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Claudio Decanio Tatiana Canepa Jessica Graffigna Kim Melchers.

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1 Claudio Decanio Tatiana Canepa Jessica Graffigna Kim Melchers

2 Piazza della meridiana Maddalena Area is situated between via Garibaldi and via Cairoli. Takes its name from the Sundial existing palace Grimaldi- de Mari: today is called Palazzo della Meridiana. Its area occupies the space where was the gardens of the Doge Giacomo Brignole.

3 Piazza dell’ Annunziata At the end of Via Balbi, there is piazza dell’ Annunziata. On this place, there is Basilica dell’ Annunziata, the most beautiful church in the city. Inside, there are lots of statues, frescoes, paintings, realized by the most important artist of Genoa. In front of the Basilicia, there is Belimbau Palace, inside Pope Pio VII was held as a prisoner of Napoleone Buonaparte.

4 Via Cairoli Via Cairoli is the continuation of Via Garibaldi, the two streets were connected to Piazza della meridiana. Via Cairoli was build in the End of the 17° century. It was recently made accessible.

5 We enjoy to do this project because the foreigners are very friendly. We had fun. We are very tired but also sad because they leave for their states. Tatiana and Jessica

6 For me the trip to genova was very nice, i like to meet people from other nations. The people are all very nice! The Family I stayed is very nice and very friendly, we have a lot of fun together by playing with the wii or surf the net. Also I like the food it’s very good. I think I would be sad on Saturday when I must go home! Kim In these days, I haven’t visited all the City on Genoa because I haven’t got so much time to do it, but I like this city and the people are very nice!!! I like much the typical food in Genoa and I found very good friends in this city. In the future I would to come back to Genoa. Claudio

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