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Dr. G. Giridhar Solar Radiation Resource Assessment “ASEAN – India Workshop on Cooperation in Renewable Energy” 6 th November, 2012, Vigyan Bhawan, New.

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1 Dr. G. Giridhar Solar Radiation Resource Assessment “ASEAN – India Workshop on Cooperation in Renewable Energy” 6 th November, 2012, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi 1

2 Solar Energy-JNNSM MNRE, GOI initiated JNNSM in 2009-10 to establish India as a global leader in Solar Energy. Global effort to meet the challenges of climate change. Create conditions indigenous solar manufacturing capability. Promote grid/decentralized power applications. Technology innovations, R&D, cost reduction, grid parity. Mapping of ground solar insolation 2

3 Application segment Target for Phase I (2010-13) Target for Phase 2 (2013-17) Target for Phase 3 (2017-22) Solar collectors 7 million sq. meter 15million sq. meter 20million sq. meter Off grid solar application 200 MW1000 MW2000 MW Utility grid power, including roof top 1000-2000 MW4000-10000 MW20000 MW Implementation of JNNSM 3

4 Why Measurements…? Ground measured data is more accurate. Quantification of the ground data. A combination of measured and satellite data helps in better understanding solar potential areas. In preparation of accurate and reliable SOLMAPS Design & Performance Parameters To determine the bankability of the proposals 4

5 Availability Solar Radiation Data “Solar Radiation over India” by A Mani, IMD “Handbook of Solar Radiation” by A Mani and S.Rangarajan, IMD “Solar Radiant Energy over India (2009)” by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy,GOI. SEC-NREL NASA METEONORM SOLEMI 5

6 SRRA Objectives To assess and quantify the ground data of solar radiation To establish Calibration Laboratory for solar radiation measuring equipments at C-WET, Chennai. Data processing, modeling and making of Solar Maps

7 SRRA Implementation In 2011 under JNNSM, SRRA Program was fully financed by Ministry and implemented by C-WET, Chennai. An exclusive Solar Radiation Resource Assessment unit has been established at C-WET. All 51 SRRA Stations in 10 States and 1 Union Territory was completed and commissioned between March to October, 2011. Data from all SRRA stations are transmitted through GPRS to Central Receiving Station established at C-WET. 7

8 Site Selection criteria Area Free horizon Strong network connectivity Safety & Security Electromagnetic interference Easy accessibility to site

9 State wise SRRA stations Phase I & II Sl.NoState/UTPhase IPhase IITotal 1Andhra Pradesh639 2Bihar-33 3 Chhattisgarh112 4Gujarat11213 5Haryana112 6Himachal Pradesh-22 7Jammu & Kashmir112 8Jharkhand-22 9Karnataka516 10Kerala-22 11Madhya Pradesh358 12Maharashtra369

10 Continued…… Sl.NoState/UTPhase IPhase IITotal 13Orissa-44 14Punjab-22 15 Rajasthan12- 16Tamil Nadu7-7 17Uttar Pradesh-55 17Uttarakhand-22 18West Bengal-33 19North-East-10 20Union Territories156 Total5160111


12 Normal Incidence Pyrheliometer from Eppley Laboratory, USA SPECIFICATIONS: Sensitivity: approx. 8 µV/Wm -2. Impedance: approx. 200 Ohms. Temperature Dependence: ±1% over ambient temperature range - 20 to +40°C. Linearity: ±0.5% from 0 to 1400 Wm -2. Response time: 1 second (1/e signal). Calibration reference : Eppley primary standard group of pyrheliometers.

13 Precision Pyranometer from Eppley Laboratory, USA SPECIFICATIONS Sensitivity: approx. 9 µV/Wm -2. Impedance: approx. 650 Ohms. Temperature Dependence: ±1% over ambient temperature range - 20 to +40°C Linearity: ±0.5% from 0 to 2800 Wm -2. Response time: 1 second (1/e signal). Cosine: ±1% from normalization 0-70° zenith angle; ±3% 70-80° zenith angle. Calibration: integrating hemisphere. Orientation: Performance is not affected by orientation or tilt.

14 Sun Tracker from Geonica, Spain

15 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge from R M Young, USA Specifications Size: 18 cm dia. x 30 cm high, (39 cm high with mounting base) Catchment Area: 200 cm² Resolution: 0.1 mm per tip Accuracy: 2% up to 25 mm/hr 3% up to 50 mm/hr Output: Magnetic reed switch (N.O.), rating 24VAC/DC 500mA Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C

16 Ultrasonic Anemometer from R M Young, USA Sp ecifications Wind Speed: 0 to 70 m/s (0 to 156 mph) Resolution: 0.1 m/s Accuracy: ± 2% or 0.1 m/s (30 m/s), ± 3% (70 m/s) Wind Direction: 0 to 360 degrees Resolution: 1 degree Accuracy: ± 2 degrees Serial Output: RS-232 or RS-485 Formats: NMEA, ASCII Text, RMYT, SDI-12 Units: Knots, m/s, MPH, Km/hr Analog Voltage Outputs: Wind Speed: 0 to 5000 mV Wind Direction: 0 to 5000 mV Power Requirement: 9 to 16 VDC, 30 mA typical (less than 1mA standby) Operating Temperature: -50 to +50 °C Dimensions: 34cm high x 17cm wide (39cm with Bird Spikes installed) Weight: 0.8 kg (1.8 lb)

