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SAP Positioning with E-Commerce Applications. Topics n SAP and E-commerce –SAP strategy –SAP customers drive towards SAP E-Commerce –E-Commerce function.

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1 SAP Positioning with E-Commerce Applications

2 Topics n SAP and E-commerce –SAP strategy –SAP customers drive towards SAP E-Commerce –E-Commerce function not in SAP n SAP E-Commerce components – –Scenarios covered

3 Definitions n –personal, collaborative solutions on demand –enable business community collaboration –not to be confused with the portal n Workplace –personalized, role-specific view on the entire business world –applications, information and services provided by a company over the intranet or other companies via the Internet that any user needs to get his job done –not limited to employees but includes roles for external users such as business partners, suppliers, and customers. n Marketplace –a place on the Web where communities can exchange goods & services electronically. –the URL hosts such a n E-Commerce –Describes doing business, mainly buying and selling of goods and services on the Web. –24x7 availability, global reach, ability to interact and provide information. n Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) –set of activities supported by enterprise applications that help companies to manage all business, –product planning, parts purchasing, maintaining inventories, as well as finance and Human Resources (HR) aspects, –increasingly expanded to also cover supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence and e-commerce.

4 ESS EIS Adv Proc KMINTRANETINTERNET SAP E-Commerce Strategy SAP R/3 MM FI CO PM CRM APO Warehouse Mgt Int. Trade Log

5 “ Workplace offers a role-based enterprise portal that goes beyond classical internet portals.” Workplace


7 Workplace Architecture Web server Work- place server BWR/3 (  3.1H) APO Workplace Middleware Web Server Internet Transaction Server / SAP GUI for HTML Workplace Engine Web Browser Flexible component installation All on one server One separate server per component Several separate servers per component Desktop Basis 4.6 User Management Role Administration RFC Administration New servers Components...

8 Workplace Architecture - More Details

9 Workplace Architecture - GUI 3 GUIs are available: n SAP GUI for the HTML environment –No need to install anything else than a web browser (MS IE5) –Runs in the right hand side of the Workplace window n SAP GUI for the Java environment –Replaces old SAP GUI on other than Windows platforms –Small PlugIn needs to be installed –Runs in the right hand side of the Workplace window n SAP GUI for the Windows environment –Needs to be locally installed –Runs in a separate window (after being launched in the workplace) –Additional option: Use it through a Windows Terminal Server (Citrix) (this runs in the right hand side of the workplace window, too.)

10 System Requirements for R/3 4.6C n Frontend Requirements : –Supported Frontend Platforms (SAP Note 66971). –Compatibility among R/3 Systems (SAP Note 30460). –System request for SAPGUI (SAP Note 26417). –SAP GUI for HTML (SAP Note 178788) : Only recommended with the Workplace. n DB & OS Platform Requirements : –Minimum 256 MB memory available for DB and app. Server (SAP Note 178616). –12 GB free space available in DB : 3-7 GB will be free again afterwards. –1.7 GB temporary free space for upgrade directory. –Supported DB & OS combinations : See : ms

11 Workplace screendump: Eg 1

12 Workplace screendump: Eg 2

13 Marketplace “ Marketplaces are internet business hubs that provide an infrastructure for collaborative-business”

14 Marketplace hosting

15 Live Marketplace Sites

16 Marketplace Screendump

17 Role based Workplace BUYER SELLER mySAP.comWorkplace marketplace backbone Marketplaces E- Commerce CRMSCMBIERP Web content Office mySAP.comMarketplaces

18 Portal view “a Web site that serves as an entry point and location for structured search and content presentation.”

19 SAP Customer E-Commerce drive “ is aimed at a business community that already includes over 10 million people using SAP systems in over 100 countries.” n 200 new CRM installations in last 4 months n B2B customers – 737 installations n Market places – 10 n E-Commerce – 515 installations n References on –Workplace5Internet Sales2 –Marketplace3Internet Pricing Configurator1 –App hosting3Online store17 –B2BP8E-bus with R/3 Backbone8 –CRM14BIW22 –Strategic Ent. Mngt1Knowledge Mngt3 –Supply Chain Mngt13ESS4 –Product Lifecycle Mngt12

20 E-Commerce outside of SAP AND n Supporting packages –Newsgroups, Chat \ instant messaging, web browsing –Telephone networking, (e-mail) n Hardware Technologies –Internet network backbone –Networking CustomersOnline adsOnline orders AccessFollow-on sales Std orders Distribution Electronic Customer suppt

21 MarketplaceWorkplace BusinessApplicationsApplicationHosting CRM SCM SEM E-Commerce KM ESS Applicationareas CFM APO CRM Bus Connector ESS BBP BIW Application Components ITS a-gate w-gate WebserverWebstudio SAP E-Commerce Components

22 SAP Business Connector XML-based Communication over the Internet B2B Procurement

23 Internal Email inbox ABAP Reports Employee directory Customer creation Document search Workflow status Customer services Quality certificates Consignment st status KANBAN CRM B2B Requirement request Rel. of Reqs, Pos, Entry sheets Proc via catalog Service entry … C2B Product Catalog Store SO creation \ status ATP Customer Account info Employment opportunities Booking attendance Retail store Inventory list Goods movement Order Promotion Stock entry Working time entry … ESS Travel expenses Benefits Time management Remuneration statement Taxes Address Timesheet Leave request … Scenarios covered - ITS

24 E-Commerce B2B Proc. Internet Sales Online Store CRM Internet sales Field sales Field service Service Interact. Ctr Bus. Part. Collab. Prod. & Brand Mngt Supply Chain Mngt Collab. Planning SC Cockpit Demand Planning Supply Network Planning Prod. Planning & Det. Sched. Global ATP BIW Transportation Mngt Warehouse Mngt Strat. Ent. Mngt Corp. Perf. Monitor Bus. Planning & Sim. Bus. Consolidation Bus. Info. Collection Stakeholder Relat. Mngt Bus. Intel. BIW KM SEM CFMHR Payroll Benefits Time Mngt ESS Reporting Knowl. Mngt Logistics Execution Manufact. Product Lifecycle Mgt FI Scenarios covered –


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