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p a r k s m a k e p a r k s m a k e l i f e.

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3 p a r k s

4 m a k e

5 p a r k s m a k e l i f e



8 How do parks make life better?

9 Play Safe, outdoor space

10 safe, outdoor play space… For us, the biggest benefit is a

11 for our kids today and as they grow.

12 play

13 Nature Beauty and serenity

14 beautiful, serene place so close to home. Being in nature makes me feel alive. I feel lucky to have this

15 I want my grandkids to have the same appreciation for parks.

16 nature

17 Exercise Healthy movement

18 moving at your own pace Our family walks, plays and cycles. Parks are made for

19 The recreation programs make it easy to stay healthy.

20 exercise


22 Positive Spaces Free-time fun

23 away from trouble. My neighborhood park is more than a place to chill. It keeps me thinking straight and

24 Its free and its really fun.

25 positive spaces

26 Gathering Places Socializing and learning

27 good times. Parks are like holidays, bringing us together to share

28 They are the common ground that connects us all.

29 gathering places

30 Forever Valued today and always

31 They add value to our homes and neighborhoods. Parks enrich our lives.

32 Individually and as a community, well always have that need.

33 forever


35 Produced by Danville Parks & Recreation

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