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Post-Secondary Info Session 2014-15. Learning Goals By the end of the presentation you will … Grade 12 weplan support goals …have a better understanding.

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1 Post-Secondary Info Session 2014-15

2 Learning Goals By the end of the presentation you will … Grade 12 weplan support goals …have a better understanding of what the Grade 12 year will look like for you and how we can work together to plan & support your post secondary goals.

3 Communication @SinclairGuidanc

4 Planning is the Key Your success has a lot to do with your planning. Just because you don’t know exactly what you want to do doesn’t mean you do not have to plan.

5 Why Plan Ontario Ministry of Education Grade 10 Careers Class Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) 34 Credit Threshold Personally Reduce your Stress Success in school

6 Post Secondary Options  W orkplace  GAP YEAR  Apprenticeship  C ollege G.A.S. Program  U niversity

7 Gap Year  Travel  Internship  Volunteer  Rotary International  Americorps  City Year  Benefits vs Costs

8 Apprenticeships Earn while you learn !  There are over 140 skilled trades in Ontario Details: find an employer to hire and train you  Must first find an employer to hire and train you  Training agreement signed - prepared by an Apprenticeship Branch consultant (MTCU)  90% training is practical on-the-job  10% is theoretical in-class

9 Important Research Tools  Attend OUF – Sept 19 – 21, 10 – 5pm, Metro Toronto Convention Centre  Atlantic Canada Schools Sept 30 th 12:30 – 2pm, DAW  Study and Go Abroad Fair – Oct 4 th & 5 th 12 – 5pm Metro Toronto Convention Centre  Simon Fraser, U. Victoria, UBC Oct 9 th 6pm – 7:30pm Sinclair S.S.  Richard Ivy – TBD  Ontario College Information Fair Oct. 20-21, Direct Energy Centre

10 What you may have done so far??  Careers Class Research  Grade 10/11 Option Selection Seminar Research  University Info  College Info

11 Gather Your Information  Talk to College and University Reps  College & University Information Program College – Oct 16 @ DC Oshawa 5-7pm University – October 23 1pm to 3pm @ Clarington Central S.S., Bowmanville  Visit the college or university on a PD Day with friends!! (Fall Open House, Student for a Day)

12 Universities  21  21 in Ontario  6  6 in our area  90 different undergraduate degrees  MANY CAMPUSES!

13 Gather Your Information Sinclair Hosts a University Fair Ontario Universities – Oct 8 th Students select their presentation on our Sinclair website

14 Applying to University?  University Info  Six Grade 12 U/M for admissions Coop cannot count even if attached to a U.  Application Seminars November 24 th (Each period + After School)  Equal Consideration Dates for Applying Jan 14, 2015  Relax!! You don’t have to apply RIGHT NOW even if your friend at another school has applied. Ontario schools give equal consideration if you apply by the dates above.

15 Special Information  Application Fees $140 basic 3 choices PLUS $47/choice above initial 3 choices i.e. 5 total choices: 140+94 = $234  Extra Requirements – Your school will communicate with you directly. Personal Statements, Auditions, Specific Tests, etc..

16 When do I get accepted?  This can be VERY, VERY stressful for students.  Early Offers of Admission may be sent out by universities as a recruiting tool for programs that are not oversubscribed as early as December.  Most university programs are over-subscribed so you have to wait for semester 2 midterms and all required admission requirements to be reviewed. This is Mid-April.

17 Colleges in Ontario  28  28 in total  6  6 in our area 900  Over 900 career choices!  HUNDREDS diplomacertificatedegree  HUNDREDS of diploma, certificate and degree programs  Connected Education  MANY CAMPUSES!

18 Gather Your Information Sinclair Hosts College Representatives Individual Lunch Presentations (Twitter, TV, Guidance)

19 Applying to College?  College Info  Program specific i.e. Paramedic (ENG4C1,MAP4C1, SBI3C1, SCH4C1)  Highly Competitive Program Chart Marks required above the minimum!!  Application Seminars November 25 th - Library  Application Fees $95 for 5 choices of programs

20 Special Information  Equal Consideration Dates for Applying to Competitive Programs - Feb 1, 2015  You can still apply for non-competitive programs until August but why waste time!!!  Extra Requirements – Your school will communicate with you directly. Specific Tests, volunteer hours, CPR/First Aid etc..

21 When do I get accepted?  Colleges can send out offers as early as Feb 1, the Equal Consideration Date, for non-oversubscribed programs.  Competitive college programs make decisions based on marks up to finals from semester 1. Offers are released through out the year.

22 Easy Street Now? Not Yet!! ALL Offers of Admissions are CONDITIONAL!!! Read the conditions and make sure you meet them or the school will take back your offer if your program is competitive. Most times they do not wait for Summer School upgrades.

23 Returning to Sinclair?!?  If you have been planning a 5 th year, students will complete a Application for December 1, 2014.  Students who have not planned on returning can complete a sheet at a later date or have an interview with a VP to discuss the appropriateness of returning.

24 5th Year @ Sinclair It is not a guarantee you will return!! Criteria to earn a 5 th year. Realistic Educational Plan Attendance Behaviour 5 th Year Contract Interview with VP

25 Financial Information $6 to 9,000  Tuition $2600 $6 to 9,000 $1500 $2 – 3,300  Ancillary Fees 1500 $1500 Books/supplies $2 – 3,300  Accommodation/$5,400-7,000 food/transportation$4-5,000 Staying Local6,500+$9-13,000 Going Away15,500+$19-26,000

26 Sources of Money  Savings  Loans – OSAP/Lines of Credit  Bursaries  Employment (work/study)  Athletics  Scholarships

27 Scholarships     Sign up for scholarship webinars and learn how to find scholarships and to apply.  Any limited enrolment scholarships that require school endorsement must be completed and submitted to Mr. Cirone 2 weeks before the due date listed.  2 limited enrollment nominations!!!

28 OSAP  Estimator Tool – Visit Sinclair’s website under Post Secondary Info to find a link to the OSAP estimator.  OSAP is based on the program you accept so you need to wait until the spring when you confirm your offer before you can apply for OSAP.  Mid-May we offer OSAP presentations.

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