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Steps for requesting a password, Logging In to DPS, and acknowledging Branch of Service Information.

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1 Steps for requesting a password, Logging In to DPS, and acknowledging Branch of Service Information.

2 Points to Remember Turn off Pop-up Blockers (see directions that follow this page) Use Internet Explorer v5.5 or later (Firefox/Mac users please see further directions on - DPS Registration, System Requirements) For technical assistance, call the DPS Help Desk toll-free at 1-800-462-2176, commercial at 1-618-220-7332, or DSN at 312-770-7332 For move questions, call Personal Property toll free at 1-888-282-5113, commercial at 1-360-476-7366, DSN at 439-7366 or by email to: If you are doing any of these following shipment types, you should NOT use DPS: - Joint Moves - Local Moves - Shipments that include boats and/or mobile homes

3 The NEW Explore the Website! Check out these hot topics! You are the DOD Service Member!

4 How to Turn Off Pop Up Blockers: Open Internet Explorer Go to Click on Tools on your toolbar at the top of the page When you hover your mouse over Pop-up Blocker, a smaller menu at the right opens; Click on “Turn Off Pop-up Blocker”. This will allow the drop down menus to function correctly so that you may complete your NOTE: When you’ve submitted your application, you can turn your pop up blocker back on by clicking on Tools one more time, hovering over Pop-Up Blocker and clicking Turn ON Pop-up Blocker

5 What do I do first? The first step in submitting your move application into DPS is to obtain an ETA (Electronic Transportation Acquisition) and Password. 2 1 1.Click on the tab marked “DPS Registration”. 2.Click on the box marked “DOD Service member and civilian registration”.

6 You will be redirected to the ETA (Electronic Transportation Acquisition) page. Fill in the information and click submit. Use a Generic email address (yahoo, gmail, etc.) Your questions – Your Answers! Don’t forget the answers! Click Submit when done

7 Review your information for accuracy, check the box and click Confirm ETA Confirmation of Registration 1. 2.

8 You will be redirected to the ETA site. Follow the prompts for verification and enter the security code (the letters and numbers are NOT case sensitive). Click Next. The email you receive will be similar to this one shown. Click the link.

9 FIRST The FIRST time you log in to DPS, you will be asked two of your security questions. Answer the questions and click Next. If you cannot remember the answers to these questions, you can click Reset for two new questions. You will not be asked to repeat this step unless you’ve forgotten your password. Note: These are the questions you selected when you requested your password. Click Next

10 Your password is no longer emailed to you. You will automatically receive your password after completion of the previous steps. It is your responsibility to save your password so that you can access DPS during your move. Remember, you can update your delivery address and request a delivery via DPS at any time after your application has been approved by PPSO. SAVE ME! EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Your password is case sensitive – write it down EXACTLY as it appears

11 After you’ve received your ETA password, go back to the website. 1. Click on “DPS Login” Read the info provided regarding the Login process. 2. Click DPS Login 1. 2.

12 Turn OFF Popup Blockers! 2. Enter security code (This is NOT case sensitive). Click Finish. 1. You will be redirected to the ETA Login Page. Enter your User ID Enter your Password Click Log In ETA USER ID: Coast Guard Members Use Employee ID, all others use SSN Enter User ID Enter Password Click Log In

13 You will be redirected to the DPS Home Page. Your DPS home page includes your name and branch of service. You can also find links to general information, reference guides, alerts and online brochure. Before you can begin Self-Counseling, you must acknowledge specific branch of Service Information. Click on your Branch of Service Information. Click Here

14 A new browser will open with specific Branch of Service Information. For example, below is the service specific information for Navy personnel: Once you have read the service specific information, close the browser. Click on the red acknowledgment box. Click Here

15 3 Click on Begin Self-Counseling OR Self Counseling tab You may now start inputting your online application. Please make sure to use a generic email and ensure that all phone numbers and addresses you input are correct up-to-date. You will be contacted via email by a member of the Personal Property staff.

16 Enter all of your move information. Click Submit (see screenshot) to send your application to your Personal Property Office. Your application will be verified by a counselor from your local Personal Property Office. Once your move information has been verified and your signature has been obtained, your move will be awarded to a Transportation Service Provider (TSP). You will be sent a confirmation email providing you with the name and phone number of the TSP who has been awarded your shipment. Your TSP will contact you to perform a pre-move survey. IMPORTANT To complete your move application, you will need to fax, email, or drop off your orders to Personal Property. Your move dates will NOT be confirmed until the Personal Property office has your signature on the required forms for your move. Your Voice Counts! After you have received delivery of your shipment, log back into DPS and complete your Customer Satisfaction Survey.

17 The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, (SDDC), is responsible for approving and monitoring the performance of moving companies in the DOD Personal Property Program called DP3. In order to provide quality service, your participation in evaluating your moving experience is essential. This evaluation has a direct impact on all future DOD household goods shipments. As part of DP3’s best value acquisition process, the CSS scores for each moving company affects how many shipments each company receives in the future. All moving companies are re-scored multiple times per year, so your evaluation will have an immediate impact on how many shipments your company will be awarded throughout the year. Whether you have a good or bad move, the CSS is a vital component of DP3 and is your best way of helping SDDC improve future moves for you, your fellow service members, and your families. Yayyy! Best Move Ever!! GRRRR.. Worst Move Ever

18 Learn how to locate scale information, the nearest Personal Property Office, how to locate contact information for assistance and information on filing a claim for loss/damages.









27 From FISC Personal Property: If you need additional assistance, please contact us by email at

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