DIS”. Close the Invoked disaster plan when normal routes available / city safe for plying vehicles on confirmation from the police station. Information to this effect to be conveyed by SRT Click Here for detailed plan RCCO Help Desk WCCO Help Desk GCCO Help Desk Priyadarshan Pagdi – Facilities Manager Rajeev Kapoor – Site Lead Kiran Kumar Chaparala – Security Pramod Reddy – Transport Key Contacts Dell Confidential

6 Riots / War / Political Uprising / Bandh
Activity Owner Trigger about the possible Riots/War/Political Uprising/Bandh Facilities/Security/Employee/Other Media Confirmation on Outage/Riots/War/Political Uprising/Bandh post trigger Security Inform all necessary stake holders about the Bandh - Media: Mail; Audience - Site Director, CCO Director, CCO Manager, Capacity Planner, Facilities Manager Communication on Invoking BCRP - Media: Mail, Phone ; Audience - CCO Director, CCO Manager, Capacity Planner, Facilities Manager Site Director's Office Inform relevant stake holders about the Bandh - Media: Bridge, Mail - Audience - BUs, GCCO & Back Up Sites RCCO Arrange for Bedding, Food, Power Backups Facilities Provide information about Lady Employees and Employees staying within 5KM range from the facility. Facilities/Transport Provide regular updates - Media: Mail; Audience - Site Director, CCO Director, Manager, Capacity Planner. Security/Facilities Plan as per the info obtained from Facilities/Security Team, check for Hours & Days of impact. Check for Queues which DO and DO NOT have backup site. Invoke BU specific Contingency Plan Approval on Early Logouts & Logins. Approval on holding back Employees post their shift timings, Food . Update relevant stake holders about the Contigency Plan - Media: Bridge, Mail - Audience - BUs, GCCO & Back Up Sites Provide regular updates on Queue Performance - Media: Bridge, Mail; Audience - Site Director/s, PDs, AMs, GCCO, Back Up Site. Information on Evoking BCRP - Media: Mail; Audience - Site Director, CCO Director, CCO Manager, Capacity Planner Facilities/Security/Site Director's Office Restore Normal Operation RCCO/GCCO/Facilities/Transport Communicate to all employees - Media: SMS Transport Dell Confidential

7 Hyderabad Dell Confidential

8 Hyderabad Dell Confidential

9 GCCO Contacts

10 BCRP Bridge Details BCRP Bridge Details US Dial-in: 1-517-466-2153
US Toll Free Number: India Toll Free Number: Pass code:

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