17 Temperature and Humidity Sensor from R M Young, USA RELATIVE HUMIDITY: Measuring Range: 0-100 %RH Accuracy at 20 - 25 °C: ±1 %RH, Stability: Better than ±1 %RH per year Response Time: 10 seconds (without filter) Sensor Type: Rotronic Hygromer™ Output Signal: V option: 0-1 VDC, L option: 4-20 mA TEMPERATURE: (41382, 41342) Calibrated Measuring Range: -50 to 50 °C (suffix C) -50 to 150 °F (suffix F) Response Time: 10 seconds (without filter) Accuracy at 23°C: ±0.3 °C /optional ±0.1 °C NIST calibration Sensor Type: Platinum RTD Output Signal: V Option: 0-1 VDC, L Option: 4-20 mA, 4 wire RTD

18 Barometric Pressure Sensor from R M Young, USA Specifications: Pressure Range: 500-1100 hPa Operating Temperature: -40 to +60°C Digital Accuracy*: 0.2hPa (25°C) 0.3 hPa (-40 to +60°C) Analog Accuracy**: 0.05% of analog pressure range Analog Temperature Dependence: 0.0017% of analog pressure range/°C (25°C reference) Update Rate: 1.8 Hz max Serial Output: Full duplex RS-232 - 9600 baud Polled or Continuous ASCII text or NMEA format Dimensions: 90mm (3.6 in) x 60 mm (2.4 in) x 20 mm (0.8in)

19 InstrumentManufacturerParameter GPSGarmin, USATo synchronize Sun Tracker with Sun movement Data logger & ModemGeonica,SpainCollecting data from sensors and transferring it to Central Receiving Station at C WET, Chennai GPRSGarmin, USATo transfer data through mobile SIM cards to Central Receiving Station at C WET, Chennai Solar PV PanelMoserbaer, India For charging battery for powering SRRA station External BatteryExide, IndiaFor electrical storage Derived details on Solar Elevation angle, Solar Azimuth angles, Battery voltage are also available Supporting Instruments 19

20 Typical SRRA station 20

21 Data collection & QC Sampling periodAveraging period Duration 10 sec10 min Up to Nov 2011 1 sec10 minUp to August 2012 1 sec1 minFrom August 2012 For solar radiation parameters, the applied quality control is based on Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) standards of World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), and Management and Exploitation of Solar Resource Knowledge (MESOR)

22 Establishment of Calibration Laboratory A Calibration Laboratory has been established at C- WET. Two numbers of Absolute Cavity Radiometer, four numbers of Standard Precision Pyranometer and Solar Trackers are available. 22

23 Training Program 3 Days Training Programme on “Functioning and Maintenance of ASRMS” for station in-charge from 10 th to 12 th October 2011 at C-WET, Chennai. 1 Day training program conducted on the O & M aspects the SRRA for all the station in-charge of Rajasthan and Haryana, at IIT Jodhpur on 28 th January 2012. 1 Day training program on the “Functioning and Maintenance of SRRA station” for all the station in-charge of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra(Pandharpur) and Jammu & Kashmir(Leh) organised at PDPU, Gandhi Nagar on26 th April 2012.

24 Institutional collaboration Under Indo German Collaboration with GIZ, Germany for data processing, quality assessment and developing solar maps of India. Satellite data from Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad for the preparation of solar maps of India. 24

25 Users of SRRA Data High quality solar radiation data for solar developers for bankable propositions, design and performance parameters. Satellite Data Providers for Ground truthing. Academic/Researcher/Policy Makers/Consultants. Calibration of Solar Sensors 25

26 Availability of SRRA Data Previous Month Average Data for all stations are available on C-WET Web Site (interactive map) Quality Controlled ASCII data and report in PDF format (Daily, Monthly and Yearly) are available on payment basis. SRRA data would be sold either through CD /e-mail. 26

27 Solar Data Policy 2012 MNRE sole and exclusive owner of data Only quality controlled data will be sold C-WET is authorised to sell data Data for more than 5 sites (bulk Buyer) at a time - requires Ministry’s approval Publication of data- requires specific MNRE/C- WET permission Special approval from MNRE is required for supply data to foreign nationals. Details of pricing is available on

28 Details of Data Reports ProductDataQC information Amount in Rupees CommercialNon commercial Daily1 minute time stampFlagged information 200100 monthly1 minute time stamp on daily basis Flagged information 5,0002,500 Yearly1 minute time stamp on daily and monthly basis Flagged information 50,00025,000 Monthly Report (PDF) Monthly and daily average Information Details * 2,000 * Graphs, Solar Radiation and meteorological parameters, QC test reports and figures and Wind rose

29 issues….. Maximum outages have been observed with the damage to the transducer of ultrasonic wind sensor.

30 Bird damaged transducers of ultrasonic anemometer. One of the damaged transducers of ultrasonic anemometer. This happened despite having modified bird guards (spikes) New model of Wind Sensor being adopted to avoid damages by birds

31 Future Plan Setting up of 60 more SRRA stations Calibration of Solar sensors. Aerosol measurements at 4 SRRA stations. Up gradation and integration of 45 IMD solar radiation measuring stations. Consultancy projects. 31

32 Consultancy Projects SRRA has received request from private developers to install Solar Monitoring Station and collect data and prepare DPR on consultancy basis. The detailed list of request from plant developers are as follows: Sl No Name of the CompanyNo of Stations Location 1NHPC, Faridabad32 in J&K 1 in H.P 2Mott McDonald Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad10Jharkhand

33 Thank you

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