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A tour of new discovery introducing XpertCapture Your ultimate data capturing solution.

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1 a tour of new discovery introducing XpertCapture Your ultimate data capturing solution

2 A data capturing solution for all business. By using XpertCapture, you can capture data like Order, Invoice, Sales or Return transaction for your business like Pharmaceuticals, Sales & Distribution or any other domains. What is XpertCapture?

3 Enhancing Your Business We have features for every step of the way 1 Subscribe XpertCapture 2 Use the power of XpertCapture 3 Achieve your business goals

4 Enhancing Your data capturing way XpertCapture Lite

5 Enhancing Your interaction with data XpertCapture Reporting

6 Enhancing Your Data Capture The way, data In and Out

7 Enhancing Your Business Flow The way, your business run

8 Enhancing Your Finance  No upfront cost.  No Installment charge.  Use and Pay.  Flexible subscription fees  No Maintenance Cost.  Mobile Operator independent  No monthly fixed internet bill Financial Benefits Features

9 Enhancing Your Data Management  Real time digital data.  Centralized data store.  Integrated DCR (Doctor Call Report) for Pharmaceuticals  Field Force performance  Doctor performance for Pharmaceuticals  Field Force movement tracking.  Field Force visiting history.  Interactive Dashboard.  WCF & REST API to integrate with any system. Features Business Benefits

10 Enhancing Your Technology adoption  Latest, most powerful and efficient technologies.  Application targeting low end mobile device start from BDT 4000.  Touch enabled Android apps.  Microsoft Windows Azure environment for application scalability.  GPS based Field Force tracking (Android based app user).  Guided interactive data entry interfaces.  Low bandwidth consuming apps. Technological Benefits Features

11 Your Question & Our Answer Why should I buy something from you? XpertLab BD is an attempt of few solely devoted experienced software engineers with a big heart to deliver right solution to right people. They like to solve your any kinds of business problems by implementing a new best solution to you and they never compromise the quality of their solutions. Building a new application or implementing a new information system is not like a job to XpertLab BD rather then a passion to make people to use information technology to get the advantages of modern technologies to enhance their business performance and goal achievements

12 Your Question & Our Answer What value does your SaaS product provide to me? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made available to customers over a network, typically the Internet. Unlike traditional software which is conventionally sold as a perpetual license with an up-front cost, (and an optional ongoing support fee), we price our applications using a subscription fee, most commonly a monthly fee or an annual fee. Consequently, the initial setup cost for our product is typically lower than the equivalent enterprise software. We price our applications based on usage parameters, such as the number of users ("seats") using the application. However, unlike traditional software we will save your big budget for installing the server infrastructure and other initial setup costs and also DBA and other maintenance cost.

13 Your Question & Our Answer How much is that worth to me – money, time saved, other benefits? Unlike traditional software implementation, there is no installment charge or upfront cost for XpertCapture. Just subscribe and use as use and pay basis. XpertCapture will save your valuable time in many ways. To use XpertCapture, there is no long process for procurement, development and deployment. Just take your decision, subscribe and use and a big smile.

14 Your Question & Our Answer How quickly can I see the value your system delivers? Many companies have multiple systems for capturing customer orders or are still struggling with manual processes. This results in higher costs and declining customer satisfaction due to redundant data entry and order errors. To gain a single, enterprise-wide view of the customer, companies are turning to centralized web based solutions. XpertCapture is a centralized web based capturing solution that allows you to capture order, sales or any other transaction. It will allow you get the transaction data digitally and immediately. Based on this data you can easily make your next business critical decision.

15 Your Question & Our Answer Why is your product better than other similar products? There are many ways, XpertCapture is better than other similar products. XpertCapture provide a complete solution to capture order or sales transactions. It provided different ways to capture data. It offers 3 different powerful apps to capture order. 1. XpertCapture Web: Rich, light weight and low bandwidth consuming web based interface. 2. XpertCapture Andro: Touch enabled application for Android OS based mobile phone. 3. XpertCapture Lite: JavaMe based application that runs efficiently on low cost java based mobile phone which provides a guided data capturing interface.

16 Your Question & Our Answer Why is your product better than what I do at the moment? In traditional manual capturing or desktop based system doesn’t provide real time digital data. For manual paper based order or sales capturing reduce Fieldforce performance. XpertCapture provides a better way of effective capturing by field force in short time and sends the ready digital data immediately.

17 Why are you missing the beautiful transitions? you’ll be late!!! Exciting new transitions Look at the demo, take a trial then decide and be happy.

18 Web: Email, Phone +8801912094120, +8801818761192, +8801711581895 Exciting new transitions Thank You

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