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EUREKA/Celtic-Plus EU project

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1 EUREKA/Celtic-Plus EU project
Experiences as SME in a Celtic project Online business system for M2M and IoT EUREKA/Celtic-Plus EU project

2 tingco Creating value for the Internet of Things

3 Our main service features
Cloud service Operations 7/24/365 Device management Financial transactions and billing Product management Service management Customer service management Data mining and BI Database services and open API

4 References Customers and partners generating value
with our tingco services Civil Security

5 Case study – Smart grid Customer: Fortum (Europe) The Challenge:
How to control Electrical Vehicle charge points via Web - mobile apps and integration with backend systems. Manage billing for charging via RFID, SMS and invoice. The Solution: tingco business system enables billing, monitoring and control of EV-charge points and integration to mobile apps. and partners

6 Operations and maintenance
Case study – Smart grid Infrastructure IT and communication Charge poles Customer service Operations and maintenance

7 Case study – Snow removal
Customer: Service provider The Challenge: How to collect and integrate snow removal data (Position, weather, usage) from vehicles in Sweden and Norway and deliver data to partners and authorities? The Solution: tingco integrates with and collect data from all the types of snow removal equipment and distribute this to the authorities and partners

8 EUREKA/Celtic-Plus EU project




12 Use case Snow removal The job: Collection of mission critical data for invoicing of performed work in the field in real time 7/24/365 days a year.

13 QoE related to timely transfer of the right information to the right end-users

14 Defining and monitoring a QoE based SLA is a challenge but also the solution for a happy customer
100% QoS is not good enough..for a cloud based service provider!


16 Our experience participating as an SME so far:
First the good stuff… Exiting project as there is so much to win commercially if you can enhance the QoE for the customer Positive experience with different participants in several countries. Strong support from participating organisations specially from the University BTH, Markus Fiedler ,Patrik Arlos and also from the project leader Orange and Frederic Guyard An impressive knowledge from participating researchers and we have learned a lot during the process so far. Our relation with Celtic as an organisation has also worked well without problems.

17 Our experience participating as an SME so far:
What has worked less good and can be improved… We started with a challenge.. our Use case..a cloud service without contact with the end customer.. Everything takes looonger than you plan-ALWAYS! More work than planned and specially now towards the end. – Working with parallel processes for us with preparation for implementation already from the start would have been better.. As a SME and a non researcher we focus on our use case and the reporting is difficult as we are not used to writing scientific reports. - A closer dialog round reporting would probably improve our own performance

18 Thank you Björn Sabel
Patrik Arlos

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