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So/such Segundo Bachillerato.

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1 So/such Segundo Bachillerato

2 SO/SUCH WE USE SO/SUCH TO MAKE THE MEANING OF AN ADJECTIVE (OR ADVERB ) STRONGER I didn´t enjoy the book. The story was so stupid I didn´t enjoy the book . It was such a stupid story

3 so So is also very frequently used before an adjective or an adverb to make the meaning of the adjective or adverb stronger and reflects emphatic usage: Why are you so late? We've been waiting for ages. ~ There was an accident on the motorway and it took me so long to get from Sheffield to Leeds. Why are you driving so slowly? It's not safe to drive any faster.

4 such Such which has a similar meaning is used with nouns or with adjective + noun: It's such a nice day today! Why don't we go out for a picnic? It was such a good film that we stayed on and watched it twice. She is such a difficult child and he has such patience

5 So/such So……………….followed by Adjective Adverb
Ex. It´s a lovely day. It´s so warm that we are going on a picnic Ex: Laura speaks English so quickly that I hardly understand her

6 So/such Such Such + a/an noun (countable, singular)
Ex: He told us such a story that we couldn´t believe him Such+ ….. Noun(plural countable, uncountable) There were such nice students in my dorm that I made friends very quickly It was such lovely weather that we spent the whole day on the beach Notice nouns can be modified by adjectives

7 So/such Notice the difference SO LONG/SUCH A LONG TIME
I haven´t seen her for so long I´ve forgotten what she looks like I haven´t seen her for such a long time SO FAR/SUCH A LONG WAY I didn´t know that place was so far I didn´t know there was such a long way to get to that place

8 So/such SO MUCH/SO MANY/SUCH A LOT Why did you buy so much food?
Why did you buy such a lot of food?

9 More quizzes Autumn is my favourite time of the year , what about you?

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