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Feeney Wireless Machine to Machine/Internet of Things

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1 Feeney Wireless Machine to Machine/Internet of Things
Information Utility Company

2 Headquarters: Eugene, OR

3 About Feeney Wireless Feeney Wireless Background
Founded in 2000 M2M Markets: Transportation, Retail, Public Safety, Energy, Smart Grid Core Capabilities - M2M Products & Services Engineering, design, implementation, support Sourcing: Hardware, software and services Rapid innovation & tech development 2013 Inc List Systems Integration Engineered Products Managed Services

4 Pioneers in Electricity
Radio Light Bulb Flat Iron

5 Pioneers in Telecom

6 Early Innovators Early Police Dispatch
Solving problems with remote communications Using telephone to accelerate response

7 Early Innovators First ‘Connected Police Car’
Demonstrated utility of real-time communications Radio enabled Receive only

8 Early Innovators Next Gen Wireless Two-way communications
Very specialized equipment

9 Technology Adoption Across Time
Need for Connected Vehicles Instant communications Real time information & location Enabling important assets

10 The Machine to Machine Framework
Focused on connectivity Fragmented value chain Integration is still a major challenge for industry Wireless Network Remote Devices Human Analysis & Action Application

11 Key Advances

12 Example: eSolar Key Advances
2) Cost of technology has steadily decreased Example: eSolar Sierra SunTower Plan in Lancaster, California

13 Key Advances 3) Access to Knowledge & Reduction of Barriers

14 Big Bell Influence… Remember that telephone attached to the wall?

15 The Size of Mobile

16 Video Surveillance: Fish Counter Example

17 Internet as Utility – Passenger Wi-Fi

18 Smart Grid Demand Response Example

19 Social Vending Machine
Clackamas Town Center in Happy Valley, OR

20 Intelligent Remote Monitoring

21 ‘Invisible’ Technology!
Horsepower Light Heat

22 Thank you! Steve Cary Vice President Feeney Wireless

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