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Welcome Introductions Administration Eastern Officials Association Uniforms Arbiter Web Sites Expectations Contact Information 2014 Eastern Officials Association.

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1 Welcome Introductions Administration Eastern Officials Association Uniforms Arbiter Web Sites Expectations Contact Information 2014 Eastern Officials Association Referee Clinic

2 Introductions EOA Secretary/Treasurer –Robert Turner –Contact at Volleyball Delegate to EOA Board of Directors –Chris Long Volleyball Committee –Barb BesalCommittee Chair –Chris LongDelegate –Bob KyleCommissioner –Mark Graupmann-- Bob Roeser –Kathy Shirey-- Ben Pancho –Kelsey Seibert-- John Swanberg

3 Administration VHSL Registration Dues Independent Contractor Agreement Code of Conduct W - 9 Clinic Schedule

4 VHSL Registration Required by VHSL for new members to volleyball or to EOA Fill in all the blanks on the form Returning members need to verify information for accuracy and make changes yearly If already registered in another sport, enter VHSL registration number Steps to complete registration –Registration form (VHSL ID number) –Fees –State Rules Clinic (on line) –Test (70%) (on line)

5 Dues Pay by Invoice $75.00 for returning members $80.00 for new members Add $25.00 for each additional EOA sport


7 What Makes Up Your Dues $35.00 Association dues $25.00 VHSL registration (per sport) $15.00 NFHS Insurance $5.00 Initiation fee for new members

8 Independent Contractor Agreement Establishes you as an IC and not an employee Contains your certification that you haven’t been convicted of crimes against minors Only require one form per member, not one per sport Available on EOA web site and forms link in Arbiter


10 EOA Code of Conduct Review presentation on EOA web site in the “News” section. Complete the certification form and return to Commissioner by August 1.




14 Professionalism Presentation The next screen will require you to enter a password. Ignore that. Under the Password box will be three smaller boxes that say “OK”, “Cancel”, and “Read Only”. Click “Read Only” and the presentation will load. Send me an email with signed form (pdf) when you have completed.


16 W-9 Form Required by Association May be required by customers who pay you All agencies safeguard social security numbers Available on EOA web site Resubmit when information (address) changes


18 EOA Volleyball Clinic Schedule 2014


20 EOA Eastern Officials Association About the association Five important documents Assignments & pay Our customers Other officiating opportunities

21 About the Association Established in 1976 Five sports –Delegate –Sport Committee Board of Directors Elections –President-Elect annually –Commissioner every two years –Delegate every year Awards Banquet Annual Meeting Hall of Fame

22 Five Important Documents Constitution & By-Laws Dues Invoice Independent Contractor Form Code of Conduct Form W-9


24 Assignments & Pay Our customers are all on contract Some pay at site Most pay EOA. Paid through RefPay. 88% You may receive several 1099s YOUR responsibility to report all income and pay taxes Your pay indicated in Arbiter. If different, advise commissioner

25 Our Customers Public High Schools (6A, 5A, & 4A HS) –VA Beach (11 schools) –Norfolk (5 schools) –Portsmouth (3 schools) –Chesapeake (7 schools) –Suffolk (3 schools) TCIS (9 of 10 schools) Metro Conference (9 schools) Conference 33 (1 school) ODACS Conference (4 schools)(1 referee) Hampton Roads Athletic Conference (9 schools)(1 or 2 referees) ETIS (League of MS)(4 schools)(1 referee) Independent Schools (3 Schools)(1 or 2 referees)

26 More Customers Middle Schools –VA Beach (13) –Norfolk (7) –Chesapeake (10) –Suffolk (3) Adult Recreation, City of VA Beach Youth Recreation, City of VA Beach Other pop-ups and tournaments

27 Other Officiating Opportunities TVA

28 Uniforms & Equipment

29 Uniforms All white collared polo shirt with Certified Official logo on left sleeve VHSL shirt All black slacks (w/ or w/o belt loops) –Polyester or twill (to keep crease) –No Dockers or cotton that fades Black socks ALL black shoes Black belt (plain) (must wear if belt loops) EOA patch (on Velcro or magnet on right side) White whistle & lanyard or black whistle & lanyard



32 Required Equipment Right height device(s) Flipping coin Yellow & Red cards Ball gauge Pump Rule Book Watch Whistle & lanyard



35 Optional Equipment Red & black pens Score sheets, Libero Tracking Sheets, Line-up sheets Mints Extra whistle(s) Stand straps Athletic tape Flags

36 Roof Sportswear Verna Klubnikin 12138 ½ Woodruff Avenue Downey, CA 90241 562-927-2267 888-530-7672

37 The Ref Shop Michael Hertz PO Box 3694 Seminole, FL 33775 727-392-7294 Fax 727-392-4050

38 Arbiter Web based assigning system Best system available Receive assignments Must keep contact information and close- out dates current You will receive invitation to join group Also link to VHSL Hub & NFHS Hub

39 Arbiter Important Information Make contact numbers public to partners Keep availability up to date De-conflict with other sport assigners Accept assignments as soon as given Other assignments will come after initial shot Check site often for new assignments I’ll use Announcements for important information If you forget password, the system can help Complete sharing section Some information in Custom Fields Presentable picture required

40 5 web sites for you

41 EOA Web Site Upgrade and update always in progress Please provide input on what you want on site for volleyball Score sheet; Libero tracking sheet; Line- up sheet; clinic schedule; rating forms


43 Web site for Old Dominion Region of USA Volleyball Officials’ page has professional development articles Has information on becoming official with USA Volleyball


45 Web site for Professional Association of Volleyball Officials (NCAA officials) Has information on becoming a certified NCAA referee


47 Training site for officials maintained by USA Volleyball Contains videos and training modules Contains Blog Contains everything for USA Volleyball officials Great training and professional development site Some rule & mechanic differences


49 Web site for USA Volleyball Contains information and schedules for all USA Volleyball categories Officiating page has other officiating information


51 EXPECTATIONS Your expectations for assignments –Will depend on experience, observations (scrimmages), and availability –Will generally work with veteran initially –Probably won’t work until recreation season starts in September My expectations of you –You will give me as much availability as possible –You will keep Arbiter up to date –You & I will always be honest with each other (In the world of sports assigning, forgiveness is not easier to obtain than permission)

52 CONTACT INFORMATION Commissioner –Primary contact is email –Primary phone contact is 757-479-9732 Not before 10:00 AM Not after midnight –Emergency (game day) contact is 757-288-4811 Delegate –Chris Long –Primary contact is email Volleyball Committee Chair –Barb Besal –Primary contact is email

53 Questions ???? See you Monday 6:00 PM

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