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So (adjective)that Such (a/an adjective noun) that.

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1 So (adjective)that Such (a/an adjective noun) that

2 So….that/ such a….that So ve such” niteledikleri kelimelere “çok” anlamı verir. Türkçe’ye ayrıca "o...... kadar ki" şeklinde de aktarılır.

3 Aralarındaki en önemli fark; So dan sonra sıfat; Yani; So + adjective + that Taner was so excited that he couldn’t sleep last night such tan sonra sadece sıfat tamlaması (sıfat + isim) gelir. Yani; Such + a\an+ adjective+ Noun+ that It is such a nice day that the sun shines

4 I was so tired that I fell asleep on the chair.

5 The book was so good that I couldn’t put it down.

6 Cinderella is so beautiful that Prince falls in love.

7 The meal was so delicious that I ate all of it.

8 The book is so boring that I can’t read the end.

9 The film was so frightening that I couldn’t sleep all night.

10 The coffee is so hot that I can’t drink it.

11 He walked so quickly that I couldn’t keep up with him.

12 Cats are so pretty that I feed them

13 The fog was so bad that they cancelled all the flights.

14 The book is so exciting that I have read it in five minutes.

15 The witch is so ugly that Hansel and Gretel can’t look at her face.

16 Shrek was so enjoyable that I have watched it twice.

17 Superman is so strong that he can lift a car

18 It was such a hot weather that we spent the day on the beach

19 Peter is such a good teacher that all the students love him

20 The dog is such a clever animal that it can understand everything you said.

21 Pekin is such a crowded city that I can’t live there for a long time.

22 He is such a tired man that he can sleep in the office.

23 Jeff is such a stingy boy that he never gives money.

24 Ayşe is such a generous girl that she shares her all money

25 It is such an expensive house that we can’t buy it.

26 Ferrari is such a fast car that maximum speed is 400 km.

27 TEOG! It is such an easy exam that I believe you’ ll pass it!

28 Prepared by FATMA UYAR

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