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So long Heart Lake… Hello College, University and Life….

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1 So long Heart Lake… Hello College, University and Life….

2 Guidance Counsellors A-F Mrs. Lepp G-O Mr. Finlay P-Z Ms. Polla

3 All the credits and grades you’ve earned to date. Check all the compulsory credits you need, make sure if you are missing any to see your counsellor A.S.A.P. Your current courses for this year. Additional information needed to graduate: Have you passed the literacy test? Have you completed any community hours (40 needed for graduation)? This outlines compulsory and optional credits you’ve earned and what you can earn by June 2014.



6 1.Pre-apprenticeship Program at College - Build skill base and knowledge of trade - Connect to potential employers eg. Conestoga College ~ Auto Service Technician Humber College ~ Plumbing Cambrian College ~ HVAC 2.Direct entry via employer Apprenticeship Options

7 National Job Fair (in Toronto this October) Apprenticeship Fair


9 Find Programs Here!

10 Variety of programs Certificate (1 year / 2 semesters) Diploma (2 year / 4 semesters) Advanced Diploma (3 year /6 semesters) Co-op (duration varies) Bachelor’s degrees in applied areas of study (4 years / 8 semesters) Graduate certificate (1 year /2 semesters) for those who have already completed a postsecondary diploma or degree Joint college-university programs Shorter program lengths Lower tuition costs Why College?

11 ENG4C or 4U + Program Specific Courses (Grade 11 or 12, U/C/M) Admission Requirements

12 Application Procedure October 2014 – February 2015 1. Plan ~ Find ~ Apply ~ Confirm 2. Choose 5 programs (max. 3 per college) 3.Pay $95 4.The Peel District School Board sends transcripts electronically 5.Wait for Offers of Admission from the colleges (Feb – May)

13 What marks? Offers of admission are based on: Semester One FINAL & Semester Two MID-TERM

14 What marks? Highly Competitive Programs Colleges will use Grade 11 FINAL marks if you have not completed a Grade 12 required course in semester one. Eg. Nursing, Vet Tech, Paramedic, Game Programming, Graphic Design, ECE, Dental Hygiene, etc. SPOILER ALERT!!

15 Deadline February 1 st 2015 For equal consideration

16 Costs Tuition $2,100 Books 1,200 Living Expenses 5,000 Other fees 1,000 Transportation 1,200 avg. $10,500 per year

17 Generally – completion of a two year diploma, with marks over 70%, will grant you admission into the 2 nd year of a comparable university program. Ontario Counsel on Articulation and Transfer Search for “articulation agreements” for your specific college. College to University


19 Undergraduate Degree (BA, BSc, BBA/BCom, BEng) – General Degree is 3 years – Honours Degree is 4 years Co-op programs Degrees are also available at many colleges Programs

20 ENG 4U + 5 Gr12 U/M Courses Program Specific averages Averages are calculated using your top 6U/M courses including English and any program pre- requisites Admission Requirements

21 Electronic info

22 Application Procedure November 2014 – January 2015 1.Pick up your PIN number in Counselling (when you hear the announcement) 2. 3. Choose 3 programs 3.Pay $140 ( additional programs + $47 each ) 4.The Peel District School Board sends transcripts electronically 5.Wait for Offers of Admission from the universities ( Feb – May )

23 What marks? Offers of admission are based on: Semester One FINAL & Semester Two MID-TERM

24 Look Here

25 OUAC Deadline January 14 th 2015

26 Tuition $ 6,000 - $12,000 Books 1,000 - 2,500 Residence & Meal Plan 9,000 - 10,000 Other fees 1,000 Transportation 1,000. avg. $18,000 - $25,000 per year Costs (estimated)


28 Financial Aid Ontario Student Assistance Program – – Application opens in May – Deadline: within 45 days of starting your post- secondary program – Receive half of $ at the start and remainder halfway through the school year – Repayments starts 6 months after graduation Student Loans from Banks – Contact your local branch

29 Scholarships & Bursaries Scholarships – Entrance & Application – Various Criteria (academic, extra-curricular, financial need) Bursaries – Entrance awards by school – Academic & Needs based

30 Heart Lake S.S. Post-Secondary Fair Thursday October 23, 2014 8:30 a.m. - 12:05 p.m. Open to all Grade 11 and 12 students, parents and guardians Over 35 different post-secondary schools represented! Apprenticeships, Colleges and Universities

31 University Applications DUE January 14 th 2015 College Applications DUE February 1 st 2015 Key Dates

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